Monday, November 23, 2009

Web Launch!!!!!

O.k the long wait, (for me anyway) is almost over! we are just about ready to launch the Fortunate Face Mineral line on the web!
For those who don't know me well, I can assure you this is a huge feat, especially since computers & I rarely get along. It was, and still is, a huge undertaking that would not be happening if it weren't for the computer genius, of my web guy Phil! Yay Phil! So if there are problems just blame him! (kidding, sort of) He's also the one who finally convinced me to go Mac, & I ain't going back! For computer dum dum's like me this makes life soooooo much better!
Anyway, keep an eye out on wednesday- this is our "soft" launch. If you attempt to order & there are problems- there will be a contact option- & I promise I will make it right!
here's the link- not fully functioning yet, but you can get the idea-

OOOH and the triple stack lets you custom blend your foundation, or use the lightest color for a highlight, & the darkest as a contour under your foundation & it all works with your skin tone! Love it!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Death, Nudity, and the Fuzz!

So our photo shoot on Sunday was so much fun, I can't wait to see the pics. Stephanie, the photographer, brought us out into the woods where someone had dumped an old rusted dryer. Sounds weird i know, but I'm telling you, it's going to be soooooo cool in photos! Kita really comes alive in front of the camera.
So as we're moving out of the woods to change location, Kita jumps about a mile & lets out this little shout. looking down there is *skip this part all you queasy stomach people* a gutted deer, blech. Looking a little further & there are 2 more, holy crap! So then we head out to a paved area in front of some cool train tracks, and yuck, there's one more- and this one smelled BAD! yuck, yuck, yuck!
Then, as we're setting up for our next shot, here comes a large, half naked, old guy with a four foot wooden stake, sharpened to a point, mind you, walking down the path from the woods &, naturally he feels compelled to speak to us. Since I'm the makeup artist, & her makeup is done, I am the one available for conversation. Lord help me. O.k. little tip to any guys out there- I don't care how secure a women is, if you are half naked and carrying a sharpened stake, I don't care how nice a guy you are , YOU ARE GOING TO SCARE THE CRAP OUT OF ANY WOMEN IN A 10 MILE RADIUS, SO PUT THE DAMN STAKE DOWN! I had my phone in my hand already dialed to 911. I figured if he rushed me I could at least hit send before he got to me. I kept sidling away, like a damn crab. Finally he got tired of us avoiding him & took off. Whew.
So next, I had to run back to the car to grab my metallic lipstick & the funky lashes (see previous Post) for the next look for my contest submission. While I was gone the gals moved onto the tracks to snap a few, well apparently someone saw this from the roadway (a little way off over head) and called the cops, cause as I'm applying lashes- here comes a cop cruiser! Great, we're figuring we're ousted & the sun's going down, my contest submission has to be in by midnight that night, so no chance of a new location, crap! anyway Stephanie gets right up & goes over to him, tells him what we're doing, I just keep applying, since my glue's drying, he was cool ( and cute!) & tells us we're all good. I feel a little better too, since if weird naked, stake dude comes back, the cop can deal with him.
So that was the complete random weirdness for our shoot, thank goodness they're not all like this!
Also a big thanks to Stephanie for editing a couple photos quick that night for my contest, she rocks, cause I know we were all tired!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mail & Models!

Well, my lovely contest winner Crystal S., never received her package of goodies that I sent to her, Boo! So another is already on the way, and yes I paid for delivery confirmation with this one! So hopefully she will be sporting a Fortunate Face very soon! can't wait, I loved, loved, loved, the color Bawdy, which came from her inspiration, thank you Crystal!
which brings me to my next topic models. I was fortunate enough to do hair & makeup for an adorable model this weekend, her name is Kita. She specializes in pinup styles, and burlesque, and she was a lot of fun.
She was also kind enough to take some pics for me of a lip color I made for a lippie contest, & I also used Fleet Week (navy) and Bawdy for her eyes! Anyway our pic took second place! I won a gift certificate with my supplier, which is awesome, since I can always use more supplies!

A big thank you to Kits St Cyr- model
and Stephanie Pierce-photographer
more on our very weird shoot experience later- death, nudity, & Fuzz!