Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cream Base

well it's pretty much been an eon since I've posted anything- so get ready for a nice long post with pics!
I have been diligently working on products- promoting the biz, launching into new places- like Skincatering In Chicopee, Ma (love them!) Plus still doing work as a makeup artist- being a mom w 3 kids in full time sports (yes- even summer), and managing to squeeze in a vaction to the Cape!
Well- i wanted to give a big intro to one of my newest products- my Un-colored Cream Base. It's chock full of naturally based oils and waxes- including Shea butter, vitamin e,  Fractionated Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive Squalane, Beeswax- just to name a few. So it sort of acts like abalm to your face- while at the same time allowing you to mix Any Fortunate Face Minerals powdered product into it to become a cream based makeup! Here's a pic- of how it looks, and how it will be packaged.
Yeah, pretty genius, I know!

I am really thrilled at the versatility of FFM- Mix it in water or our moisture spray and it's a liquid-or airbrush formula and also makes shadow a liquid liner! Mix w moisturizer and it's a tinted bb cream, even my serum will work to make it gel- but this cream has to be my favorite by far! So here are some pics of it mixed into foundation, Prep Step 2 (my newest darker version of Prep Step eye primer and red/purpleconcealer) the only place I didn't use a cream is on lids- I always use it in powder form- because Eyelids tend toward oily- why add more!
So here's what I used for a basic look- with just a bright cheek and lip.

basically a 1:1 ratio for mixing- but definitely customizable a little less for light coverage- a little more for extra coverage.
That's my foundation I also took a smidge of Prep Step 2 and mixed that for undereye concealing- and used in powder form all over lid to brow.
Medium Tan & Prep Step2 in cream form. 1:1 mix

Next I mixed equal parts Hot Stuff (cheek color, but lip & eye safe as well!)
Such a pretty matte Hot Pink!
 next I mixed Bare Luster into a tad of cream- the smallest smidge- I used dry on the inner corner of my eyelid- but cream on cheekbones, center of nose, chin, cupids bow of lip- it could easily be added to foundation to act as all over luminizer- Another thing I love about the powders- mix whatever you want with whatever you want!
So you can see on metal pallete are the 4 colors I mentioned and swatched- on round plastic pallete you'll see what else I used.- in center- more medium Tan- powder form- because I need extra coverage I like to set my cream makeup with itself- yeah- you heard me! It can be set with either regular powder (like my Luxury Sheer-pictured here)  or itself- for more coverage and color intensity! Which is what I did with Hot stuff (powdered in round palette)- I went over lips with it- to intensify and mattify the lip color! (it's darker in person- a true matte hot pink-prob. due to my camera's flash- or that I don't take the best pics.) I also used Bittersweet- the matte brown to lightly fill in my brows, and Embrace- lighter pink brown that is a brand new color- to dust onto my browbone. I then did a quick dusting of Luxury Sheer all over- love the way that diamond powder softens fine lines and pores! here's the final look.

And yes- it is all photo safe- whether powder, cream, airbrush- when formulating we intentionaly avoided ingredients known to cause problems in flash, or film- and we also we careful to use ingredients in proportions and percentages- that were suitable for profssional use! Want to see FFM in pro action? check here-/

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


What a busy time- yes new website designer has been chosen!yay! launched into a new store- Skin Catering, in Chicopee Mass. (soon to be of South Hadley, Ma but more on that later!) and another one in the works! More pros requesting our line to try out- YIPPEE! lots of photoshoots, proms, weddings, bodiour session (hey they pay the bills), and plenty of other great stuff!  Including meeting with my city's business coordinator to discuss grant options. My studio workspace is usable and on it's way to being completed. Super busy- but happy about it all!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

What's up?

So here's what's been going on  and why you haven't heard much from me lately!
I had to fire yet another web designer- no it's not me- I can't have a new site Designed in Flash- it's going the way of the dinosaur and a complete waste of money! So in the process of consulting with a new designer- pics of all those lovely new colors I keep talking about are taken- by my wonderful photographer friend Matt Harrison. So hopefully we can have this up and going soon with better features to make it easier, and more fun- all around! One thing I can promise- is there will be a fabulous promotion as soon as this sucker is launched!
I have also been busy with filling orders through several stores that now carry FFM's products as well as many pro artists as well! (Our products even made it to MB fashion Week this year!)
Several other products are in final stages of development and testing- such as skin care items such as a face repairing cream, an all over face, lip & eye balm- and we're really excited about our uncolored cream base- that will now convert ANY FFM powdered product into a cream version! you heard me- all you dry skinned gals! These are just a few developments- and i cannot wait for this to all come together! if you don't already be sure to follow us on Facebook as well for more info, updates- and giveaways and contests!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New colors!

 Available Soon!
Some new colors just created- inspired by Pantone's color of the year Tangerine Tango, but also by a need in the FFM line for colors with more golden orange, and coppery tones. Everything from Tangy- a bright shimmery golden tangerine- we tweaked it more gold than electric orange like a true tangerine shade- to make it a little more wearable, while still offering that pop of brightness! Secondly we've had several requests for a deep golden green- so we re-vamped our Gutsy to fit the bill- and let me tell you brown eyes look amazing with this color smoked out! Lastly-our color Patina- our newest obsession- we've been wearing it the last few days OMG! a medium brown that rubs down into a satiny copper- Unbelievable- we could not be happier with this shade! wear alone or with black liner and lots of mascara for a rich pigmented eye. All three of these colors would wear well together as a trio- Prime lids with prep Step all the way up to eyebrow. Place Tangy on inner third of lid as brighter highlight in inner eye.  Using an angled liner brush-use Gutsy as liner, either wet or dry, at lash line on top and bottom. Smudge. Lastly place Patina in outer corner of top lid and smudge up and over brow bone blending out as you move up.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Color advice

email i received from a viewer after my color theory segment on Mass Appeal ‎/

I always have trouble to know what color eye shadow and liner I should wear.  I am 65 and still love to do my eyes.  I have fair skin tone, and green eyes.  What color of shadows would flatter my eyes more and what color eye liner should I be wearing.  I always wear black eye liner which is a pencil.  I would love to order your product but I am having trouble trying to figure out what colors would be best.  Should I also wear brighter cheek color since my skin is fair.
I would appreciate any help.

Thank you,

Hi Rosanne, i'm so glad you contacted me. Green eyes always look most stunning and vibrant in any purple shade. It doesn't have to be a deep or dark purple-light colors work too. My color Fig is a great example of a lighter grayish purple that i use very often of women over a certain age. Another color i love for lining the eyes is my FFM shade of Invincible which is a deep brown with purple undertones.( my powdered shadows can be used as liners as as well) Rich plums- like my Passionate is another great choice ( you can see all these at and even if you choose not to use my colors- you can see the shades to get an idea of what to look for. If you still prefer a pencil- try a brown shade rather than black- it warmer and adds a richness that black does not. As for cheek color- brighter colors- that are sheer- to allow your skin tone to shine through tend to give the most youthful look- My colors First crush (bright pink) or Poppy (bright peach) are 2 great ones. Let me know if you have any other questions!