Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Into the Cosmos

Color of the month! I want to start highlighting some of our colors- and truly introducing them to you- letting you get a feel for them- and, of course, you can ask me any questions you may have!
Because I am a small independent mineral makeup company, where everything is handmade by me, and to my specifications, I get a lot of creative freedom. The idea that I can dream up a color, and then make it- is one of the most alluring aspects to this job! I also love when YOU dream up a color and ask me to make it!

And I especially love when real women inspire a new color. This one is for a wonderful, beautiful woman who is a diva in looks and style, but not attitude!

The color is a rich satin black with multi layers of sparkle to add dimension & depth (hence the name Cosmos). This color will really twinkle!

Cosmos on lid

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Get Radiant with Pantone's color of the Year-Radiant Orchid

In case you are not familier with Pantone, they are the, Self proclaimed, "World Authority" on color. And whether or not you have ever heard of them, they do have a great impact on all the products you see, and buy, and often work with, or just paint your room. They offer palettes of colors for everything from business, design, interior decor and well as furnishings, soft goods, and, of course, makeup!
In the past few years we have certainly seen the vibrant trend really showcased in the Pantone choices. For 2012 the color was Tangerine Tango a very vibrant, tangy sahde of orange- beautiful, fun but not all that wearable for everyone.  My closest shade is Tangy-Eyesahdow and Succulent Cheek Color.

These shades would look great on Deeper skin tones, and anyone with a sense of fun and adventure. But, admittedly are not going to be for everyone! (not even myself gals)
 In 2013 we got Emerald. A gorgeous shade, one of my favorites actually is greens/teals and always a first choice for me for most things. BUT, again can often be a little bit of a challenge to wear. Brown eyed, slightly deeper to dark skinned gals had it a bit easier- as some of these shades look amazing with brown eyes- I have to say I am quite the fan of this Dramatic Look and I re-created it using a few of my own shades-(just to name a few)

But, for 2014- I am so happy to say that Pantone's color of the year-Radiant Orchid is easily one of the MOST wearable colors! There is a shade or tone to fit any skincolor, eye color, hair color- you name it!!!! I am happy to say that At Fortunate Face Minerals we offer more than just a few shades for Eyes and Cheeks (most can be used on lips as well!) Two of my personal favorites are Divinity Eye Shadow and Fearless Cheek Color.


For even more of the FFM Radiant Orchid inspired colors, check out our Fortunate Face Pinterest Page. All colors can be purchased at out website and range between $13.00-$17.00.