Monday, December 12, 2011

Contest winners

Well- i hosted a makeup give-away for reaching my 300th "like" on My Fortunate Face facebook page! the winner Was kayla O' Meara- who has still not responded to my message. i will message her a thrid time- and if no repsonse by Christmas- I will choose another name! I also pulled a second prize package for referrals- and the winner was Kyle Keck of  Pa. I know Kyle has a fiance' so I hope he put sit under the tree for her- since FFM makes a great present- esp since they come packaged all pretty- just like getting a gift when you order!
The winners received all three of my newest colors including Scintillating, Indigo, and Smitten, as well as the newly improved Pink Flush cheek color that imparts a sweet pink glow to the cheeks.
I have been rocking Scintillating quite a lot- it's a beautiful matte purple/brown. it makes a great liner and smudged into the out corners of my lids it really warms up complexion while adding much needed depth.

I will be hosting another- bigger makeup give-away- as we push toward reaching 500! So be on the lookout- you could be the next big winner!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Filling orders!

ok so today is the day i fill, fill, fill orders! lipstick palettes, eyeshadows, foundations, bronzers- you name it! All being produced today and tomorrow for delivery next week! if you've been waiting to place an order -now's the time- this will ensure faster delivery- since there will be no waiting time for production! I am also going to be hosting a contest at my facebook page-  Keep posted on this because it will be announce any day!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Well- it seems I took a vacation!

it has been some time since I wrote anything at all here- or posted recent pics in my professional MUA blog- I am more than overdue! I do have a good excuse- really!
e sold out house in June-, but the one we were buying fell through (on seller's end) the day before we were to move in! With no place to go- my family and I spent 48 days living in a hotel- until we could find, purchase, close on, and move into another house! i'm happy to say were are all moved in- and LOVE our new home- but that was an experience like no other- and one I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy, frankly.
So anyway- the cosmetics line- Fortunate Face Minerals is doing well- and continuing to gain recognition- which is fabulous! I have also been lucky enough to appear several times as the resident beauty expert on a local television program- which also increases my brand recognition. I am still working to develop my lipsticks- which are great so packaging is the newest hurdle- got new labels- so I'm almost completed with them. I also am still tweaking my newest lipgloss base- which i think will be perfected soon- as well as cream based mineral makeup- (customizable to boot!)  and i am pretty happy with my airbrush formula- which I will just need to offer for sale- so much to do and so little time! Stay tuned for the announcement of these products!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fake that Sun!

many of you may have already heard that the FDA has changed rulings on the labeling of sunscreens. The first change, is one I long suspected- simply because it makes a certain amount of sense, and that is no sunscreen may claim to be waterproof, Sweat proof, or call itself a sunblock as these terms "overstate their effectiveness". I don't know about you, but I have always felt the Waterproof claim made no sense. I have slathered myself up with a creamy lotion, or sprayed myself down with a sticky spray, yet invariably after swimming neither creamy, nor sticky feeling remains- leading to the logical conclusion that, while some may have been absorbed into the skin, most of the sunscreen has been washed away. This same ruling states there may not be of more than 2 hours of wear without re-application, and can not make claims of instant sun protection at moment of application without submitting data and obtaining FDA approval. (you all know you're supposed to apply sunscreen at least 1/2 an hour BEFORE sun exposure right?)
Another piece of the new legislation is that Only those passing FDA testing may claim broad spectrum protection, and also claim "to prevent skin cancer & early aging, If used as directed and with other sun protection measures." which to, essentially reads cover completely with hat, long sleeves, long pants, and sit under an umbrella and MAYBE, it will work. That sounds comfortable at the beach doesn't it?
IF clams to water and sweat resistance are made the label must state a time frame of effectiveness in and out of the water, or through sweating.
Lastly the FDA is wishes to limit the spf value of all sunscreens to 50+ as they feel no data shows an efficacy above this value. Companies are, however, open to independent testing of higher values, and submitting results to FDA for approval. So that spf 70 you thought was keeping you from over exposure- may not be giving you quite the protection you thought.
So here's the breakdown:
1oz of sunscreen is the required amount to cover the average person. (enough to fill a shot glass)
Apply liberally at least 1/2 hour BEFORE sun exposure
re-apply after swimming, sweating, or at least every 2 hours
look for broad spectrum which protects against both UVA and UVB rays
if you do burn, or wish to limit sun exposure further, cover with light clothing, hat, and sit in shaded area.
layering sunscreen products does not increase spf value. ie. layering an spf 50 and an spf 30 lotion will not result in an spf 80, but rather the value of the highest product, in this case spf 50.
which means you may stay out in the sun 50 times longer than if you wore no sunscreen whatsoever. Most sunscreens work by  either absorbing the ultraviolet rays ( this is most typically the non-chemical barrier style sunscreen like Titanium Dioxide, and Zinc Oxide (as long as NOT nano particulate) if they are non-nano they will have a somewhat whitening effect on the skin- and the heavier zinc creams can be very whitening, but are a great choice for those areas that burn quickly (remember zinc white noses?)
The chemical sunscreens, as well as zinc and titanium in nano form (I encourage you to find my archived post on nano's and why I avoid them) are clear in application-they tend to reflect rays as their method of protection, but both forms have aspects of both types of protection. A mix of both barrier and chemical, in my opinion, would probably be the most efficacious system of sunscreen available on the market.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Post!

So sorry- I have been crazy busy- But I haven't forgotten you! We're in the process of moving- and I cannot wait until it is done an my head will stop spinning with all I have to do!  regardless- i wanted to check in and let you know what's going on.
I completed my trip to California- and the makeup Bootcamp I ran there. I also had a chance to re-connect with Kaila Westermann- owner of TKB trading who is one of my raw ingredients suppliers, and her wonderful husband Trung- they are such generous and kind people- and I enjoyed spending time with them both seeing their wonderful city. They also kindly opened their home to us as well on our last night- and even lent us a car! I only wish we lived closer to one another to get together regularly. Kaila is actually the one who recommended me to teach the class- and I'm grateful to her for that. She also gave me wonderful words of encouragement that truly touched my heart. Thanks Kaila- it means a lot coming from a very successful business woman such as yourself!
I also got to spend time with Julie Pries- who flew in just to be my teaching Assistant for the bootcamp- she is one of the loveliest, and funniest people ever- and I adore her! Anything I needed- boom she was on it! A big ole'  Myuh to ya Julie! I still owe you product- I haven't forgotten!
Thanks also to Lori Nova for opening her studio to me as well as her home! the view from her deck is incredible! You can see all 3 bridges in San Fransisco! Sitting out there with a glass of wine was the perfect way to relax after a long day teaching! I hope her husband returns from Quatar soon.
When i returned I had about a week to prep for launching into the Wandering Peacock- which was successful- and fun- such a cute place with lots of unique items- ever time you turn around you discover a new little treasure there! Colleen, the owner is sweet- and supportive of local crafters and artisans.  I suggest you check them out if in the area 33 Cottage St Easthampton, Ma.
Flirty Girl- Great for Summer!
I then taught a makeup application class at Simply Skin 52 Court St. Westfield, Ma. I had a wonderful time- all the women asked great questions, were willing models, and enthusiatic learners. I will be doing this again- at all my different vendors. the next will most likely be at Raine's Boutique and Gallery- 209 Shaker Rd. East Longmeadow, Ma. Stay tuned for the day and time TBA, and after that- at The Wandering Peacock. We can also be found at Choice Health -307 East Main St. Westfield, Ma. The gals there (Trish- a makeup artist And licensed esthetician, plus Chelsea and Katie) are really great at assisting in product and color choice- and they all wear- Fortunate Face Minerals- so they are experienced! We keep the displays compact at each store- but any color (like flirty girl shown above) can be special ordered and delivered at no extra charge. we also offer custom coloring option where everything will be designed for your unique complexion and needs. (extra charge does apply)
and stay tuned for announcements about upcoming launch dates and locations- we're not done yet!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wandering Peacock

New store- this Saturday May, 14th- 30 Cottage street Easthampton, Ma. Find Fortunate Face Minerals there! Yay- ok- no time to post- have to go make products for the launch!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Launching into new Store!

I am so happy to announce that Fortunate Face Mineral Cosmetics will be premiering at Raine's Boutique and Gallery this Saturday, April 9th. Come join us for makeovers, cosmetics demos, and I will, as always, be happy to answer any makeup questions you may have!
209 Shaker Rd, East Longmeadow, Ma. To reserve one of the makeover spots call 1-413-648-7627
I look forward to seeing you there!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

This is the stuff that irritates me!

This is the kind of thing that i just don't understand about the indie mineral makeup business. The combining of Serecite mica- and colored micas- will NOT result in an eyeshadow. Period!  It will be a very light, translucent sparkly bit of color that will stick to your eyelids for about 5 minutes before floating right off again. If you glue it on with everyone's favorite Urban Decay primer Potion (which I think is myeh, but that's my opinion) you might get it to approximate eyeshadow for awhile. The truth is, your shadow should stick to your lids with OR without primer adhering it there, if it can't then is NOT a high enough quality eyeshadow, and your money would be better spent elsewhere.
Frankly that goes for foundation as well. A very popular Youtuber- Koren Zander- of Enkore- recently did a review of mineral foundation- and plainly said that mineral foundation doesn't last more than a few hours, and requires several touchups during the day. I take exception to this, as it is one of the MOST often commented properties of my foundation- that once it's on- it wears all day- and rarely needs touch-ups.
My peeve is that- you CAN make fabulous, high quality, long wearing- as in. "all day until you take it off" mineral cosmetics- but NOT like that!
I've said before, and I'll say again, it took me YEARS to develop formulas that work as well as, and often BETTER than commercial and even many professional products currently on the market. The makeup should work- whether or not you use a primer, or otherwise.
But, in order to do this, there are properties that must be considered when creating cosmetics. Let's discuss eyeshadow- since that was the topic here.
 Do you want plenty of color, or would you like a translucent wash of color? Do you want adhesion?, Do you want opacity?, how's the Slip, What texture- creamy? Dry?, Do you want Matte or Satin, or Shimmer, Or Sparkle? everything you want to achieve with your shadow is a consideration for HOW you then create said shadow...
Adhesion is a necessity in any shadow- if you put it on, it should stay on-period. To do that mineral ingredients that are known for their adhesion have to be added to an eyeshadow base before any color is even added. In the ingredients list things such as Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Magnesium Myristate, Boron Nitride, Waxes such as carnauba or jojoba, Stearates (which are oils, most typically palm oil), even kaolin Clay can offer some adhesion-. Many of these do double or triple duty- the oxides & kaolin can offer opacity, adhesion, AND work as colorants. The waxes improve slip (which is the ease of speadability and feel of the product going onto the skin), as well as helping to prevent oxidation of the product on the skin. The Stearates or oils help with both slip, texture, and to press the product into a pan, if desired.  magnesium Myristate & Boron Nitride are known for adhesive properties- and often times are used because they improve adhesion without affecting the overall color. I personally do not use them- but many mineral companies do.
Now let's get to the process of making them. if you are using any of these base ingredients- they must be ground together. They cannot simply be shaken, stirred, or squished in a baggie, as is so often seen in tutorials. Only straight up micas will blend that way.  If you want matte shadow- only oxides, carmine, Ultramarines, Manganese colors, etc. (or dyes, but we're talking minerals here) ground into a base will achieve a matte colored cosmetic. These mineral pigments actually offer opacity and some adhesion themselves, but they also add a dryer feel, which creates drag on the skin (the opposite of slip) and must be balanced with ingredients to improve that slip- and that's only one aspect of adding that ingredient that must be addressed....
Then FDA maximum usage rates MUST be considered. You can't just throw in a little more Tio2 (Titanium Dioxide) because it needs to stick better- the maximum usage rate for Tio2 is 25%. Period.
Yup- now comes the math! All my formulas are weighed to within 1/100th (.01g) of a gram- which are then converted into percentages. With the addition of even .01g everything must be re-totaled- and re-converted to ensure that I am not exceeding any ingredients FDA determined maximum usage rate.
I could go on....and ON! There is so much more- my 3 day boot camp that I teach on this subject isn't enough to cover all there is to know about this!
I don't even want to start on the bogus mineral formulators using repackaged stuff they claim as their own- where they're not even sure WHAT'S in it, and how it will perform, or maybe they just don't care and slap a label over it, or sell it without educating themselves! And I'm also not going into the use of unapproved Dyes being used at all (such as soap dyes) or Dyes unapproved for certain parts- such as Red #33, a known eye carcinogen, being used- or even appearing on the label of ANY eye cosmetic!
Just one of the reasons I don't use dyes- oxides are approved for eyes, face, lips, and nails. I also only uses colored micas that are approved for all four. Carmine- which, not being a Vegan company, but rather a naturally based company, I do use - is also approved for all 4.  Only Ultramarine Blue is labelled, in the U.S. only, as not lip approved, and if a product of mine has it in it- it's clearly labelled "Not lip Safe" on the top- and has it included in the ingredients label on the bottom. I welcome questions, comments, anything- short of giving you my actual formulations I gladly answer these because I believe the consumer has a right to know what they're putting on their face, what ingredients the company uses and WHY? It's why I include an ingredients page at my website- so you can read up on each ingredient I use, and why I use it! yes it does open me up to people stealing my formulations, or buying them, and reverse engineering them, but my clients deserve the information! If you're choosing mineral cosmetics over the standard makeup, chances are it's because you are looking to reduce the number of ingredients you are putting on your face everyday. That's my company Philosophy- "To create outstanding makeup from the fewest, and finest ingredients possible."
 I also believe the products should Work! No, they're not magic, but they should be high quality, and high performing. When you're spending your hard earned dollar, you should be getting more than something that just looks pretty in the jar!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Follower?

If you're a new follower, and you know who you are, give a shout out- so I can make sure your name is entered....

Thursday, February 17, 2011

On Trend Makeup

The Hot colors for this season are pink and red- but not any old girly, sickly sweet, bubblegum pink, oh no, this is bright, vibrant in your face, "I am woman, hear me roar"- kind of pink! In that same vein are the standup and take notice reds- in all hues from electric, yellow/orange red- to the richest deepest scarlet!
So we here at fortunate Face Minerals have pulled out OUR showstopping colors- and thought we'd give you a little looksee at what can be done off the runway!
 (This post we''ll focus on the reds, and I promise we'll get to some pinks for next time!)

First we color corrected the eye lid, and under eye with Prep Step to neutralize discoloration, and prime the lid for shadow application. we then added a second step- where we smoothed on a bit of a new product (hopefully coming to market soon) named Intesnif-EYE is a cream formula that can work over the prep Step, or bare lid, and is meant to "grab" any shadow applied over it an up the wattage and intensity of that color. (How awesome is that!) we smoothed a tiny bit on lid and all the way up to the brow. Next we used an angled shadow brush to deposit Voracious (a rich deep red) onto the outer third of the eye, the crease, and up onto the brow bone- blending edges up and out. We also smudged it generously down under the lower lash line. Next we applied Rock Star Red to the next third being careful not to bring it in too far toward the inner corner of the eye. Again, blend well. Step 3 is to add Sherbet- a golden orange to the inner corner of the eye and inner lid, gently blend into Rock Star Red. Step 4 we took Blackest and, using a mini fan brush lined upper and lower waterline to create a very defined eye, but preserving the red/orange color. Maybelline Define-A-Lash mascara and curling lashes completed the eye look.

For more information on any of these products feel free to contact us at

Friday, February 11, 2011


I promised- and now I'm delivering! here are swatches of most of the new colors that I have created in the past few months- I still need to swatch highlight, contour (which isn't even named yet- so that's why) my Color Faux, and all the Tan series foundation colors. That being said- here are the newest colors- and I will try to get photos taken of each on individually and up on my webstore for purchase! Anyone who buys at one of my retail outlets- any and every color I have is available (including these pictured colors & Faux) by Special order- at NO extra cost!
For both arms- I moisturized with  Elizabeth Arden oil free matte moisture lotion, then prepped arm with Prep Step- my eye primer powder (also undereye concealer & red cover)

Heeeeeeeere we go!

From Left to Right
Golden Vanilla, Sahara, Czarina, Divinity, Ravished, & Vegas.
these are all a shimmer or a sparkle- I LOVE me my matte colors- but these were all something I was specifically looking to do.


So, again from left to right
Tropical, Satisfied, Rich Amber, Hot Stuff, Saucy, Poppy, Black Cherry, Wanton, Soft Sand
These are all matte- except for Satisfied- which has chunky gold sparkle. 

These intense colors can look intimidating, but I promise- they are very wearable- a little goes a long way- and just be sure to work color into brush- i intentionally make all my products to pro standards- but that doesn't mean they can't be used day to day- I certainly do! Black Cherry & Wanton- I created yesterday- so I'm going to wear one of those today-I wear hot Stuff, Poppy, & Saucy all the time!

Don't see something you like? I can be hired to custom design an entire makeup wardrobe specifically to you- from foundation and concealer- all the way to blush, bronzers, and eye colors!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thanks Christy!

Recently I sent samples of some of my product line to fellow makeup artist Christy Lavalee. I worked with Christy at The Emerging Designers Fashion Show for Boston's Fashion Week. i've also been fortunate to work with her for weddings, and she was just voted Boston's #1 Bridal makeup Artist (No small feat!)
Anyway i sent her products currently for sale ( foundation, cheek, & eye colors)- and others that are still in the testing phase ( a contour, a highlighter, and an eye product called IntensifEYE for really popping shadow colors). I always appreciate good, and honest feedback- specifically from professionals- because we demand products that perform- and our standards tend to be higher. Here are the comments she was kind enough to send to me:

"I'm not done yet, but so far I've put on the concealer, foundation and am now working on the contour. AND I THINK YOU ARE A FREAKIN' GENIUS! That's it for now. Back to my regime"..............

First Crush

"I used Prep Step as a concealer - LOVE IT Put the salmon concealer in the corner of my eyes where it's darkest - PERFECT You were absolutely right on the foundation - Dark Warm - LOVE IT Used Contour on my cheeks, temples & sides of my nose - AMAZING (it actually gave me cheekbones!) Used Embarrassed on the outer half of my cheeks - FANTASTIC Applied First Crush to the apples for a natural flush - EVEN BETTER 

Then I applied the highlighter. It didn't do anything for me. I think it needs more shimmer to it. I can see it's the start of something good, it's just not there yet.

On my eyes, I used the IntensifEYE - LOVE IT Applied Blackest along ther lash line - LOVE IT Applied Stunning over it and all over the lid - AMAZING!!! Totally looks like a shimmery brown to green shade! The Lip Balm is amazing. I LOVE IT The lipstick feels nice & I really like the natural color.

 So, needless to say, I am SOLD! On everything but the highlighter. :)"

Well, her sentiments made me very happy, needless to say- and it's great because her response to the highlighter- was exactly the same as mine- it needs something else- and it must be tweaked before it can become a permanent part of the line- though it is a really pretty color for an eyeshadow- which i was thinking of making it..... hmmm. Sent some to fellow mua Liz Washer- just waiting for her feedback too!

Friday, January 7, 2011

My Tv Appearance
 if you check out Thursday- you can see the two segments i did live at Mass appeal yesterday- So much fun! i was a little nervous- but I loved it- Ashley, the host was a complete Doll!