Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year (a little early) to all my lovely readers out there! I hope 2010 brings you all the happiness, joy, & contentment in the world!
My goals for 2010 are to keep this business of mine rolling forward- I am so happy with how my makeup line is being received, I love that I am being offered more & more opportunities to work with fantastic models & very talented photographers!
I love that I am getting to fly to Ca ( a little nervous too about the long flight) to teach (which i love) all about mineral makeup & it's different application techniques!
I am thrilled with how supportive my hubby is in all this- got me a garmin GPS for Christmas so I can easily find all these out of the way places for photoshoots, etc.
My main focus now, right now is gearing up for 2 trunk shows- one Jan 9th, the other Feb 4th @ Prep ( Anyone local who would like to go, just comment & I'll send you an invite which is redeemable for a gift certificate worth $10 good on any merchandise in the store!
And to harass the crap out of my web guy to get this retail site up and running! I am being patient as he's only 22, and likes to sleep late (he's also a ridiculously talented musician), but I promise all of you who have been asking that I will make this a priority!
Also for all of you who have contacted me- make sure you click that follow button, 'cause as soon as that site is up I'll be hosting contests & one will be exclusive to followers only!

Lastly it is still a goal of mine to get some videos up & going on youtube! I've had my subscription for a year now (MakingUup), I just have one little obstacle- I need an actual video camera- so that is definitely on my list of things to buy! it's such a shame stuff costs money LOL.
Have Fun this New Years, be safe!!!!!! Designate if you're drinking PLEASE! Love to all my peoples!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Gearing up for Christmas, and I just wanted to wish all my lovely readers a very happy holiday Season!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ultimate Mineral Boot Camp

I am so excited to announce that I am teaching a mineral makeup and application Boot camp at the Nova Studio in Point Richmond, CA. Clicking the link above will take you to the site for a class description, dates, times, costs, & how to register!
If you've ever considered making your own mineral makeup, or you wish to perfect application techniques, this is certainly the class for you! not only will students learn how to custom formulate mineral makeup of all kinds, but also HOW to use them for beautiful flawless results!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Braving the Elements

No one claims the beauty industry is easy, and that was doubly true for last Saturday when we shot at the Quabbin Reservoir . It was 20 degrees, actual temp & with the wind chill, at least the teens, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was negative numbers. now don't feel too bad for me, i had on thick boots, warm ski coat, hat, scarf, and gloves (at least in between touch ups, or when I wasn't lending them to the model)
No, no don't feel bad for me, all kudos, and sympathy go to Carly our brave & very cold model. Despite the bitter weather we got some beautiful shots and I thank her for her bravery & ability to not have her discomfort read all across her face in every shot.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Glow, Glow, Glow

Left to right Conquered, Rich Amber, Beach Bronze Gloss

A local boutique, Prep Cosmetics 220 North Pleasant Street in Amherst, Ma, has booked me to do two trunk shows, one January 9th & one Feb 4th. when I met yesterday with the store manager, Tara, she said the company president had requested for me to do something before the holiday, um, that sort of meant this weekend!!!!
Well, since I'm not usually scared of a challenge...
Plus I'm upgrading all my packaging to these lovely brushed silver jars, and thought, what a great way to sell out all the clear jars , especially since everything in the store right now is 20% off, so I know people will be getting a great deal-since only the outside is changing, the stuff in the jars is the same awesome minerals!
I'm also offering my holiday promotion at Prep, Fortunate Face Minerals' "Glow, Glow, Glow! for the Holidays." A cute little stocking stuffed with my matte mineral bronzer, Rich Amber, Conquered eye shadow, that has a silky sheen with bronze/brown tones for a gleaming eye, and my Beach Bronze lip gloss to complete the all over bronzy glow. (My pics never do the colors justice)
Anyone one local, or visiting for the holidays be sure to stop by the boutique. You can actually get a look at the store at their website-
I also booked a lovely local actress to come and be my model this Saturday, she's getting a complete makeover- first a perfectly nude flawless face, then I'm going to glam her up & give her makeup pointers for her awards ceremony in LA next month (she was involved with the big movie filmed here last year, can't say the name or the director!)
I'll be there from 11 am to 3 pm giving advice, consults, color matching, etc. with the demo scheduled for around 12:30-1.
They have some great lines there at Prep, from Stila ( in love with their smudgepots!), & Becca, to Mario Badescu skincare, just to name a few.
If you can't make this Saturday, then please feel free to come either Jan 9th or Feb 4th. I'll be doing consultations, by appointment only. Call Prep to schedule @ 413-256-4600.
If you plan on making it out to one of these events (9th or 4th)- contact me & I'll tell you how to get a complimentary $10 gift certificate good for anything in the store! (have to be present to redeem certificate)
hope to see you There!

Package Has arrived!!!!

So, anyone who's read my blog more than once, probably knows of the unending saga of the undeliverable package(s). poor Crystal, my lovely winner of my inspiration contest, couldn't seem to get any of the 3, yes 3 packages that I sent to her. Well, Oh happy day- cause finally it has arrived! You can check out pics of what she got at her blog,
I can see from the pic that my poor little fortune cookie got smushed to smithereens ( her post office probably threw it 'cause they are soooo not in love with me!), and my &*@# lip gloss label is coming off, Argh! labels are the bane of my makeup making existence! Back to my supplier to order different ones, that will hopefully stay on!
Anyway, I'm excited for her to try out some of the stuff, and she's a beauty, AND a makeup artist& she takes great photos to boot, so she's certainly going to make my stuff look good!
I promise the web store is slated to be up and running soon- my web guy says the end of this week, but I'm kind of thinking more like next week (knowing him) Like right after Christmas, sigh, only the biggest shopping season! oh, well.
I've had a few of you contacting me wanting to know when I will be online, I promise I will post here the day we start- in the meantime- for those who have been asking you may certainly contact me through the contact page if there is something specific I've showcased here, that you would wish to purchase- my Paypal account is up & running so we can definitely work something out.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Class at the Nova studio

Alrighty, so our lovely Crystal has been sent a package for the third time... think it's a charm?
we'll wait and see. Fingers crossed, prayers uttered please.

Anyway, I've been booked to teach a three day mineral makeup making & application boot camp at the Nova Studio in Point Richmond, California, yay me!
The class is scheduled for March 5th, 6th, & 7th, the studio is owned by Lori Nova, who teaches a lot of soapmaking, lotionmaking, & general bath & body products classes. You can learn more about the studio, as well as my upcoming class here:
The class description and pricing as well as registration should be up tomorrow. Early birds definitely get a price break, so anyone who's interested- booking early is worth $.
This is very exciting, not only do I get to teach others what I've learned about custom creating mineral makeup, but also helping people understand the many different ways mineral makeup can be used- from wet to dry buffing application, and even airbrushing! Color theory, highlight and con
tour, as well as what you need to know about running a mineral makeup business. We're even going to make lipsticks- fun, fun, fun!

My nude lippie palette

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

USPS What?!

O.k so anyone who's been following me, and actually reads any of the random stuff I post, will remember that Crystal S won the color inspiration contest in October. I announced her as the winner Friday October 17th, and mailed out her package of goodies on Monday, October 20.
well, I expected it to take several days, as we are literally across the country from one another. By the beginning of the following week I email Crystal just to check if the package has arrived. nothing yet, ok I'm disappointed, but not concerned. Next week-same, now I'm a little concerned, next week "Still no package?" Ok, very not happy. So I decide that it's time to send a new one, this one was obviously lost or stolen. So I package up a whole new box & send it, and pay extra for tracking this time. This is november 16th at this point- a ridiculous amount of time to wait for one little package, but there you go. So the package goes out, along with another that I'm sending to Boston. Anyway, I track both, both arrive on the 18th of November, Boston package-delivered & confirmed. Ca, package- "status not updated" o.k probably out for delivery, wait a day- "status not updated" Why did I pay extra for tracking again? Shouldn't it at least read "out for delivery", "attempting to deliver" something? anyway that Saturday, I get the first package returned and marked undeliverable. Uh oh, I think, this does not bode well for my second package. So I contact Crystal to re-confirm her address, and make sure I have it correctly, yup, right address, nope not a p.o. box, and uh, yeah, she gets mail delivered every day, so huh? She has been more than kind & patient, and frankly, as baffled as myself. She gets me the phone number of the post office there & I speak to a fairly clueless woman, who confirms the address as legitimate, which I KNEW, since I give Crystal credit for having a brain, and knowing both where she lives, and where she gets her mail delivered, can't say the same for this particuar employee, however.
So, I tell her when the package comes back on the truck today (Monday about 3pm Ca time) take it off the truck, hold it, I will call Crystal, and she will come pick it up, cause she's nice like that.
no call, nada, nothing, after keeping me on hold for 1/2 hour...
long distance...
on a cell phone.
Guess what I got in the mail Saturday?
So I go yesterday to MY post office & speak to a supervisor with both packages, receipts, and tracking invoice, he calls- gets the same Mensa candidate as myself, who doesn't want to refund any of my money, or actually help deliver this package. The supervisor insists that she contact me today to reach a solution.
Think I' m holding my breath waiting for the call?
I don't look good blue.
So, tomorrow I have every intention of trekking back to MY post office & having the very helpful supervisor force this woman to delver this *&#$% package!
Crystal, you're an angel. I hope you love the stuff, cause frankly I wouldn't even want it at this point if I were in your shoes!
( but I promise, it is really good, and the colors are Fab!)
Anyway, I'll keep you all "posted" on my post office saga (pun intended)
It reads like a serial.
I feel like Charles Dickens.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Web Launch!!!!!

O.k the long wait, (for me anyway) is almost over! we are just about ready to launch the Fortunate Face Mineral line on the web!
For those who don't know me well, I can assure you this is a huge feat, especially since computers & I rarely get along. It was, and still is, a huge undertaking that would not be happening if it weren't for the computer genius, of my web guy Phil! Yay Phil! So if there are problems just blame him! (kidding, sort of) He's also the one who finally convinced me to go Mac, & I ain't going back! For computer dum dum's like me this makes life soooooo much better!
Anyway, keep an eye out on wednesday- this is our "soft" launch. If you attempt to order & there are problems- there will be a contact option- & I promise I will make it right!
here's the link- not fully functioning yet, but you can get the idea-

OOOH and the triple stack lets you custom blend your foundation, or use the lightest color for a highlight, & the darkest as a contour under your foundation & it all works with your skin tone! Love it!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Death, Nudity, and the Fuzz!

So our photo shoot on Sunday was so much fun, I can't wait to see the pics. Stephanie, the photographer, brought us out into the woods where someone had dumped an old rusted dryer. Sounds weird i know, but I'm telling you, it's going to be soooooo cool in photos! Kita really comes alive in front of the camera.
So as we're moving out of the woods to change location, Kita jumps about a mile & lets out this little shout. looking down there is *skip this part all you queasy stomach people* a gutted deer, blech. Looking a little further & there are 2 more, holy crap! So then we head out to a paved area in front of some cool train tracks, and yuck, there's one more- and this one smelled BAD! yuck, yuck, yuck!
Then, as we're setting up for our next shot, here comes a large, half naked, old guy with a four foot wooden stake, sharpened to a point, mind you, walking down the path from the woods &, naturally he feels compelled to speak to us. Since I'm the makeup artist, & her makeup is done, I am the one available for conversation. Lord help me. O.k. little tip to any guys out there- I don't care how secure a women is, if you are half naked and carrying a sharpened stake, I don't care how nice a guy you are , YOU ARE GOING TO SCARE THE CRAP OUT OF ANY WOMEN IN A 10 MILE RADIUS, SO PUT THE DAMN STAKE DOWN! I had my phone in my hand already dialed to 911. I figured if he rushed me I could at least hit send before he got to me. I kept sidling away, like a damn crab. Finally he got tired of us avoiding him & took off. Whew.
So next, I had to run back to the car to grab my metallic lipstick & the funky lashes (see previous Post) for the next look for my contest submission. While I was gone the gals moved onto the tracks to snap a few, well apparently someone saw this from the roadway (a little way off over head) and called the cops, cause as I'm applying lashes- here comes a cop cruiser! Great, we're figuring we're ousted & the sun's going down, my contest submission has to be in by midnight that night, so no chance of a new location, crap! anyway Stephanie gets right up & goes over to him, tells him what we're doing, I just keep applying, since my glue's drying, he was cool ( and cute!) & tells us we're all good. I feel a little better too, since if weird naked, stake dude comes back, the cop can deal with him.
So that was the complete random weirdness for our shoot, thank goodness they're not all like this!
Also a big thanks to Stephanie for editing a couple photos quick that night for my contest, she rocks, cause I know we were all tired!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mail & Models!

Well, my lovely contest winner Crystal S., never received her package of goodies that I sent to her, Boo! So another is already on the way, and yes I paid for delivery confirmation with this one! So hopefully she will be sporting a Fortunate Face very soon! can't wait, I loved, loved, loved, the color Bawdy, which came from her inspiration, thank you Crystal!
which brings me to my next topic models. I was fortunate enough to do hair & makeup for an adorable model this weekend, her name is Kita. She specializes in pinup styles, and burlesque, and she was a lot of fun.
She was also kind enough to take some pics for me of a lip color I made for a lippie contest, & I also used Fleet Week (navy) and Bawdy for her eyes! Anyway our pic took second place! I won a gift certificate with my supplier, which is awesome, since I can always use more supplies!

A big thank you to Kits St Cyr- model
and Stephanie Pierce-photographer
more on our very weird shoot experience later- death, nudity, & Fuzz!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mineral Makeup Controversy


Right now there is a big controversy in the online world of mineral makeup.
Specifically a backlash against minerals that are purchased, most specifically colored micas, and simply repackaged and sold at an exorbitant markup. The problem with this is twofold.
1. These companies are not selling products that will actually perform well as makeup, therefore defrauding the customer, and at the same time reflecting poorly on the boutique mineral makeup community as a whole. Most customers then assume all minerals are probably crap, and why waste their time & money. These companies often claim to have Custom designed their lines, again defrauding the consumer. I understand the concern, and the outrage, as money is something in short supply for many these days, and to find you wasted it, frankly, sucks. But, I also think that many people are feeling conned, and that is never a pleasant thought.
I know that several of these "outed" companies purchase the same products from the same suppliers that I do, but do not actually go through the process of creating an actual makeup product, ie. shadow, blush, bronzer, etc.
2. This brings me to my second part of the problem. People are now ranting that all mineral companies are charging too much because they either just dump mica in a jar, or mix it with a bunch of "fillers" too stretch it out & then charge a huge markup, for crap they could buy themselves for 1/10th the price.
I invite you to try.
This is the area of most concern to me. I agree that companies that just repackage micas will eventually be discovered- simply because their items will not function well as makeup, at least not without sticky primer, waterproof sealants, and a whole host of other steps that the consumer should not HAVE to do just to make their makeup wearable. Mica's pretty, but it doesn't stick.
Companies that make actual mineral makeup- usually use these ingredients now being touted as useless, cheap, or unnecessary. I feel I MUST offer an explanation as to why this misconception just isn't so...
Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Sercite Mica, Carnauba Wax, Kaolin Clay, Magnesium Stearate, to name a few- all offer something to the base of any cosmetic recipe (including professional brand products). Whether adhesion (sticks to skin), Slip (glides over skin), Color Stability ( color won't change with body oils), Lubricity (creaminess), Opacity (coverage), again this just names a few. Many of these products do more than one, but it is usually the combination, or formula of the base recipe that creates the makeup's performance ability, the rest is color (though often colorants can offer some of these qualities as well).
For example, I have four different shadow bases matte, silk, satin, and sparkle. Each of these can have colorants ground or mixed into them. The depth of color from pastel to deepest pigmentation depends upon what I choose to add and how. I can also then adjust from sheer to opaque in each of these by adding more or less Zinc, Kaolin, Serecite, Titanium Dioxide, etc, again based upon what I am looking for. I may then have to adjust again, because I want sheer, but can't sacrifice adhesion.......and, trust me, this is just the tip of the iceberg.
Another common complaint, is that it looks just like the mica, so, obviously it's not actually an eyeshadow. There are some micas that are just so gorgeous that I want them to stand as an eyeshadow, no mixing of colors on my part can make this color anymore gorgeous. Dragonfly Mica (no longer available) is one of these. If you looked at my eyeshadow, called Stunning, and compared it to a sample of Dragonfly, you would think I did nothing to it, but you would be wrong! It took a lot of effort to create a base that would let this mica perform it's magic- the color is UNBELIEVABLE! and yet actually BE a shadow. I can now wear this color and it won't budge until I take it off!
Lastly, please do not just look to the weight to determine value. Minerals are a unique product in that they have vastly different weights. A tsp of sercite (approx 2grams) and a tsp of Zinc (approx 3.5 grams, I figured I might as well weigh them to give you the most accurate info possible) do not weigh any where near each other for the same amount, therefore some products will weigh more, and others less than others depending upon the ingredients used to make them. Oxides weigh considerably more than mica. All products will have weights all over the spectrum. I personally use a standard weight on my jars (the lowest of all my products), and fill the jars to well over that weight, every time. In doing this I know my clients are always getting MORE than what they're actually paying for, and I can be compliant with the FDA's rules.
Please be an informed consumer, by all means read reviews, but look further- look to the website, do they clearly disclose their ingredients? A red flag should go up if there are no ingredients to be found anywhere. If in doubt contact the site, most conscientious formulators will respond to questions, especially about ingredients- we want you to be assured our products are safe. Inspect the packages, are they properly labeled with manufacturer, or company name, weight of ingredients, an indicator if it is not lip safe, etc. Do they offer a large range of cosmetics, foundations, concealers, as well as shadows, blushes, bronzers, lip glosses & lipsticks, and even skin care products. If they only offer shadows, there is a possibility that they MAY be a mica only repackager, so look for further clues, like the ones above, and if you're still not sure, either inquire or keep looking elsewhere.
Lastly, be willing to spend, just a little more, on quality products. I cannot sell an eyeshadow for $5. The multitude of ingredients I use preclude such a low price, not to mention the time I invest in creating these products. I have not, nor will I, ever use another's recipe, but as a makeup artist I also feel that my color knowledge has distinct value in creating great product.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


So Halloween is here, which means Someone's gonna get hurt! Not really, but it's fun to pretend!
Here's my version of a clumsy skater punk!

Ooooh, that had to hurt!
Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Congratulations to Crystal S. you are the winner of the Color Inspiration Contest!!!!
Crystal wanted to see a matte orange, and boy did that get my brain racing! I made 3! The final color, is called Bawdy! I will also be sending Crystal my new matte navy Fleet week, as well as Satisfied, First Crush, and Rich Amber, my newest matte bronzer, Bare Luster, and Petal lip gloss. ( and there might just be an extra surprise thrown in just 'cause!)
Of course, it doesn't surprise me that another makeup artist came up with my favorite inspiration! if you haven't found crystal's blog, you should! She is a
beauty, and talented to boot.
here's the link-
Crystal send me your mailing info and your package will be sent out Monday!
Congrats, again, and I hope you enjoy!


Friday, October 16, 2009

Deadline 12 Am eastern standard time!

The deadline for my color inspiration contest is 12 Am eastern Standard time TONIGHT! This is your last chance to follow me & submit an entry, so get those brains working! I will announce the winner first thing Sat am (my time, around 10 or so, cause I' m sleeping in!) there have been some really good suggestions, and one has really sparked my interest, can you do better?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Only 1 more day!

Last minute submissions- get them in!!!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Some photos in! Yay!

So here are a couple of the photos from my last shoot on Thursday. This model was so sweet and ultra professional, of course doing major runway shows and movie spots kind of helps LOL.
The photographer, Stehpanie, is very talented; she really has the ability to capture a great shot. She does very little retouching, which as a makeup artist I love, because I know if the model's skin/eyes/lips/ look great, I did my job well! These particular photos were really aimed at a more commercial look, so clean, pretty makeup was my focus.

Don't forget my color inspiration contest ends Friday! it's not to late to follow me, and place an entry. See the entry that lists all the great makeup you can win!
photo Copyright Spierce Photography
credits Jasmine Tang model

Friday, October 9, 2009

We had beautiful New England weather for our photo shoot yesterday. Click the link to see Minuteman National Park, a beautifully historic site, in Concord, Ma. If you're ever out this way I suggest a visit. Concord itself was a cute little town & the park was lovely.
The leaves were all shades of green, red, yellow and orange- the sun was out, with only a little cloudiness. The model was both sweet & gorgeous, and so professional, all in all, a very talented girl & it was a real pleasure working with her. I also liked the photographer- she was very enthusiastic & I could tell that she loved what she was doing, which I know is going to show in her pictures. I can't wait to see them!
I'm looking forward to the opportunity of working with both of them again. It's such a great feeling on a shoot when everyone "clicks" & adds their creativity to create great pictures!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Photo Shoot

Photo shoot today! Gorgeous model, great photog- Up at 5am, soooooo tired- tell you all about it tomorrow-pics soon.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tarte mini Cheek Stain

So while browsing through Sephora today, I saw a mini Tarte Cheek Stain, in true love, for only $10. It's a cute, itty bitty thing (.17 oz), but the lovely thing with these stains is that a little bit goes a looong way. I couldn't wait to try it, so put some on right when I got home over the makeup I was already wearing. I know, don't yell, over powdered makeup, big no no, but minerals are much more forgiving & workable & I did not end up with some muddy mess on my face, but rather a beautiful pinky glow on the apples of my cheeks. I do recommend, however that you apply this after your moisturizer or primer, and before any foundation, even minerals! (I was just too excited to wait) One of the things I most love about a gel or stain cheek color, is it's ability to mimic a truly natural looking flush, & showcase the skin texture, rather that just cover it up. Plus the Tarte stain is a water based, alcohol free formula, so is gentle to the skin, even sensitive types, and the color will look beautiful on pretty much everybody. The only drawback, I personally find, is that stains usually contains dyes, which are not a natural product, this contains blue 1, yellow 5 and red 40, among others. But since most people aren't bothered by dyes, and the above mentioned are food grade dyes, this is probably not a concern for most makeup enthusiasts; of course I still encourage you to read your labels! I also really love that it comes in a mini- because I'm always looking to pack as much different stuff into my kit as possible & full sizes, of all but the most essential items, are cumbersome & hard to fit in a kit. That's why I'm always on the hunt for great palettes and multi-tasking items. I know there's a 3some of Tarte stains out there, I think I'm going to have to make another trip!
I included a link to the true love mini stain page @ Sephora, become a beauty insider & earn points as well!;jsessionid=4IMA2HAYJL24UCV0KRTQQAQ?id=P243701&shouldPaginate=true&categoryId=5648
Naturally, you can also find this at

Sunday, October 4, 2009


I'm starting to get inspired! I've had some really great suggestions, and am definitely looking into a couple colors that are making me say, hmmmmm.....!
The only thing people are forgetting is... you have to become a follower to submit a viable suggestion and be entered into the contest, so click that follow button gals (and guys!)


Saturday, October 3, 2009

What you can Win!

Just a small example of what can be your! Satisfied- a gorgeous peachy pink with golden glow, and Rich Amber a matte mineral bronzer and contour powder.
To enter-become a follower-and submit your idea for my next eyeshadow!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Requests Please!

Send in those shadow requests! Color? Texture? Sheen? What do you most desire, cause I can make it happen! Inspire me! Seduce me! Time is of the essence!
Deadline Friday, October 16th!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Sally Hanson Insti-Dri

I decided to review the Insta-Dri 30 second polish from Sally Hanson. I'm usually a CND or OPI gal, and Lord knows, I love my Essie (always the most beautiful colors!), but I could not resist the lure of a 30 second color opportunity, who could?
I bought the Racin" Red (which I noticed isn't featured on the website) for $4.99 at Rite Aid. It is a slightly blue based red, with a very subtle hint of shimmer. I also bought the Insta Dri anti-chip top coat that claims to dry any polish to the touch in 30 seconds. That was $5.99, but I had to exchange it for another, because when I got home & took it out of the box, the bottle was empty. Whoops!
Anyway, I manicured & then polished my nails with the Racin' Red. The color was lovely, and yes ladies, it dried w/ no smears or rough edges in 30 seconds. Wow! Many people are ravin about the wider, flatter brush. Most claim it is easier to cover the whole nail in one stroke, more like a professional brush, etc. To be honest I much prefer the slightly longer, rounded bristles of the professional colors. I keep my nails shorted & have a rounded C- curved nail bed. A flat short brush means much more control must be taken to not overstep the boundary of the nail & sweep polish up onto the sidewall. So for me the brush is a no-go, but since I'm a trained, licensed nail pro, I could just be biased 3 swipes with a standard tip still works best for me.
Now, I'm tough, tough, tough on my nails- no doubt. Plus I have extremely thin, flexible nails, so the fact that i have chips today, is not a fair assessment to the polish itself- I did an updo, manicure, & full makeup, plus cleaned my house, so I expected chips, and even with all that they don't look too bad. I can tell you, when I treated my hands kindly-they stayed gorgeous. Plus w/ a 30 second drying time- I could redo my polish everyday & never bat an eye!
The insta-Dri topcoat I used on my mani yesterday & yes, it too, was dry in 30 seconds and gave a nice glossy finish. I did a basecoat, and one coat of Creative's Clearly pink, & then the topcoat. we wanted a very sheer, nail with just a hint of shine. This bottle has the more classic shaped wand and brush, which I found a breeze to use. I will definitely use this product again- I love that Any color can be a 30 second color! WooHoo!
BTW Walmart is advertising the Instra-Dri for $3.99, but Rite Aid was having a buy one get one 50% off!
I added a link to Sally Hanson, so double click the title & it'll take you to the site!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

website, coming soon!

Meeting with my web designer this morning, yay! We're almost there guys. I'm so excited to get this going so I can introduce you to my line! This project has been in the works for a while now, already been through one designer, but that person had only one way of doing things...bland, which is so not me!
Anyway, hopefully in the next 2-3 weeks. I will keep my contest alive for about that period of time (thanks to all who have sent in color ideas) , just to give more people a chance to find me, and then I'll kick off another one (Bigger!) when we officially launch the retail site.
This is soooo much harder than my line's first launch into a salon! Probably because computers & I don't get along, though I did just buy a gently used Mac, & I have to say, waaaaaay easier to use, even for a computer illiterate like myself!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Color Contest!

OOOOH The choices are coming in- get yours in today!

Choices, Choices, Choices

Pictured: First Crush
a sexy hot pink that complements any skin tone!

O.k I can use some feedback here, what color do you think I should create next? I'm leaning toward a classic Navy, but would LOVE to hear your ideas! Become a follower & add your comment with as much detail as possible!
As a special bonus, if your color idea is chosen, you'll win, not only that color, but a slew of other yummy colors as well! Like, Satisfied, & First Crush blush colors, Bare Luster ( a gorgeous shimmer powder to use as a highlight, shadow, body shimmer, lips, heck, anywhere!) and 2 eye shadows & a gloss that coordinate with the winning entry!
Good luck! & Get those ideas coming!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'll talk about this cause my other post is taking too long...

O.k , so I'm working on a post about what "natural" means when applied to makeup, but it's got a lot of info & I keep getting interrupted so I'll have to save that for later.
I just finished with a brand new client, and I have to say doing personal consults & really teaching women about makeup, how to apply it for their specific needs, proper tools & cleanliness, all these things are such an inspiring thing to do. It's really one of my most favorite things about makeup- it runs the gamut from any creative, colorful, crazy avant guarde idea I can dream up, to making a brides dream look come to fruition, all the way to teaching everyday women how to look their best. Throw in the fact that if I dream up a color and I can go to my workroom & MAKE IT! My work life doesn't get any better than this, I'm one lucky chick!

Friday, September 11, 2009

My new Airbrush!

I am soooo stinking excited about my new airbrush! I've already been practicing applying makeup with it, using my minerals as airbrush makeup, (yes, they can be made into airbrush makeup, I just need to tweak the medium that I created to mix them with, but it's almost there!) I'm also hopefully going to use this to do some blue body painting in Oct. How fun! There is always so much I want to mix & create & fix & tinker with, it's amazing I ever get anything done at all! If I didn't reign myself in I'd have about 400 colors about now, as it is I have over 50 shadow colors, 15 blush/bronzers, 22 foundations, 2 color correcting concealers, 4 mineral sheers, 4 luster powders...... And there is always more floating around in my brain.
Anyway- I can't wait to keep experimenting with this- I need to get more tech savvy & then I can get some videos going for you guys- that way I'm not the only one having fun!
In the meantime though you can checkout this great makeup artist, Kandee Johnson, her videos are a lot of fun (she is beautiful, & very sweet, which makes her fun to watch) she also has a blog here at blogspot , so I'll try to post a link

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Minerals ARE HD makeup

By now you've probably all heard of HD makeup. With the advent of HD cameras, which has 6x the pixelation of a regular camera, the makeup industry has had to adjust HOW makeup is created AND applied.
These high definition images, whether still or motion, show true skin texture and color. It is no longer enough to color adjust, but texture now must be refined as well. Very few of us have perfect skin, and that includes models and actresses as well. Makeup companies are now learning what mineral companies have known for years, mineral makeup IS HD makeup!
If you look at the ingredients of the most popular high end HD makeup lines you'll see that minerals are the main ingredients. Mica, specifically Serecite mica, and Silica Microspheres are the two most lightweight ingredients that blur lines, pores & skin imperfections, and reflect light away from any of these problems, all without creasing, settling & adding weight or texture to the skin, thereby allowing for the most natural appearance available in makeup.
Before investing a lot of money in the prestige brands of high def makeup, checkout & compare the ingredients of some of the smaller boutique mineral companies, you'll be pleasantly surprised at the money you can save for the very same product! One the the most famous HD Setting powders is 100% Silica!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Color Fade

Fading Summer, means fading tan, even those of us diligent about wearing sunscreen. (you know who you are!) Skin starts to lose any golden or bronze tones that we acquired while enjoying the outdoors. Now is the time to prepare for the almost daily changes in skin tone. While mineral makeup is very forgiving over several shades, it can't, and shouldn't be used to "change" your actual skin color, whether darker or lighter. Instead you need to match your skin's actual tone as closely as possible. When color matching a client I always tell them, "the one that disappears on your skin, is the right color for you."

To help you achieve the most flawless look, Fortunate Face Minerals now offers the Triple Stack. The Triple Stack offers three foundation colors in your choice of tones; warm, neutral, cool, and Women of color, in three stack able 20 gram jars . These come in the lightest, medium, and darkest shade in the series, so you can custom blend for a perfect match every time!

To combat the skin fade we've added two new bronzer colors, Glamorous- a medium pink/peach shade with great sparkle, and Luscious - a deeper plum/red bronzer with gorgeous sheen, perfect for darker skin tones.

Look soon for our Age Rewind Duo which include our Customer beloved Prep Step- the perfect under eye cover for circles, redness, as well as eyelid Shadow primer & blemish cover. you'll find this paired with our newest Spot Shot, a perfect concealer for those pesky brown age spots!

To contact me about Fortunate Face Minerals, go to


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Champagne Anyone?

For deep set or small eyes, concentrating the lightest color

all over the lid accentuates & draws attention to the lid of the eye. Contouring in the crease & up the brow bone then creates the illusion of a larger, or less deep set eye. Pictured on the left is Fortunate Face Minerals' Pink Champagne loose mineral eye shadow. This neutral color with a delicate satin sheen looks great on most skin tones. Pair this with a neutral brown for day as both liner right at lash line & contour color. Or try a smokey plum with two coats of black mascara for a great evening look.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Satin, Shine, Shimmer, Sparkle!

There are many aspects of makeup that the average woman may find confusing. There are color choices; brown or black?, texture choices; creamy, dewy, dry?, delivery choices; cream, liquid, cream to powder, mineralized, pressed powder?
None, however, seem to be quite as confusing as Sheen, or in other words, the level of reflective properties.
In lay terms, can I wear that new sparkly eye shadow? And really, should I? Where?
O.k. There is a very loosely defined rule of thumb. And, frankly, if you think you look divine in that new super sparkly, electric purple eye shadow even though 50 birthdays have come and gone, well I say, God Bless ya, You couldn't pay me to put it on you, but if you feel great, I won't say boo!
Anyway, if you are 16 with skin like silk, anything goes! Just keep the sparkly stuff to one area of your face and you won't walk around looking like a strobe light.
But, if you're a 16 year old, or God love you, a 40 year old with some skin blemishes, don't even think of wearing a sparkly blush or highlighter, or bronzer, etc. Basically if you have texture, large pores, crepey eyelids, wrinkles, lip lines, any place you put sparkle, or fairly intense Shimmer ( think almost opaque Pearlescent colors) you are going to draw a LOT of attention to that area. Instead stick with matte, every ones' best friend, on areas that you wish to de-emphasize, but you can often wear a beautiful eye color with a satin look, or glossy lip colors with shine. These can actually create a more youthful appearance.
Let me explain what I mean by these terms.
Matte means the absence of all light reflective properties. These types of cosmetics are usually, but not always, more opaque due to the ingredients typically required to make matte colors.
Satin often is used to describe a color that is mostly matte, but contains a mica or colorant that has very small light reflective particles. Looks a lot like satin material. Many illuminizers are made with these because the shiny particles are so small, they can often reflect light away from the area instead of to it. They are usually in a delivery mechanism that contains silicone which creates a barrier on top of the skin so the particles cannot sink into pores or lines. Mineral makeup utilizes silica and certain micas to achieve this rather than silicone. Satin colors can add a youthful appearance, because young, firm skin naturally reflects light from it's surface. Use these in combination with mattes for the most natural look.
Shimmer Has larger particles, more obvious to the naked eye. Many times these look like the surface of a pearl. These are often referred to as frosted colors. Shimmery colors on eyes, lips, & even nails, draw attention to imperfections in the surface, usually because the light is hitting every particle on the surface, but any depression reflects back less light, less quickly to the eye & conversely, any raised area reflects back more light, more quickly to the eye. The human eye, being a compound eye (very complex) is capable of picking up minute details almost without thinking about it. (This theory applies equally to all categories)
Sparkle is another category with very defined, distinct, & easily discernible to the naked eye, particles. You find a lot of lip glosses with sparkle, and even a good amount of eye shadows. This one covers more than the rest, simply because the particle range is very large, all the way up to the largest size of cosmetic grade glitter. Sparkles are best for very intense looks, or lip gloss, or periodically a body glitter if you're feeling fun. Clubbing? Glitter up! Church? Not such a good idea.
Shine is actually using the carrier vehicle, regardless of color, to reflect light. It is often clear ( meaning you can see all the way through the surface to whatever is underneath) and adds depth by creating a suspended reflective surface. Lip gloss is the best example of this, and can be anywhere from lightly shiny to looking like polished glass. Color will many times change how shiny this will be, with pearlescent colors diminishing shine, but upping shimmer, and clear colors, or no color, upping the shine factor. (again, this has to do with how the particles or surface texture disrupt and reflect the light back to the eye )
My best general advice is to keep foundation and blush matte, use shimmer high on brow bone, collarbones, & on the body on lips if they are well exfoliated with no dryness. Sparkle can also be used on the body, in the hair, and on a smooth area of the face, like the brow bone or in the corner of the eye to add pop. Lips look youthful with a little shine, and can often carry sparkle well, and if you're young, almost anything goes, just don't overdo it Shimmer or pearlescent colors will make dry lips look awful ( think frosted ), so go for a matte color with a little shine just in the center of lips if they're chapped or you have a lot of wrinkles around the lip. Use satin on the eye lid, matte for liner & contour colors, & shimmer, sparkle, or satin from brow bone. A nice shimmer from temple down the side of the eye and on to the top of the cheekbone adds a nice subtle glow to the skin, just keep the color neutral.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simply Sexy)

Hey all! Summer is just around the corner, (though you wouldn't know it by the weather here), and most women start opting for lighter texture foundation, more natural skin toned bronzers & blushes, glosses over lipsticks, and pretty pops of color for the eye. Keep the makeup routine simple. Cover redness, usually down the center of the face, next to nose, in the crease of the chin, get rid of those under eye circles with a yellow toned concealer or salmon/peach for women of color. Most makeup companies recommend tinted moisturizers, but I feel there is not enough coverage in a tinted moisturizer, plus if you tend toward oily skin, the LAST thing you want is to put a moisturizer on! Instead greasy gals, use a little plain milk of magnesia as a toner, moisturize under eye area only.

Keep makeup texture light by using a matte mineral foundation, concentrating only on areas that need coverage. Make sure foundation matches your skin tone exactly, especially if you tan!

Most mineral setting powders (mine are called mineral sheers) contain some oil absorbing ingredients, like kaolin clay, silica, & cornstarch. Some use talc, calcium carbonate, or rice powder. most also contain ingredients that blur imperfections, such as silica and different micas. Mineral powders can be used before & after foundation for extra oil absorption, or to refine the skin's surface.

Bronzers should be used sparingly and in a natural skin color. (see my post on bronzing) Blush looks most natural when it mimics your own natural skin's flush, usually in a pinky/red shade. Look at skin just after vigorous movement for a few minutes, that's your natural blush! For Glowing skin use an illuminizer or light colored blush/bronzer with a hint of shimmer. Sweep from temple down next to eye onto top of cheekbone, stopping just before the apple of the cheek in a downward C motion. This creates a lovely glowing skin!

Eye color that pops! Brown eyed girls are the luckiest because we can wear pretty much any color, depending upon the shade. For Summer pick a bright color like turquoise, hot pink, or emerald green. Blue or grey eyes look amazing in shades of copper, bronze, or rust. I love to intensify green eyes with purples, but pinky coppers & bronzes look fabulous on green eyed vixens.

For brights, concentrate color in the center of the lid on the top only. Use a neutral liner, brown being my favorite for all eye colors, and line right next to the lash line. For a simple, clean face line only the top lid. Curl those lashes ladies! It will truly open up your eyes and intensify your eye shape & color. Heat your eyelash curler for just a few seconds under hot running water, or under a blow dryer (test on cheek or lip, Be careful if too hot, wait a few seconds & test again) Using this method, or a self heating eyelash curler, like the one from Japonesque, will keep your lashes curled until you wash your face at night. (you do wash your face every night, right!?) Use two coats of a brown mascara for a soft daytime look.

Slick on a peachy pink gloss for a sweet neutral, or look for a color that matches your lips for sheer shine.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pores! Pores! Pores!

Left-no coverage
Right- Mineral makeup

For those of us with excruciatingly obvious pores, you know who you are, we are always desperate for a solution! There are no magic wands of makeup that will make these suckers just disappear; there are, however, some makeup tips that can significantly reduce their overall appearance.
Most anyone even remotely interested in makeup have heard of makeup primers. They are the newest creation in a long line of makeup products designed to hide/cover/distract/erase, or otherwise diminish, facial flaws.
Almost all liquid or cream primers contain silicone as it's primary weapon. There are multiple types of silicones available. Those that absorb into the skin, those that sit on the surface of the skin, or hair shaft (as in the case of heat protectant hair products), and a combo of the two. These create a barrier visibly smoothing pores, lines, and other imperfections. The makeup is then deposited on top of the primer creating a more refined skin surface appearance. There are many types of barrier primers for eye, face, lips, hair, etc. Not all are created equal. One of the distinct advantages to this type of product, the good ones that is, is that it works quickly and efficiently, and really does help keep makeup in place. With the good, comes the bad however, many people find the silicones to create a heavy feeling on the face, no breathability to the skin. mostly found with the barrier silicone. Oily or sweaty skin can find the makeup beading up & separating on the skin, or sinking into pores rather than gliding over them and actually calling more attention to flaws rather than minimizing them; This problem is most often seen with the silicone combos, or skin absorbing silicone.
Some well respected brands of primers are Primer Potion by Urban Decay, Benefit, That Gal face primer, FX Skin Prep which was created in a hospital for serious skin disorders, and Smashbox Photo Finish primers. These can all be found at Sephora, of course, a great resource for upscale, high quality beauty products. In fact, type in primers at Sephora, and there will be a Plethora of product to choose from.
Now when it comes to powdered, mineral makeup, primers take a different perspective. Naturally, I am partial to this type because I own a mineral makeup company. face, eye, and sometimes lip primers can be found in a mineral, all natural, or combo (and believe me, there is a difference so read your labels ladies) My own mineral primer contains silica, from which silicone is created. Silica is found in sand, and is naturally occurring. Silica is tiny, round, light reflective particles that glide over lines and pores reflecting light away from the depression created in the skin. Mica is another mineral ingredient that works in this same fashion, though I personally find the coated, or treated mica's give great adhesion, but less reflective properties, so a good primer powder will contain plain untreated mica, or at least a combo of both. Lastly my favorite underdog in the world of corrective cosmetics is Cornstarch. Cornstarch is light, fluffy, oil & moisture absorbing, and floats beautifully over pores giving instant light as air coverage. The major drawback with this product, however, is finding non-genetically modified corn products. There is only one company that I have found where I can purchase Organic, non-GMO cornstarch, it's great, but not cheap!
These are by no means the only primers ingredients available, but they are my favorites, and the ones I personally use.
One major drawback with mineral primers, and powdered mineral products in general, is the mess! I keep a box of tissues on my vanity & spread one out under my mineral jars everyday when appling my makeup, you can swirl minerals right onto the tissue or a paper towel, and this absorbs the excess intead of keeping it in the cap or fling loose in the air. Also tapping the handle of your brush on the surface where you apply your makeup to disperse it into the bristles (rather than tapping excess off back into the cap) can cut the flyaway powder, also using the sifters rather than removing them like some prefer to do. These sifters dispense smaller amounts of minerals into the cap, but usually they are enough for one application, you can always apply a second coating if more is needed.
As a makeup artist, and a makeup creator, I am always hunting for new ingredients or products, and work hard to find a great balance of naturally occurring, unadulterated ingredients, but ones that still show superior performance in makeup. Yes gals, we can have it all!
I always welcome yout comments and questions, so keep them coming!
Happy makeuping!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Thank Goodness it's over!

Whew, o.k thank goodness the dance showcase for the year is over! What a lot of work & energy. Four of my family members, myself included, performed in at least 2 out of 3 shows this weekend. I don't think I've quite recovered yet. The one thing I can rave about though is how well my makeup lasted! I sweated through 2 hip hop performances, 2 excruciating hours supervising the boys dressing area/demolition zone, and the second show running around backstage helping in quick changes, hair/makeup/costuming etc. I put my mineral stage makeup & included long and luscious false lashes at about 11 am. My minerals were still there (No eye creases in sight) at 1 am when I finally got to wash my face and collapse into bed! talk about long wear! I love love love how my skin breathes, doesn't feel cakey, & yet the makeup stays put! All without artificial ingredients, dyes, or nasty unwanted ingredients. all it took was a little blotting with m oils blotting papers & voila! beautiful makeup, perfect for stage with no touch ups needed!
this is the beauty of minerals ladies, gorgeous makeup, no nasty ingredients, and long wear, all while being good and healthy for your skin! If you haven't tried minerals yet I highly encourage you to do so. My advice is instead of one of the commercial lines found in your local drug or department store, instead Look for anyone of the great smaller boutique lines out there online. many of my closest friends have some great online stores , or if you wish to test drive my line of Fortunate Face Mineral makeup just leave a comment and I'll contact you!
Happy makeup-ing!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Oooh, I just reread my last entry, wow, I think I was having a baaaaad day. Usually I'm pretty unruffled, but not that day. though I have been known to get a good rant on myself.
Anyway, I am really bad at getting in these posts, I promise to try and do better.
Let's talk makeup here, cause really, isn't that what's truly important?
Spring is here and summer is right around the corner, so let's talk skin color. I know I've posted about this before. but I think it a topic worthy of revisiting several times because it seems to be where most women make the biggest mistakes. Foundation must match your skin color exactly. There, that is all on that, seriously that is ALL foundation can do for your skin color-wise. Coverage, texture, & type (liquid,cream, powder) are all personal choices, but color is Not a choice! Your color has been predetermined by your DNA & your sun exposure!
Now if you choose to tan/burn your skin color will change & your foundation color must change as well. Many choose to forgo foundation when tanned because they prefer the overall color of tanned skin, which is fine, but if you have redness, discoloration, etc. especially down the center of your face, or broken capillaries, undereye circles, visible pores, etc. you'll still have them when tan, and for a clean look they really need to be covered and minimized. foundation, or concealer is still the best method for this.I've spoken of this before, I think my first or second post, but again if you add color to your face through tanning, you have increased the Melanin content of your skin, which translates to more yellow pigmentation which means the yellow in your foundation must increase as well. If you are a true beige/neutral skinned gal, you will probably need to switch to a light warm foundation. Olive skinned gals will still need to keep their blue undertones, but increase the yellow as well. If your face color changes more than 1/2 a shade you MUST buy a new foundation! Swipe the color down jaw line onto the neck. It may show on the neck because that area is shaded by your chin so is typically one shade lighter than the face. The chest & body are usually two shades darker than your face. If it looks like you have Nothing ON, that is your appropriate color. Many makeup artists just use a little foundation down the center of the face and skip the outside altogether. This is a great trick for those of you with tans, or minor discoloration & keeps makeup from being heavy & also keeps your morning routine quick.
Don't be alarmed if, when you've applied foundation, you appear too pale (unless you face is waaaaay lighter than your chest or neck) Now you can add blush or bronzer to that correct areas or your face that create a beautiful color or glow and a warmth to the face, and you can do so in the right areas. High on the cheekbones is great for rounder faces, on the apples & swept back & up for longer, oval, or narrow faces. for bronzer lightly across cheeks & nose, chin and forehead.
I usually teach my clients to make a 3 down both sides of their faces starting at the temples, sweeping into the cheek bones, back out again, and around down to the jaw line. This contours & adds a little depth to the face, which concentrates the eye to the lighter (center) part of the face, which is where we want people to look. If done well it can also visually subtract some weight from the face, & who doesn't love that!
I'll post again about highlighting & contouring to really sculpt the face!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

popularity contest

OK, seriously, when did the Internet become one huge popularity contest? I created a blog to hopefully find some people out there who shared my interest in makeup & would love to have some questions cleared up by a professional. I also thought it would be a great way to show off my own products so people could get an idea about color & texture & how they work and how to use them to their advantage. (I don't even sell online, so this isn't used as an ad for me)
Yes, I've been a little disappointed that I have zero followers, not even one of my friends has chosen to follow me, sigh.
I'm finding out that this Internet thing is a lot more complicated & involved than I first thought. For one thing, there is now an entire segment of the population that work online teaching YOU to work online! They call themselves coaches & I think I've been added to all their Twitter lists. Next, the people who seems to have a "following" must not have kids or any other job to speak of, cause the volume of material & amount of time invested in this medium is quite staggering. Or maybe I just type slow.
Lastly, if you're REALLY popular people will pay you for it! no kidding, if people like the way you rant (oh yeah, those seem to be the ones that do the best) then sponsors will PAY you to do just what you've spent 12 hours a day on the couch doing already, nice gig if you can get it, huh?
Ooh, does this count as a rant?
I apologize that I only spent about 20 minutes writing this in between meeting with my accountant, making lunch, helping my sick kid, oh I probably should do my job too, huh, someone ordered some makeup..... oh well, popularity isn't everything.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mineral Myth

Pro shoots using all mineral makeup

There are, unfortunately, many opinions that mineral makeup does not perform well for professional photography. Many professional makeup artists & photographers avoid using minerals, particularly foundations, because they don't feel that they are capable of achieving a natural, realistic skin appearance. I agree that, in many instances, mineral foundations may not be the best choice, but usually this has more to do with the properties inherent in many common mineral ingredients, rather than just mineral makeup itself.

Most minerals contain light reflective properties, these are what give minerals the amazing ability to reflect light away from lines, pores, & other skin imperfections. The problem arises when certain ingredients that have a surface shimmer or sheen are used. Ingredients such as Bismuth Oxychloride & Boron Nitride are two of the main culprits, but even Silk Mica, Gold Fine or Oriental Beige, which add a satin sheen to many mineral foundations, can cause this effect when photographed. Basically, a purely matte foundation is optimal for photographic use.

Another aspect to be aware of is skin tone & undertone matching, which any makeup artist will tell you is the basic starting point for any makeup application. Once again, not all mineral lines offer enough colors, or colors that are close to actual skin tones, so look for a line with multiple color options, and include true-to life- sallow & olive tones, as well as women of color lines.

The pigmentation level of these must also be high enough to disperse true tones and avoid an ashy look that comes from the base whites showing through, this is particularly important for women of color, as even more pigment to base is neccesary for realistic skin tones.

Because minerals allow the skin texutre to show through, while blurring imperfections, yet still offering coverage, it is an ideal medium for the newest HD film and digital photography.

Now, this being said, these guidelines are intended for professional photographic usage, not personal makeup. The more satin or shimmery based ingredients may truly appeal to the average makeup wearer, so you would look for a line that includes these ingredients. Because naked skin absorbs light and all makeup, including & especially minerals, reflect light away from you, be awarewhen you are being photographed to either switch to a matte foundation (like on your wedding day) or apply a light dusting of a mineral foundation or powder to any exposed skin so that your tone reflects evenly throughout any picture. Also be aware that the reflective properties can wash you out in photos as well so judicious application of bronzer or cheek color for photographs is also something to consider.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Aaaaaaand, One More!

Can't help myself, guess I'm on a roll! Check out this fancy stuff! This look was inspired by butterflies, can you tell I'm pining for the warm weather?

More makeup drama!

Ok, here's my design for Glam Gals Competition dance team. picture this hand painted, glittered & bejeweled design with cross cut dramtically flared lashes appliqued with feathers to match each costume color! Can we say Drama! I'll try & get a picture with the lashes, it's amazing!

Welcome Spring! Here's my version of a sprightly
makeup look. I evened out my complexion and
covered lips using my full coverage mineral foundation
in Medium Dark Warm.
Concealed undereye circles with Prep Step.
Next I added a bright pink cheek using Bordeaux.
I set everything using Mineral Sheer Powder.
On the eye I used Passionate, a deep brown/burgundy
over whole lid & up over brow bone and went over darker in crease. Swept Romantic, a satiny pink flesh tone, up to brow.
Lined upper and lower lashes with Passionate
& swept a strip of Meadow, my yellow/green,
under eye to highlight shape & add Flirty Fun!
I lined the waterline, both upper & lower, with Blackest.
Then curled lashes & slicked on several coats of mascara,
I also added fun & flirty inverted false lashes to create a
little pixie sass!
Like the beauty Mark? That's Blackest too!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Used in this look: Cosmos, Mahogany, & Russet

Welcome to my newest favorite (they're all my favorites!) color Cosmos! It's a beautiful, deep sparkly black. With this color I can create an intense and smokey eye look like the one above. For this coming season, deep intense colors are really making a showing. A lot of them will be paired with brights like neons, or just really standout hues, like hot pink (Hottie), neon green (Neon), rich purples (Fantasy), or saturated reds (Mahogany)
Sweeping the darkest colors deeply below the lash line intensifies the eye & adds an even more dramatic smoked effect.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Expanding my Line

Hey everyone! How's it going out in the world! got your faces on?
I'm so excited about growing & expanding my line. I had a meeting today w/ a big spa rep. & they are really excited about my brand & the possibility of bringing it into their locations. I'm also really excited to complete my line of glosses that should be launched for Valentine's day, as well as some mascaras which should be next & my skin lotions/serums which should follow closely behind. Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive & all those beautiful ladies out there who are sporting a Fortunate Face!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pale is not acceptable!

Hey everyone, with winter hamering it's icy fist into most of North America it's about this time of the season that I personally start to feel as if I'll never be warm again, & my face takes on a lovely yellow-green cast (sans makeup, of course) now, more than ever, I need a judicious application of color to my face. My foundation must be an exact match, never try to darken your complexion by choosing darker than reality. But, that doesn't mean you can't have a beautiful rosy complexion (or fake one) Choose a cheek color that is sheer, creams work well for this, but many mineral powders have a tendency to be sheer. Just don't put cream over a powder, or you'll end up w/ a muddy mess!
the best way to choose the perfect color is to jog in place for 5 min, or just spend 2 minutes outside in this New England weather. Then check to see what color your cheeks naturally flush. better yet take a snapshot! That will give you a really good idea of what color to choose for a natural, beautiful glow!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

15 Years

Happy 15 year anniversary to my wonderful husband Sean! Thank you for being my best & most reliable friend. I could never imagine my life without you.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


When the weather changes, so should your skincare and makeup routine! Everyday should be a new evaluation of how your skin looks acts & feels. It should be cared for accordingly. I have some of the oiliest skin known to man, in spring, fall, & summer I take special care to prepare my skin to combat the greasies, I never moisturize my face except for the under eye area, & I am especially careful not to strip my skin with harsh cleansers, scrubs, or any alcohol based products so as not t0o send my oil glands into over-production. In the winter, though, in New England where the weatherman just announced daytime highs of 10 degrees ( you can imagine what night feels like), I re-evaluate my skin. This is where a light, non-oily moisturizer will protect and calm my skin, keep it from getting chapped or dry, or, God Forbid, cracked. My makeup routine stays similar, but I increase slightly the coverage of my foundation, I add a bronzer to my routine to achieve a healthy glow, and warm all my colors up just a little to brighten my face. I also make my eyes the focal point of my face. In other months even with the use of sunscreen, my medium dark skin takes on a golden glow & improves the overall appearance of my skin's quality & texture. In winter, however because I don't actively tan, I am pale as pale can be, & because I tend toward sallow, My skin carries a greenish-yellow cast. My pores are more visible, & any blemishes are more vibrantly colored than the skin around it. For this reason I downplay my skin with good coverage and excellent concealing, and play up my deep brown, almond shaped eyes with warm or smokey colors. I make a point to curl lashes & add lots of mascara, & I never go without a lip gloss or stick 1. for a punch of color (though less vibrant than the eyes) 2. to protect my lips with a waxy barrier from the same bitter weather.
If you don't usually change your routine based upon weather, this is a great time to start. Spend some time evaluating how the seasons affect your skin & adjust accordingly. Of course if anyone have specific questions, just leave a comment & I'll be happy to give more personalized advice.
Happy make-uping!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I know, I know, i did things a little backwards. I blog & talk about my stuff that I make & love, yet give you nowhere to go and check it out. Good news, though, I have enlisted the services of a professional web designer, sent him ideas of what I am looking for & he is, as we speak, putting together some ideas for creating a fabulous place for you to see, not just hear, what I mean!
I try not to make this too much about advertising product for myself though & a little more about giving you all information on makeup & its uses whatever brand you decide to use. To me helping women look & feel their best is number one, sales, while important of course (I do need to make a living), are a bonus for me. If women don't know how to correctly use makeup, & cannot achieve what products say they are supposed to do, more & more of us will become frustrated & give up. ( kind of like me and creating a website, hence hiring a pro)
Then nobody will be buying makeup, from anybody.
Let me just clue you all in to the number one, basic, most important aspect of makeup ( in my humble opinion). Your foundation must match your natural skin color, tone, & shade.
Sounds simple, but every woman will tell you, it's not. Heredity, nationality, sun exposure, etc. all play a part in making that choice, but there are NO absolutes. I can't tell you that because you are Italian, with dark hair, and brown eyes (like myself) that you are automatically olive in complexion. I myself am actually more sallow(yellow undertones more commonly associated with those of Asian descent) than olive(greenish undertones mostly associated with those of Mediterranean heritage) yet I could be described as either.
Very confusing, I know. My very light skinned, green eyed, light brown haired friend swore she was a cool ( pink/red) based skin type. Because she had pale skin, with light freckles, and pink undertones. She is actually a neutral, equal parts warm & cool (Beige tones if you will). This confused her to no end because when she looked in the mirror she saw pale & pink. She needed to look beyond that to all the tones in her face. I also know that she is of 100% Jewish, Middle Eastern, descent, therefore warm tones are part of her heritage. Taking all of these factors into account I was able to correctly choose a light neutral foundation as the correct color for her skin.
Now, by having the appropriate color with the addition of more yellow tones (which is the color of Melanin, the pigmentation in each of our skins) it warmed up her face & made her look natural, not mask like, or as if she were attempting to change her skin tone using makeup. It also toned down some of the pink in her skin.
My advice to most women, is if you are confused get a professional consult. Those of you who are in my general vicinity can, of course, schedule a consult with me.(I'll include a link to my current website & I do travel) First choice is a makeup artist because this is their job. Next would be to
consult an Esthetician, or esthetics school. ou can also try higher end brand cosmetics counters, but remember not all are trained beyond selling product.
Feel free to post a comment or question here, or fill out the contact page on my website & I'll get in touch with you that way!
Have a great day!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Can't Stop Making Colors!

I can't Stop! I seem to be addicted to color! Right now I have over 45 different colors for eyes alone, with no end in sight. (see display right for some of my colors @ Balance Salon)

I love dreaming up new colors. I love envisioning how they'll look with different women's eye or skin coloring. I also love dreaming up funky & unusual ways to use those colors (like the intense camo in blues & silvers) I had fun with these!

Well I just hope I never run out of inspiration, until I do I promise to keep create rich, beautiful colors with all of you in mind!

Eye Candy

Brown eyed Girls Try Turquoise shadow to make the brown POP!

Ladies with green eyes can do the same with a medium purple (Think the color of violets) to make the green jump out.
Blue eyed girls, coppers & bronzes are a sure fire way to get those baby blues noticed!
Now use those pretty eyes & flirt!

Eye Colors: Flirty Girl (turquoise) &

Bling! (sparkle white)

What's your New Year's makeup Resolution?

I'm curious to know if any of you out there have determined to change, improve, update, whatever your current makeup look? What I would really love is to get a great dialogue going with people out there to answer questions, and provide a little info as to go about doing this.
For myself, I think I'm going to play with textures this year & really see what I can do by combining all sorts of textures all over the different features of my face, but in my business, also really expanding the profile of my textures. my shadows for example, I've recently nailed down my bases to create a creamy, but totally matte base, but also a beautiful satin, as well as a shimmer that has lots of sparkle. I'm really interested in creamy textures that give all these different finishes!
Write your comments /questions here, or contact me @ you can go to the contact page & I'll get back to you!