Sunday, April 1, 2012

What's up?

So here's what's been going on  and why you haven't heard much from me lately!
I had to fire yet another web designer- no it's not me- I can't have a new site Designed in Flash- it's going the way of the dinosaur and a complete waste of money! So in the process of consulting with a new designer- pics of all those lovely new colors I keep talking about are taken- by my wonderful photographer friend Matt Harrison. So hopefully we can have this up and going soon with better features to make it easier, and more fun- all around! One thing I can promise- is there will be a fabulous promotion as soon as this sucker is launched!
I have also been busy with filling orders through several stores that now carry FFM's products as well as many pro artists as well! (Our products even made it to MB fashion Week this year!)
Several other products are in final stages of development and testing- such as skin care items such as a face repairing cream, an all over face, lip & eye balm- and we're really excited about our uncolored cream base- that will now convert ANY FFM powdered product into a cream version! you heard me- all you dry skinned gals! These are just a few developments- and i cannot wait for this to all come together! if you don't already be sure to follow us on Facebook as well for more info, updates- and giveaways and contests!