Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Post!

So sorry- I have been crazy busy- But I haven't forgotten you! We're in the process of moving- and I cannot wait until it is done an my head will stop spinning with all I have to do!  regardless- i wanted to check in and let you know what's going on.
I completed my trip to California- and the makeup Bootcamp I ran there. I also had a chance to re-connect with Kaila Westermann- owner of TKB trading who is one of my raw ingredients suppliers, and her wonderful husband Trung- they are such generous and kind people- and I enjoyed spending time with them both seeing their wonderful city. They also kindly opened their home to us as well on our last night- and even lent us a car! I only wish we lived closer to one another to get together regularly. Kaila is actually the one who recommended me to teach the class- and I'm grateful to her for that. She also gave me wonderful words of encouragement that truly touched my heart. Thanks Kaila- it means a lot coming from a very successful business woman such as yourself!
I also got to spend time with Julie Pries- who flew in just to be my teaching Assistant for the bootcamp- she is one of the loveliest, and funniest people ever- and I adore her! Anything I needed- boom she was on it! A big ole'  Myuh to ya Julie! I still owe you product- I haven't forgotten!
Thanks also to Lori Nova for opening her studio to me as well as her home! the view from her deck is incredible! You can see all 3 bridges in San Fransisco! Sitting out there with a glass of wine was the perfect way to relax after a long day teaching! I hope her husband returns from Quatar soon.
When i returned I had about a week to prep for launching into the Wandering Peacock- which was successful- and fun- such a cute place with lots of unique items- ever time you turn around you discover a new little treasure there! Colleen, the owner is sweet- and supportive of local crafters and artisans.  I suggest you check them out if in the area 33 Cottage St Easthampton, Ma.
Flirty Girl- Great for Summer!
I then taught a makeup application class at Simply Skin 52 Court St. Westfield, Ma. I had a wonderful time- all the women asked great questions, were willing models, and enthusiatic learners. I will be doing this again- at all my different vendors. the next will most likely be at Raine's Boutique and Gallery- 209 Shaker Rd. East Longmeadow, Ma. Stay tuned for the day and time TBA, and after that- at The Wandering Peacock. We can also be found at Choice Health -307 East Main St. Westfield, Ma. The gals there (Trish- a makeup artist And licensed esthetician, plus Chelsea and Katie) are really great at assisting in product and color choice- and they all wear- Fortunate Face Minerals- so they are experienced! We keep the displays compact at each store- but any color (like flirty girl shown above) can be special ordered and delivered at no extra charge. we also offer custom coloring option where everything will be designed for your unique complexion and needs. (extra charge does apply)
and stay tuned for announcements about upcoming launch dates and locations- we're not done yet!