Thursday, December 16, 2010


Finally- I have worked on lippie products for what seems like FOREVER! and they are good- prob better than a lot of stuff out there- but I wasn't completely, 100%, absolutely satisfied. well, no more! i am thrilled to say that my current, and hopefully, LAST all natural lip balm recipe- is AWESOME! (I was singing that by the way) Finally- a balm that is super emollient, non-greasy, NOT shiny (so men will like it too) stays on the lips forever- without having to re-apply 100 times a day, not too hard, but not too soft, enough wax content so it won't melt in your car (though if you leave it there in 90+ degree weather- i make no promises)....pretty much everything I wanted before I felt it was good enough to sell. And I'm soooo digging the Pink Lemonade flavor one I just made-so good!
I'm so happy I'm giving 5 away for free- to my blogger friends, and my facebook friends- 1st 5 people to chime in get one! (2 have already been claimed!) comment here or at Fortunate Face- facebook page.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Glow, Glow, Glow

hey all- it's time to Glow, Glow, Glow for the holidays- and Fortunate Face wants to help! this week, we'll be adding our Lusters to the website- a sheer, shiny gloss and matching luster dust to highlight all those gorgeous face out there! The Lusters are used to add a subtle shimmer highlight. They are sheer enough to allow skin tone to shine through, but with enough luster to catch the light and the eye! Truly gorgeous- and can be used anywhere- eyes, browbone, cheekbone, down the center of the nose, center of the forehead, top of the lip, and tip of the chin- they can be dusted onto the hair, swept over the decollete', or mixed into your favorite body lotion...the possibilities are endless. Just for the holidays I developed a limited edition gloss in a matching color- to truly help you glow for the season! They come on four color combos-Bare Luster (my personal favorite, and my addiction- for both myself, and photo shoots!), Golden Luster, Pinky Luster, and Copper Luster.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

So Sorry!

Sorry that I haven't posted a darn thing for awhile! I have been a tad busier than i usually like- and mostly because we are in the process of trying to sell our house and move-which is like a full time job!
anyway- we did very well on the fundraiser- and made over $400 for the Rays of Hope- so thank you to all who supported this wonderful cause!
Also I launched a few weeks ago into Simply Skin on Court Street  in Westfield, Ma. Angela, the owner, is a sweet gal- and a wonderful esthetician. She offers a broad range of services including waxing, and threading, which i am anxious to try- I'm letting brows grow in a little so I can go have it done! I'll let you know how it goes! One of the things I love about her business is that you can make your appointments right online- at;jsessionid=10tek7ey5w08g.cb2?
very cool!
the other thing I love is that Angela only uses organic, and all natural products- from lines like Eminence- and, of course, Fortunate Face! My good friend Tricia Brown, also an esthetician, is now taking limited appointments at Simply Skin as well- so you should have no trouble finding an available time! you can go online or call (413) 454-5029. Tell her Karrie sent you!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fundraiser totals!

So we were able to raise over $400 for the Rays of Hope with our Lipstick sales! Yay! and thanks to everyone who purchased a lippie in honor of this cause! I was also able to donate several listicks, as well as other Fortunate Face products toward other fundraising efforts- such as for team Kimpossible- a benefit this Friday night- in Chicopee, Ma. Here's the link This mom of 3 is battling for the second time, and all our prayers and good wishes go out to her and her family. For anyone local attending- look out for the Fortunate Face Beauty Takeout  box- stuffed with goodies- like all three of the lipsticks, as well as eye and cheek colors that can be worn by  a multitude of skin tones- and a winter favorite- my Sheer Warmer- a translucent powder that adds just a touch of warmth to the skin to brighten a winter weary complexion. All in all- this chinese takeout box is stuffed for a total value of $159- I hope it helps raise a lot for Kim and her family!

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Making of a Lippie!

So i thought it would be interesting to show everyone what generally goes into the making of a lipstick. I have lots of pictures to post of the step by step actual forming of the lippie.
 here is the colored/mixed waxes & oils (I had already made & colored the base Andree'), along with the pigments combined- and somewhat cooled into a homogeneous mixture. you can see my 4 well metal lipstick mold, & my Pink Diamond lipstick cases.
 This is the mixture melted to a smooth consistency. A lot of pouring lipsticks is doing so at the correct temperature- neither too hot, not too cold. Also cooling them at a consistent temp- again not too fast, nor too slow. On to the next picture...
here is the mixture poured into the mold. You can see the center settles a bit, and the channel catches overflow- making pouring in a steady, consistent stream possible. (another key to well molded lippies).
Me- with no makeup, wearing my mask, gloves, and apron- so, looking pretty stylish (I didn't even comb my hair) waiting for the lippies to cool.

scrape off the extra...
prepared lipstick containers. Even though the cup size of my mold, and the cup size of the lipstick cases are the same 12.1- they still don't fit tightly- therefore I have to "butter" the inside of the case w/ some of the lipstick to get them to adhere. ( frankly the extra step kind of annoys me, but oh well...)
anyway- on with the show!
 the molded lipsticks w/ top portion removed.
 the lipstick case fitting guide in place.

case inserted onto lippie.
There it is- isn't it pretty!

Finished lipsticks in the color Andree'
now get yours at and support breast cancer research, as well as, men & women from my local community with all kinds of services provided free of charge when undergoing chemotherapy, radiation, and other cancer treatments, through the Rays of Hope foundation. 
I'm doing my part- 100% of every lipstick sold goes directly to this charity- I am donating the cost of ALL materials/supplies, and, of course, the labor involved; but it can't be a success without YOU!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fortunate Face to be featured in the Saturday Republican (newspaper)

My new Webgal Rocks! She got this up on my site in a day- not as great looking as she & I would like, but we're working on that... we just wanted it  to function to make it much easier for everyone to actually purchase a lipstick!
 The fundraising effort will be extended until November 7th- to leave time after the article regarding this promotion, runs in the paper. Lastly- I decided that 100% of all proceeds will go directly to The Rays of Hope- it will be donated in my Company's Name (Fortunate Face) through the Team T sponsorship.
A big thank you to everyone who has already purchased a lipstick, or in some cases all 3! Thank you!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fundraising for Breast Cancer
 in reference to my previous post about Fortunate Face Mineral's current fundraising effort on behalf of the Rays of Hope. 

The Paypal option for this is very simple. You will message me your Lip product order, with your name and email address. I enter these into my account. You will be alerted by email to log in to paypal, and make payment with your paypal account, a bank transfer (checking account), or credit card. I will be notified of payment received & your order will be processed. 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Preservative of Choice!

This is the preservative of choice for all my products requiring a preservation system. (Green Tea & Aloe Hydrating & setting Mist, as well as my newest Fortunate Face Age Defy Serum- on site soon! I combine this with Potassium Sorbate (a food grade preservative) for a broad spectrum protection. I have had wonderful success with these products and do like that they are more natural. Yes, they are processed for purity- as are any and every mineral & plant based ingredient I use- otherwise all of us would would be expiring of heavy metal toxicity like the ladies of the 17th century french court- who's arsenic & lead laden face powder cause them to drop like flies! So thank you FDA- you got one right!
What I like about this preservation system, as opposed to others- is that is is not a formaldehyde former like some- (yes I said Formaldehyde- like your biology dissection in 10th grade), it is also not a paraben- which has been linked (but not yet proven- though there is a doctor currently devoted to this study) to be present in a very large quantities in breast cancer tumors. Another- phenoxynethanol- the most commonly used preservative in natural products, has also had some questionable links to central Nervous System disorders- There are several well-known natural based product companies that have stopped using this in their products. (my philosophy is why chance it- when there are seemingly better alternatives)
When all is said and done- all a company can do is choose, with careful research, the best of all possible options available to them, and one which fits the philosophy of their company & needs of their products. The one main thing I will say- is if you use a product with water, liquid extracts, listed anywhere on the label,  &, if said label, also doesn't list a preservative anywhere- run- don't walk away from that product!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lip products

well- we've made some progress and sold a few lip products- i am hapy to say that fortunate face minerals will donate ALL of the Sale (except tax for ma residents) to The Rays of Hope foundation! yay! See previous post for all the details-
My new webdesigner as got my site under construction - so unfortunately we're gonna have to do this the hard way- I can accept payment through paypal- for any purchase of these products- just contact me (all comments go right to my email) or through facebook, or to let me know what you'd like. Naturally, I will need name, full shipping address and such-

Monday, August 23, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness

Fortunate Face Minerals is proud to introduce some new products to it's line, 3 limited edition lipsticks & 2 lip balms. These 5 products will only be available until October 16th, and all proceeds from the sale  will go directly to the Rays of Hope Foundation, in Springfield, Ma.
 I am proud to sponsor this effort In honor of my mother, Mary who passed of breast cancer in October  2001, & my sister-in-law Dianne, also from breast cancer February of 1997, my mother -in-law Andree',  May 1975 at only 36 years old.
Each women was in a different stage of life- Andree' was a young mother of four- leaving my husband, her youngest, at only 5 years of age. Dianne, too was a wife & mother leaving her husband Tom, & only son, Andre (named after his grandmother) only 4.  My mother, Mary, was a mother & grandmother when she too, lost her battle with breast cancer.
Each loss changed our lives in profound, and meaningful ways. These circumstances also play a large role in determining our future actions. This brings me to my final honoree.
Last August my Brother-in-law Tom was diagnosed with breast cancer. Yes, Andree's eldest son. Dianne's widowed Husband. Father to son-Andre' and new husband to Laurie- who also lost  husband Ron, father to her 5 children, from cancer.
And yes, I said BREAST cancer.
An avid baseball player- Tom merely thought he was sore from a game, he never expected this outcome. Fortunately Tom saw a doctor immediately an caught his cancer early. Read his story here:
This prompted his brothers, Glenn, and my husband, Sean to also be tested for the BRACA genetic markers. All three siblings are positive.
This story seems depressing, so much loss and sadness, but there IS good to come from all this. Tom proves that finding out early CAN save your life. His surgery and recovery were easier because he took immediate action. My husband, all siblings, and their children, can be tested, & take measures to prevent, and find early treatment for any cancer diagnosis. They can be survivors, rather than victims.
In that context Tom agreed to be a spokesperson for The Rays Of Hope, an organization I am well familiar with.
When my mother was undergoing her 5 years of treatment, the Rays of Hope provided services and comforts to her experience. Not only do they raise money for ongoing research, the rest of the funding goes directly to the patients and families struggling with cancer. My mother received everything from a simple lunch or hand and foot massage during 6 hours of chemotherapy, to counseling services, exercise & dietary programs. There are grief counseling for families who have suffered loss, and much more. These offer more than, the often nebulous hope of,  "a cure someday" which we ALL still pray fervently for, but also practical, real world help to patients and families embroiled in the quagmire of cancer. From the first year since her diagnosis, when my mother asked my brothers, father, and I to walk with her in the Rays of Hope walk, to her last, when we all pushed her  the 2 mile distance in her wheelchair, we, as team Mother's Little Helpers found tremendous support in raising whatever funds we could.  I was both touched, and grateful to experience the love with which ALL my wonderful in-laws enthusiastically joined the walk and fundraising efforts. They even started the Andree' S. Welch Memorial golf tournament, in it's 9th year, Which will be held this year October 16th at Tekoa Country Club in Westfield, Ma. with all proceeds going to the Rays of Hope foundation.
In conclusion I will be taking orders for Custom colored Lipsticks in a cute pink Diamond case. The three colors are Dianne, a creamy neutral pink/brown that would have looked beautiful on my sister-in-law with her blond hair, and minimalist makeup look. Andree' is a richer plum/berry pink- a sheer cream that will enhance darker haired, deeper complected gals like my 100% French mother-in-law. Lastly, is Mary- a peachy pink with light shimmer- reminiscent, but modernized, of a color I watched my Irish mother wear since I was a small girl. Lipsticks are $15 each (tax will apply for Ma residents, and $1 shipping for others), with about $10 going directly to the Rays of Hope.

From top to bottom: Dianne, Andree', & Mary
Next are two Shea Butter lip balms- the first, Tom, with natural scent of oranges- perfect for any guy, and Hopeful a berry scented balm. These can be pre-ordered by contacting me here, through facebook, or email :
Pink Diamond Case with "Mary"

Lip Balms in Tom & Hopeful

Friday, August 20, 2010


Have I mentioned how much I hate computers and anything having to do with them? Have I?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010

I wish the legislation was fair to the small business owner, and actually addressed the true issues in regulating the safety of cosmetic manufacturing- rather than simply another burdensome law that not only overlooks the concerns of the boutique companies, but actually harms them. I am all for safe, fair, sensible legislation, but that never seems to be the case, but rather just a vehicle for the large companies to drive smaller companies out of business- to take back the billions+ market share that we have garnered.

I signed and you can too!
I wholeheartedly agree that safe cosmetics are a priority, but not at the expense of the small, handcrafted business community. new legislation must take into account the concerns of the small business. Sweeping legislation that treat small, individually owned personal care companies on the same plane as larger, multi billion dollar a year corporations will make little change except to drive all smaller companies out of business. Support free enterprise, the building of local communities, and the right of the individual to pursue the classic idea of the American Dream. this is my direct quote form the petition!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Featured Indie!

I belong to a group called the Indie beauty network. Among other things, it provides a place where small, independent crafters of personal care, and home items can form a community to share information, find reasonable insurance, and even band to fight unfair legislation such as the Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010- which as it reads now, will put most all small, boutique personal care formulators out of business with it's onerous, and prohibitively expensive regulations. Big companies are pushing rigorously for these legislations- as they would not impact their businesses, but would drive smaller companies out of the marketplace. More on this later- as I have an entire post dedicated to this topic that I am editing for clarity, as well as fact, and must finishing reading the legislation in it's entirety so as to provide the most accurate opinion possible.
On a positive note- I, and my company, Fortunate Face Minerals, was chosen last week (when I was on vacation) as the weekly featured Indie. Donna Maria Coles, the director of the network, as well as chief bulldog, in representing Indies' interests in this proposed legislation- was kind enough to send me facebook link- so I may share it with all of you!;"

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Makeup Adjustment

Now, I'm not advocating full on tanning! As someone who works in the beauty industry I have seen over and over the results of over exposure to the sun- everything from roughened skin texture, breakouts, burnt, peeling skin, blisters, scarring, brown age spots, freckling, dryness, patchiness, just to name a few. Unfortunately a lot of those were on my OWN Skin this past week.
I had the unfortunate experience of being on antibiotics the week of my annual vacation to Cape Cod. Despite constant applications of spf 50, spending the bulk of my first few days under an umbrella, and often covered with towels- I received MORE than my fair share of sun exposure. The lotion, even a mild on caused my face to breakout, plus my skin was sooooo sensitive even the heat from the sunny beautiful days made my skin feel like it was being slowly peeled off my body!
Thankfully I was able to end the medication early enough to enjoy the rest of my vacation- but I still bear the results right on my skin. Not only did my nose burn, and peel, but the textured roughened considerably- creating a thicker horny layer (yes, that is what it is called) that need more than just manual exfoliation- such as a face scrub. I used a mild alpha hydroxy skin peel to remove the worst of the outer surface damaged skin cells. I also manually exfoliate GENTLY the sensitive skin to remove dead cells daily. I skip the creamy wax and oil based moisturizer ecept in the under eye area, and instead use my Age Defy Serum am and pm. I am also drinking plenty of water to rehydrate my skin, but alas the damage has already been done- and only time and great care will help reduce, and hopefully mildly repair some of the damage.
Now, the one positive of the sun exposure, is that I really look natural with a tan thanks to some Italian heritage. I tend to tan, very easily, I just usually choose not to in order to protect my skin, avoid increasing my risk of skin cancer, and to reduce the appearance of age spots, lines, wrinkles and other obvious signs of aging skin. ok. public service announcement done- i know many of you DO tan- and will need to adjust your makeup accordingly- and not just your routine- but most often your entire makeup wardrobe!
With this vacation I have deepened about 4 shades of depth in color- and now adjust my makeup accordingly. I am usually  Medium Dark Warm in my line- I had moved into Dark Warm (one shade deeper)
Medium Dark Warm
Dark Warm

Light Honey

Sunday, August 1, 2010

write-up and review

My lovely friend Liz wrote a review of Fortunate Face Minerals. she didn't tell me she was writing it, so it was a bit of a surprise to me, a very pleasant one! The only clarification I wish to add- is that I do not like to ever reverse engineer another company's products- especially since I do not ever wish someone to do that to me. I do not own even one OCC product- including Lip Tars. I do however, have an understanding of what OCC puts in this product simply by nature of hearing about them and seeing them at trade shows, etc. They do contain products- such as dyes, peppermint oil, etc- that I simply don't or won't use- so again- not a reverse engineer- but rather a natural product that I created with natural & organic oils, and pigments that I approve of, as well as the addition of non-petroleum waxes- like beeswax, and plant waxes, to create a better staying power, creaminess, etc- so that the product will not bleed off the lips immediately- like Lip Tars are known to do.
Again- thanks Liz for all the wonderful things said about Fortunate Face Minerals!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

new post & blog link!

Well i'm sorry that i have been such a horrible poster, I have been running like the old proverbial chicken! I created a second blog- to concentrate more on my work as an actual makeup artist- I really live (professionally) in two worlds- that are related, but truly function very differently. in one I am a makeup artist, always pushing to meet new photographers, models, stylists, etc- and hustling to create new gorgeous pictures- using my creativity to create-in this world- I constantly struggle to "make a name, build a reputation" because in that industry who you know, and whether or not they know you, is paramount to getting work, especially paid work! And let me tell you, the hustle is a full time job!
the other world is the world of a cosmetics line formulator & business woman, I was able to take my passion for cosmetics and turn it into a business that not only works wonders in front of a camera- but on the average woman as well! nothing gets me more excited than to dream up a color- make it, and have it turn out exactly as I had envisioned! (after a lot of trial and error, mind you!). 
I also am so happy to teach women the "tricks of the trade" Silly model, makeup is for women! that's my motto- if a model looks awesome- A LOT went into making that happen- and good makeup, good brushes & tools, and the RIGHT skills and anyone can turn themselves out BETTER than they ever dreamed!
So i encluded a link to my new makeup artist blog, but I'll tease you with a photo from my last shoot- The lovely model Elpha- who came all the way from NY, Photographer Stephanie Pierce (awesome!) and of course, moi- doing hair & makeup, enjoy!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


SO...........VERY.............TIRED.......... WILL...........POST .............SOMETHING............INTERESTING..............SOON...........

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Fortunate Face

Ever wondered HOW exactly I came up with the name Fortunate Face Minerals?
I knew how important the name of a company is, both to me, as the owner and creator, and to the success of my company.
I truly wanted to let women everywhere know just what to expect from my line of cosmetics. To express the philosophy of my company, which is, "To create outstanding makeup, from the fewest and finest ingredients possible. We believe that makeup should never be harmful, but rather work with your skin to be both beautiful, and beneficial."
 Secondly, since I don't wholesale my products, but actually create each and every one of them, my business is not just a business, but a very personal experience, one I take seriously, but am also intensely passionate about. This is more than just a way to earn a living.
I am extremely grateful to be able to do what I do. Nothing gives me more satisfaction that helping a women feel beautiful, to see in her, the beauty that even she, herself, often overlooks, and be able to show that to the world.
I also love to see a color that inspires me, and then go into my "lab" and MAKE IT!- and use non-synthetic ingredients to accomplish it.
Besides than that, I deeply love working with professional models and photographers, to collaborate, using all of our skills and creativity, to create art; while at the same time, often using the makeup that I've made- now immortalized in gorgeous photographs.
How amazingly fulfilling these thing are, and I recognize each of them as gifts that I have been given.
And that, dear readers, is where the name comes from. The compilation of these three things-
I am so Fortunate to do something that I love and am passionate about.
I am Fortunate, & I know I am blessed.
YOU and your Face are Fortunate because I pledge to you that I truly work to find, and use, only ingredients that are both purposeful and natural, but also those that perform beautifully. Never will I include an ingredient in my makeup- just to say I have it in there, it must serve a beneficial purpose.
I CARE about every aspect of this makeup brand, and you are Fortunate because I do.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Yup, I'm feelin' it!

I'm wearing Saucy, cause I'm feelin; it!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Contest Winner is......

Liz- with Saucy! I just LOVE this name for a cranberry colored blush- makes me think of yummy cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving time! For about half a minute I thought of naming it Cranberry Saucy buuuuuuut- cutesy is SO not my thing! So Saucy it is! 
All of you who entered some fantastic names- keep an eye out for posting of new products- because I am definitely going to be using some of these! If I do, comment here or on Facebook- and you'll get that color- free!

Friday, June 11, 2010

What's in a Name?

Made a gorgeous new Cranberry colored blush- So beautiful! A little imparts a berry colored glow to the skin. Add a little more for a more striking "Aprex" Ski" Flush (just remember to keep the rest of the face subtle)
Oh, and did I mention? Rub some directly onto your lips & coat with gloss, or lip balm, yes it can be used on eyes, lips, face, even your NAILS! just dip clear polish brush into powder and brush on nails (remember to pour clear polish out onto & little dish and clean brush before placing back in jar- so as not to bleed color!)
Just one of the reasons to love Fortunate Face Mineral makeup -it's versatility, I deliberately formulate as many of my products as I can to be used on eyes, lips, face, and nails- any exceptions are well labelled as "not lip safe" directly on the jar lid!
Now...... for a name......?
Here's where you come in- I love creative, inventive names, but one that gives a hint of "what" the color is, or the mood of that color... so check out some of my other colors and what they're names are- and make your suggestion! The best one wins a free jar of the new color!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Itty Bitty Bottles and Washed Denim

I just had to post a picture of the way too cute brushed aluminum bottles I just sampled for my Age Defy Face Serum & Primer (coming soon)- the 1 oz babies are mini versions of the brushed aluminum line I use for all my Face/Body/Hair care Bottles (many products yet to come)  Here's a picture of it next to the spray bottle currently used for my Green Tea & Aloe Hydrating & Setting Facial Mist (which can also be used as a mixing liquid for foiling shadows, or add to your mineral foundation powder & voila! you have a liquid based mineral makeup!)
And.... A picture of my newest color- custom designed for Fortunate Face Mineral's product launch into Choice Health Route 20, Westfield, Ma- Washed Denim- a beautiful matte, smokey blue- that look exactly like your perfectly faded, broken in jeans!
Washed Denim will be available at by next week!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Friday Webguy-(Phil) is going to come and give me a crash course in imovie! Yay! (I still don't think it's me, but rather the computer, but whatever!)
So hopefully a tutorial cannot be far behind. Don't forget to comment or send me a message letting me know anything and everything that you would like to learn about makeup application- some of you already have, but there is soooo much more out there! Otherwise you'll just have to put up with whatever I decide to do, like the little despot that I am HAHA (maniacal laughter).
Seriously, I'd really love to hear your makeup questions, mistakes, or just plain what confuses you...
Lastly, I finally saw some proffs from the photo shoot in Concord, Ma and I couldn't be happier! This photographer, david, is amazing, hence why I've wanted to work with him for about a year now. And lauren the model- super talented. I am always amazed at how the models ( the good ones) are just pretty girls, but once behind the camera- a change comes over them Literally, and they just become someone else- depending upon the look, the mood, etc. Truly an art form, and MUCH harder than it looks! Lauren worked her patootie off! we did fresh, & natural, loose hair- makeup less (looking), then slicked back hair, clean beauty, then messy up do, and a light eye, then a severe 40's wave a-la Veronica Lake/Great Garbo (without the Garbo brows) with intense makeup- deep eye, burgundy lip, to lastly a messy halo of waves- black  rimmed eyes, full lashes, and a intensely contoured and colored lip! She rocked them all! can't wait for the proofs to show you!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


o.k so i'm still trying to get the hang of this video camera- ok, well not the camera per se, but the actual downloading of said video to the computer....
Apparently imovie is standard for everyone- but me cause it wasn't on my computer...
so webguy, yes he is now webguy again since he officially completed my webstore & is even as we speak putting together my professional makeup artist website...
any he installed it,(remotely-how cool is that?)
 but I still can't get my video to download to imovie so i can edit it... curiouser, and curiouser...
I need an in person visit from webguy, then youtube time! yay!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

O.K. here it is! After several months of research I made my choice. The Vado HD 3rd Generation is my new video camera for making Youtube videos! Yay! It is MAC compatible, has fairly simple to use functions, gets good reviews for color saturation which is important in makeup tutorials, and downloads the videos directly to iphoto or imovie for editing from a usb port right in the camera. basically for computer dummies like myself! It's due to arrive may 17th and I'll definitely need to figure this sucker out, but expect videos to be up & running soon! I will, of course embed them here as well for all my blog followers! and on Facebook as well! (as soon as I figure out how exactly to do this, that is) The only thing missing is a macro function so I can get really up close to show you detail, but I'm hoping the 2x digital zoom will assist with closer detail. 
Anyway- if you have suggestions for some tutorials that you've been really dying to see- now's the time to add those comments!

Bad Karrie, bad, bad, Karrie!

I have put off posting. I'm sorry... it just kept getting shoved to the back of the to-do pile.
anyway, it's official- Fortunate Face cosmetic products can now be found at Choice Health on route 20 in Westfield, Mass.- yay! Another location is pending, so i'll update you when it's a go!
I had an unfortunate experience yesterday- drove an hour and 45 minutes to Concord for a shoot with 2 models, one at 10am and the other at 1pm- wouldn't you know- first one with a last minute cancellation- by email- that we didn't get until too late that morning, and a no show for the 1pm model....seriously- so i drove the 1 hour & 45 minutes home- sad- because I've been waiting to work with this photographer for a year now, sigh, and also because I missed my sons lacrosse tournament at Umass- with nothing to show for it! *le sigh* total bummer.
Now to some fun stuff- I posted last about all the new great products I bought for my kit- and I tried several of them out, and wanted to give you all a review.
I started out with the Eve Pearl's mattifying gel in medium all over my whole face. Then I used her salmon concealer in medium under both eyes.  I have to say- that the salmon concealer was much too orange for my skin- I have some blue under eye circles and a yellow concealer tends to work better with my complexion. I removed the concealer from under one eye & replaced it with my Prep Step- I then mixed some Face Atelier foundation- I purposely got colors in a light to dark range, as well as, the plus 0 and minus 0- so I could custom mix- to match any and every skin tone.  I used (on one side) #4 & 0 Plus (darker color) to create my personal tone. The foundation went on smoothly & nice and  light- it definitely has  a weightless feel- which is nice. It is very sheer coverage- similar to a tinted moisturizer- and I needed a second coat- to achieve better coverage, but for a model with good skin one coat would be sufficient. I would have liked a teeny bit more coverage, but that is my personal issue with my skin. Face Atelier uses silicone in their formulation to it leaves a dewey look to the skin, which was rather nice. I mixed #7 and 0 minus (white color) on the other side just to test out how easily these could be mixed and customized depending upon the skin tone in front of you- this one was a little darker- since #7 is way too dark for me, but again- it was more about mixing & playing than exacts- it does mix well & again leaves a nice dewey glow to the skin. The silicone did not feel heavy, or break up on my oily face, but  also attribute this to the mattifying gel- this stuff worked, and worked well- usually I have some oily shine, but this really kept the shine at bay- All day! (a miracle!) I bought this primarily for men's grooming, but have to say that Iw as quite impressed and may be stealing this tube for myself, and buying another for my kit. I powdered both sides down well with my Luxury Sheer (after blush application below) and it lasted all day, gave beautiful dewey looking skin- again I would have liked more coverage, but for those with nicer skin- this is a great foundation choice. As a pro artist- the ability to blend is nice, but I won't be trading in my RCMA palette- as I still find it superior and covers every possible need from concealer all the way to sheer foundation, as does my own powdered foundations. I will, however, add a few full sized to my kit- especially the +0 and -0.
I then tried Urband Decay's Primer Potion on one eye and Too Faced's Shadow Insurance on the other. I did my makeup using my own mineral powders as liners and shadows as I wanted to see how these compared to my own Prep Step. Both sides performed evenly- they held up well for several hours, with only a slight bit of shadow creasing right in the corners of each eye. I still prefer my own- because it doesn;t move, but I am naturally biased as well!
Lastly on my face and lips I tried 2 different Stila Convertable colors. One side I used Rose, which in the compact- looks like a medium brown toned burgundy.  On the other side of my cheek & lips- I used Stila's Poppy- one of their more popular shades, which in the compact looks like a richer reddish tone. I have to say that once on my cheeks, and side by side on my lips- there was not a huge difference in tonal quality, which frankly surprised me.  In the compact you can see subtle difference, but even on my lips they were so close that I don't know if anyone would have noticed, and actually, no one did- I walked around like that ALL day! I could see a slightly more yellow red on the poppy side & a slightly more bluish red on the Rose side-. I usually look better in colors slightly more bluish in undertone- and I could truly wear either. They are very sheer- which allows your own natural undertones to enhance what you put over them- which is why both colors could look equally nice. They will really only last on the lips as long as a sheer gloss- but if applied, powdered, and re-applied you can definitely use as more of a sheer stain, and extend the wear time. They are nice and creamy, without being at all greasy- and over a liquid or cream face makeup- like Face Atelier, they enhanced the dewiness of the skin- and when powdered down didn't lose the dewiness- which can often happen- so a big plus there for both lines!
Feel free to comment or ask any questions!

Thursday, April 29, 2010


I've got a new post coming guys- I reviewed all the new products I bought, but I just have to edit it before I can post it... I promise I'll try to get it up by Monday!
some of the products Reviewed:
Eve Pearl
Face Atelier
Urban Decay

Monday, April 12, 2010

I've been BAAAAAAD!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while- Life keeps getting in the way it seems.. a lot of great things have been happening too- so yay!
First I bought some Eve Pearl products to suppliment my kit- salmon concealers in several different shades, plus her mattifying gels for men's grooming- have to see how these work out & let you all know.
Secondly bought my tickets & booked my room for the Makeup Show in May in NY-So excited! going with Liz Washer- fellow makeup artist & friend- We also had a fun playdate on Friday- where Liz came over & we made thick, heavily pigmented Lip Goo. We made bright Orange & Hot Pink! Fun! Definitely darker in person, but you get the idea!
I also bought 3 Stila Convertable colors in Poppy, Petunia, & Rose, plus a Stila Multi- Effect Mascara in black. I also bought a DuWop Reverse Lipliner (A clear waxy liner) And  Julie Hewitt White eyeliner pencil (Aurora) because I think my Graftobian one is too hard & I wanted a creamier one. Oh, and 3 Stila Smudge Pots-  Cobalt Clutch, Purple Pumps, and  Bronze. I also got the Mario Badescue Drying Lotion- which I haven't tried yet... cause I haven't had a pimple, so I guess I can't complain...
I also bought some new brushes, and  several sets of false eyelashes too- So spending my $ up!
Lastly I met with a professional label company to design and get a quote on having my kit & lip gloss labels printed for me- one more thing off my plate LOL! And that was just SOME of my week.......  I will try and post pics & reviews of all these new products as I use them and let you all know what I think!

Friday, March 26, 2010


I am sooo happy! My distributor was sold out of my very favorite colorant for one of my very favorite eye shadows- It was discontinued by the manufacturer! *CRY* She just found 10 lbs of this AMAZING mica & guess who just snapped up a whole Pound! So I am happy to announce that Stunning- a color so named because it truly IS STUNNING, will no longer be a limited edition, get it while you can, color, but rather a "BUY IT CAUSE IT"S AMAZING" color!
I had less than an ounce left, and was seriously considering bogarting the rest for myself, and NOT sharing with all of you (yes, I truly love it that much!)
How to get "Stunning": This color is a color-shifting shadow- it is a soft shimmery tan/brown with green-turquoise undertones. It can be worn alone over the whole lid & up onto the brow bone- it will look subtle and amazing -as the light hits the lid from different angles the color shift will draw attention to the eyes, but remain subtle enough for a day at the office, or a minimal makeup look.
However, to rock this color's ultimate potential- line eyes light or heavy with a rich black liner- either a waxy pencil or a dampened powdered liner (I use my Blackest & a damp angled liner brush). Layer the Stunning directly over this & up onto brow bone. The black absorbs the brown & you are left with this glorious green-turquoise that makes the eye POP! and the remaining tan acts as it's own  coordinating contour color at the same time!
For even deeper drama- re-line w/ black & a damp brush- & go over w/ more Stunning- ups the Intensity! You can also sweep some dampened black into the crease & go over w/ Stunning to further sculpt the eye- can you say OMG!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

DG Where are you?!

The winner DG- still has not claimed her prize. Sad.
But lucky for the rest of you- because if she doesn't claim it by Sunday evening- i will draw a new name!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Group Shoot

One of my favorite things about doing a group shoot, is the ability to meet many different models & photographers, each with their own looks, vision, esthetic, & style. this allows me to, not only meet some really great people, but also to really try my hand at a multitude of looks- a makeup artist's dream! I got to do everything yesterday, clean beauty (naturally), but also a 70's era hottie, a sweaty athlete, a barbie doll, a blank faced mannequin, a 80's neon chick, to a gold all over Bond girl complete with gold bikini, plus many, many more! I had a great time- the photographers were very nice, and appreciative of my services. The models were great- and always super nice!
Lesley, the owner of the studio- is fabulous to work with- look for more collaborations from her and I - we have a few tricks up our sleeves!
And David- was on hand again to do hair- I just love working with David- he is a hair master- and turns out the most amazing, gorgeous- perfect looks- and makes it look magically easy! Plus he's fun to work with & he ALWAYS brings music! Yay, David!
I can't wait to post some pictures of this shoot for you guys!
On my way out I also ran into the gentleman who lent us the two couture gowns from out last shoot- and begged him to please let us shoot some more of his wonderful couture collection, and he said "of Course" My heart leapt a little at the thought- so you may be seeing some more of this wonder-fullness some time soon!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm in LOVE!

This photo just makes me want to jump up and down and shout yes! The gown is the original Faye Dunaway wore in Towering Inferno, and Emily ROCKED it!
For makeup I had a chocolaty smokey eye using my Chocolate, French Vanilla, and Strawberry shadows. naturally this look called for thick, luscious false lashes- these gave her a doe eyed look, and kept the sexy, revealing gown sophisticated. Her skin is so smooth I just touched her up with some Prep Step concealer under the eye, and a light dusting of Medium Neutral Foundation to create a perfect canvas. A little Golden Amber for her cheeks to enhance her naturally Peaches-and-cream complexion. I also contoured with Rich Amber matte bronzer to compensate for the bright lighting. Lastly her lips were slicked with my own line of lipstick in Pout (from my nude palette, not for sale yet) with Ransom lipstick for a Gold highlight in the center (also mine) and clear gloss over top for shine. For color inspiration & To see the colors used- check out

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Contest Results

O.k -so here are the results! A winner was randomly chosen-  and it is DG! Congratulations You have won a full face kit of Beauty Takeout in your choice of colors! Contact me with you full name, address, and product choices and your prize will be on it's way!

First Crush blush
DG's Favorite color choice

Now for the little surprise I promised....

A second prize will be awarded to Liz Washer- who was responsible for people Finding my blog- so congrats Liz- you get your choice of any 2 colored cosmetics from my site!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Back From Teaching in California!

I got back yesterday- 1 day later than expected- since my plane was grounded due to fog in Chicago- so an extra little adventure for me! (I am sooooo tired) I will post more later about everything, but for now here is a pic of my class. All the people were amazing & wonderful!
So top l-r Ally & Julie my Ta's Yolanda, Kaila, Regina, Sherri, & Me (looking dorky)
bottom row l-r Tanya, Shirley, Andrea, Debbie, & Nathan
The only one missing is Maria who could only attend the last 2 days.
More to come about the class, and new pics I got from shoots before I left... all I can say on those is... OH YEAH!!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Why,oh Why, oh Why?

As if this won't stand on it's own, or should anyway, let me clarify. The FDA has labelled A LOT of D & C colors ARE NOT SAFE FOR EYES! There are NO neon or florescent colors approved for eye use, and any color containing Ultramarines are also NOT APPROVED FOR LIPS.
These are not guidelines, these are not suggestions, these are law, mandated by the federal Food and Drug Administration- period.
They are enforceable by fines & penalties, and also dissolution of your business, and even jail time should you or your company, operating under your management, be found in violation of these LAWS.
I am getting more and more disgusted with makeup companies who skirt these laws in order to create products that have massive consumer appeal- most specifically because not many can offer a true, brilliant red without the use of these colors. I am also appalled that many of these more popular brands use cosmetic chemists- WHOSE JOB IT IS TO KNOW THESE REGULATIONS! So we have to ask ourselves, are they deliberately choosing to break the law? And Why?
I myself- know that using all natural, and fda approved pigments will get me a red that is deep, but not electric red- it will always have an earthy tonal quality to it.
WHY do I choose to adhere to these regulations? Despite the fact that I could sell the H#*L out of a bright fire red eyeshadow. 1. I'm honest- and don't break the law 2. I've educated myself so that I can be a responsible cosmetics formulator, your safety is actually of VERY REAL concern to me 3. These regulations exist FOR A REASON.
Many Red dyes are not eye approved because suspicious links to cancer- seriously.
same for several other colors.
Ultramarines- Blue, pink & violet are not lip approved- my guess (as educated as I can be in this area because I have found no specific statement of this) Ultramarines contain Sulphur- which can have significant allergic reactions if ingested- People, such as my daughter, who are allergic to Sulpha drugs- like Bactrim. There seems to be no harm with topical application, however.
I am not going to out companies that are blatantly disregarding these regulations and risking your health in the process.  A big part of me wants to believe me, And I WILL respond to private enquiries. I will also be notifying the FDA directly.
Some are even so callous as to print the unlawful ingredients on their labels!
If it's in a may contain statement- which the FDA allows to keep formulas proprietary- then the package must state if it is unsafe for use anywhere- meaning I have eyeshadows & blushes that contain Ultramarine blue- each one will state on the top label "Not lip Safe"
If it's an eyeshadow in bright red- with those dyes, well- They're not labeling it "Unsafe for use on the eyes"- it's an EYEshadow for goodness sake!
My suggestion to you is print this link & use it!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Couture Dreams!

Here are some preliminary shots from that amazing shoot on Saturday. This team was a dream come true. Everyone involved was both excited, and inspired.. and this is the result. 
Emily our stunning model, worked both gowns her ability to convey mood was fierce.  
Lelsley Arak, our amazing photographer, couldn't take a bad picture if she tried, she knew instinctively how to ask for and get what she wanted.  
David, the hairstylist can do anything with hair- a true gravity defying artist! 
The stylist- who paid a fortune for this gown & jewelry, and generously shared it with us- was so knowledgeable about fashion he was an inspiration to speak and work with. 
As for me, what can I say?... The time of my life doing the makeup.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Shoot to Kill

 had the most amazing day yesterday! I participated in a group shoot with about 6 models & 6-7 photographers, 2 MUA's , me and my uber talented friend Liz Washer, & a hair genius, David. I got to do sooooo many looks, it was a dream come true, and so intensely fun! I cannot wait to see the pictures.
But wait, it gets better..
I stuck around to do a final look on this beautiful model Emily- just finished- so she could do a lingerie shoot w/ her photographer boyfriend, when I turn around to a guy holding the most amazing Bias draped, Cream Chiffon, strapless, couture gown- - Fits Emily's like a glove! Guess who got to do the makeup!!!!!  Had already done a chocolate cherry smokey eye- but intensified it with thicker black liner on top lid, added dramatic- long lashes, and a scarlet lip...
And did Emily WORK that gown!
So then he takes that gown & comes back w/ an original- made for Faye Dunaway in the movie Towering Inferno- can we say YAY! This gorgeous light cocoa Color in pic below (The picture does not do this gown justice). I kept the chocolate smokey eye, but switched out the lip to a deep cocoa w/ a golden center and LOTS of slick, shiny Gloss! Emily was AMAZING, & Leslie (also quite amazing herself) - photographer got some shots that are going to make me cry!  Under my links- find a link to a Youtube vid of Faye in this dress!
Have I mentioned that I LOVE my job?!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Come on ladies!!!!

Alrighty ladies.... It's time to get serious about the competition! Who doesn't love free makeup!
and for those who find us all on there own- you get one free entry just by becoming a follower & commenting.- You get a second entry by becoming a fan at facebook and sending me a message all about it! March 13th deadline!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Contest Time!

O.k so here are the prizes to be won...
You excited yet?
The winner of this contest is going to receive a full face kit..
oh yeah!
This kit will include 1- 30 gram foundation in the color of your choice, 1- 30 gram Translucent Mineral Sheer, 1- 10 gram Cheek color of your choosing, as well as 1- 5 gram Prep Step Concealer, and 2- 5 gram Eye Shadows, again in your choice of color! This kit is an $107 value, Holy Cow!
Now for the rules.....
In an effort to increase exposure to Fortunate Face Minerals Brand of Cosmetics I'm asking you wonderful ladies to help out as my marketing team. So....
Tell your friends by email, Facebook, Twitter, over coffee (my personal fave) all about Fortunate Face Minerals Send them to my website to have a look around- then have them Follow me here. In the comments they have to say what color/product/etc they like best from the webstore- and.... that YOU sent them! (make sure they use the name you have as my follower so I know it's YOU!)
Now The "Friend" will be entered 1 time into the drawing & YOU will have 2 entries into the drawing! Then it snowballs- cause now they can refer new people & reap the same benefits! but wait, there's more... because you can invite as many people as you want which will earn YOU 2 entries every time someone comments on their fave product, Becomes a follower, and says YOU sent them!
Good Luck, and happy following, I look forward to meeting some of your friends!
I almost forgot- contest ends on my birthday- March 13th, YOU get the gift, Yay!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Dr. Oz- the great Mis-informer!

Many of you may have seen, or heard, of the recent show of Dr. Memhet Oz regarding mineral makeup. Or, perhaps you are familiar with him from his guest appearances on the Oprah Winfery show.

In his capacity as a physician, Dr. Oz has declared powdered, mineral makeup as hazardous to women's health. He further claims minerals should be avoided in favor of liquid or cream based makeup, as all mineral makeup contains nano particles, which cause damage to the alveoli in the lungs when inhaled. While I can certainly respect Dr. Oz's preference for liquid or cream based makeup, I cannot say the same about his OPINION of the hazards of mineral makeup, or his "research" of the subject matter.

My first, and primary reason, for issue with doctor Oz, is simply that all mineral makeup does not contain nano particles. Yes, some do, Mine do not, and never will.

First we need to understand exactly what a nano particle is. Mineral makeup is just one of many substances measured in microns/micrometers or mesh- 1/64th of an inch =615 microns, 1 micron = 1 millionth of a meter & a nanometer is 1 billionth of a meter. These are standard units of measurement, derived by calculating the particle's diameter.
coarse= particles with an average diameter of less than 10 microns
fine= particles with an average diameter of less than 2.5 microns
ultrafine or nano = particles with an average diameter of less than .1 microns or less than 100 nm
The general scientific thought is that particles at:
.07 microns can enter lung alveoli
.05 microns may enter cells
.03 Microns may enter Central Nervous System
<.02 no Data yet

The Titanium Dioxide (Tio2) I use in my products is 1-1.7 microns, with an average micron size of 1.5. The Zinc Oxide I use is .31 microns. Both would qualify as "Fine". White or colored micas are in another category and usually don't fall below the 10 micron size. In mica the lower the micron size the more matte, the higher the micron size the more sparkly it becomes. The opposite is true in base ingredients- the nano particles are more translucent, while still offering SPF properties inherent in Titanium Dioxide & Zinc Oxide. This is why many cosmetic companies do choose to use nano particles, to offer SPF in sunscreens or in otherwise SPF devoid products- like untinted moisturizers & other makeup in which Tio2 or Zinc are merely colorants rather than base ingredients. (An indication of this could be if they are listed under May Contain as colorants, rather than in the main ingredients portion of the cosmetic label, as per FDA labeling regulations.)

Though the FDA is certainly not helping, by having no clear cut, or ,at least ineffectual listing, nomenclature, or categorization of ingredients.
This is from the National Geographic's Green Guide site:

"Micronized" doesn't necessarily mean "nanoparticles." Both terms have to do with the sizes of particles: Microns are one millionth of a meter, while nanometers (nm) are one billionth of a meter. Basically, 1,000 nm = 1 micron. The confusion over terminology has to do with the fact that the FDA has set no actual definition for the term "micronized" when used in reference to personal care products. Some companies use the term "micronized" to describe particles that are measured in microns, while other companies use it to describe particles that undergo what the dictionary defines as "reducing to particles of only a few microns in diameter." Since the FDA has no set definition, some companies misleadingly advertise nano-sized particles (particles measured in billionths of a meter) as "micronized" (particles measured in millionths of a meter), which is why we feel it's important to ask for specific particle sizes when you're purchasing a product that contains either "micronized" or "nanoparticle" ingredients. The manufacturers we spoke with for this article assured us that their micronized products do in fact use micron-sized, and not nano-sized, ingredients.

Emily Main

Green Guide Associate Editor

Now, Dr. oz is not wrong in that nano particles have for some time been suspected of having negative health implication, and yet lumping all minerals in the dangerous category is certainly not going to be helpful in discussing the very REAL concern involving this one aspect of the industry.

Another compelling reason I feel Dr. Oz is not an accurate authority, and lacks the credibility on the topic of nano particles is that, he completely ignored a second, and equally important property and that is, that nano particles, when buffed or rubbed onto the skin, are suspected, not proven mind you, but suspected to be small enough to actually travel through the pores of the skin, and be absorbed into the blood stream. These metals, yes they are oxidized metals-though not toxic like lead or arsenic, can be absorbed into your blood stream. Since our bodies are not equipped to filter these out, initial research shows that they can build up in secondary organs, and that cannot be healthy. Again, these are nano particles only. Here is a link to an interview with a scientist currently conducting research, again addressing solely nano particles in cosmetic applications.

I have had the opportunity to use an electron microscope, as he mentions in this interview. An electron microscope utilizes slide samples that are one cell layer in thickness, therefore determining the ability of a substance to pass through cell layers or pores using this technology would be easy, and most likely very accurate.

Another, overlooked potential hazard with nano-particulate matter is it's apparent UV reactivity, as noted in the following passage from Occasional Paper Series, vol 7, no1, April 2003
The Presumption of Innocence II – the case of nanoparticles of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide:
Possibly the most ubiquitous use of nanoparticles todate is in cosmetics. Larger particles of titanium
dioxide (TiO2) and zinc oxide (ZnO) have been used in sunscreens for decades since they both
effectively scatter light including harmful UV rays. They act as physical “blockers” or “reflectors”
giving sunscreens an opaque, white appearance. However, if the crystals are reduced to the
nanoscale, both titanium dioxide and zinc oxide lose their characteristic white colour and become
transparent, allowing visible light to pass but still blocking UV rays. Taking advantage of this
nanoscale property change, companies including BASF and L’Oréal have created transparent
sunscreens and UV-resistant cosmetics incorporating these metal oxide nanoparticles.25
Unfortunately, transparency isn’t the only change associated with these nanosized metal oxides.
While both zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are generally considered inert in their larger form,
nanoparticles of both substances can be highly photo-reactive in the presence of UV light, which is
partially absorbed into the particle.26 As a result, nano-titanium dioxide, for example, can exert a
“strong oxidizing power that attacks organic molecules”27 and can produce free radicals (i.e.,
unstable fragments of molecules that are highly reactive).
You can read the full paper in the link below.

Last night, at an event promoting my makeup line, this viral video was broached. I cannot pretend that this will not adversely affect my business. Which is precisely why I felt the need to respond- the small boutique formulators, as a group, tend to follow closely to FDA regulations, Choose the safer, organic, or more natural ingredients, and generally try to be more conscientious with what we put in our products. I believe in full disclosure- every ingredient I use is listed on a page at my website, as well as the label. Yes, there are those that don't, and the large cosmetics corporations certainly have no need to pay attention to anything but profit margin if they choose- the fines are a pittance compared to what they make on the newest and latest "magic" ingredient; but what Dr. Oz may not realize, is that with this irresponsible reporting, he could potentially put out of business the very people who are trying to do it better, healthier, and safer.

As for nano particles The research is still being conducted, and much more needs to be definitively proven, before ANY hard and fast conclusions can be determined, but this is also the reason why most of the mineral cosmetic formulators I know, myself included, choose not to include nano-particle ingredients in our makeup- Until it is effectively proven safe, I cannot, and will not expose my clients to potentially hazardous material. That would be as unethical as giving unsubstantiated advice.

a mmu formulator & friend Donna Standridge
another formulator & friend Val of Valana Minerals

More info on nano particles & potential hazard:

Hupt, 2, 3, 4!

This is me!!!!!!!!!!! If you're interested in learning how to do what I do- then this is the class for you! Or, if you already have a mineral line- learn how to teach your clients to get all they can out of the makeup that you sell. I'm thrilled to be able to combine the creation of mineral makeup, along with tips & advice on application. Loose powdered makeup, specifically foundation can sometimes be a little tricky for people in the beginning, and often takes just a bit of practice to make perfect. Learning to apply light even coats for maximum coverage, with minimum weight, or powdery look or feel- is essential- it's the hallmark of WHY mineral makeup is so popular- the weightless, breathable feel, with flawless coverage and blurring of imperfections, all while looking like bare skin! I'll also discuss & demonstrate, not just HOW to achieve this, but How to TEACH your clients to achieve this! Which as a business owner is what will set you apart from the rest.

Monday, February 1, 2010


I think it's time for a contest, what do you think? Winning free stuff?  Does anyone like that? how about some of those new pigments? And some other fun things..... hmmm.
Check back, the official announcement will be any day, like maybe...... Friday?

O.k, so you may have noticed that I DiD NOT post a contest this Friday...
well, The important issue of Mineral cosmetic safety, unfortunately bumped the contest- but I am definitely hosting one! This Friday-tell your friends!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Rewards of a Fan!

Become a Fortunate Face Minerals Facebook fan- and reap the rewards!

Friday, January 22, 2010


I was inspired today to put together some pigments. I started with the primary and secondary colors. I have to say that I was very happy with the results! I was looking to create vibrant colors, that also wore well, blended, and could be used myriad ways.
I used the Pops- from TKB trading as my inspiration & part of my color blend. Each of these have a specific, adhesive base as well as mineral pigments ground in to create the base color note and then micas layered over the top to brighten and enhance the overall color.
I was further inspired by a trend toward glossy eyes, and layered a silicone based gloss over the pigments to add shine. Normally this looks begins to break down the makeup very quickly, and you have about 5-10 minutes tops, but after multiple camera failures & a great big old sneeze that I though for sure spelled the end of this look, Nothing had moved! Wow! is all I can say.... everything stayed exactly where I put it- I even did the "rub" test & it really adhered well, and didn't want to come off! I'm adding some pics, but am going to find a shoot where I can really get down and dirty with these babies instead of my- "this is why I'm a makeup artist & not a photographer pics."

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My newest object of Lust!
I love this site! You can check back daily, they always have specials & often really low prices on great beauty lines- like Kevin Aucoin, Urban Decay (where everything was under $10!) among many many others! They also have amazing handbags, sunglasses, clothing lines- you name it! everything from Cartier to Burberry, they had the BEST Cynthia Rowley sunglasses that I absolutely adored! If you've never been, check it out!