Friday, March 26, 2010


I am sooo happy! My distributor was sold out of my very favorite colorant for one of my very favorite eye shadows- It was discontinued by the manufacturer! *CRY* She just found 10 lbs of this AMAZING mica & guess who just snapped up a whole Pound! So I am happy to announce that Stunning- a color so named because it truly IS STUNNING, will no longer be a limited edition, get it while you can, color, but rather a "BUY IT CAUSE IT"S AMAZING" color!
I had less than an ounce left, and was seriously considering bogarting the rest for myself, and NOT sharing with all of you (yes, I truly love it that much!)
How to get "Stunning": This color is a color-shifting shadow- it is a soft shimmery tan/brown with green-turquoise undertones. It can be worn alone over the whole lid & up onto the brow bone- it will look subtle and amazing -as the light hits the lid from different angles the color shift will draw attention to the eyes, but remain subtle enough for a day at the office, or a minimal makeup look.
However, to rock this color's ultimate potential- line eyes light or heavy with a rich black liner- either a waxy pencil or a dampened powdered liner (I use my Blackest & a damp angled liner brush). Layer the Stunning directly over this & up onto brow bone. The black absorbs the brown & you are left with this glorious green-turquoise that makes the eye POP! and the remaining tan acts as it's own  coordinating contour color at the same time!
For even deeper drama- re-line w/ black & a damp brush- & go over w/ more Stunning- ups the Intensity! You can also sweep some dampened black into the crease & go over w/ Stunning to further sculpt the eye- can you say OMG!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

DG Where are you?!

The winner DG- still has not claimed her prize. Sad.
But lucky for the rest of you- because if she doesn't claim it by Sunday evening- i will draw a new name!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Group Shoot

One of my favorite things about doing a group shoot, is the ability to meet many different models & photographers, each with their own looks, vision, esthetic, & style. this allows me to, not only meet some really great people, but also to really try my hand at a multitude of looks- a makeup artist's dream! I got to do everything yesterday, clean beauty (naturally), but also a 70's era hottie, a sweaty athlete, a barbie doll, a blank faced mannequin, a 80's neon chick, to a gold all over Bond girl complete with gold bikini, plus many, many more! I had a great time- the photographers were very nice, and appreciative of my services. The models were great- and always super nice!
Lesley, the owner of the studio- is fabulous to work with- look for more collaborations from her and I - we have a few tricks up our sleeves!
And David- was on hand again to do hair- I just love working with David- he is a hair master- and turns out the most amazing, gorgeous- perfect looks- and makes it look magically easy! Plus he's fun to work with & he ALWAYS brings music! Yay, David!
I can't wait to post some pictures of this shoot for you guys!
On my way out I also ran into the gentleman who lent us the two couture gowns from out last shoot- and begged him to please let us shoot some more of his wonderful couture collection, and he said "of Course" My heart leapt a little at the thought- so you may be seeing some more of this wonder-fullness some time soon!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm in LOVE!

This photo just makes me want to jump up and down and shout yes! The gown is the original Faye Dunaway wore in Towering Inferno, and Emily ROCKED it!
For makeup I had a chocolaty smokey eye using my Chocolate, French Vanilla, and Strawberry shadows. naturally this look called for thick, luscious false lashes- these gave her a doe eyed look, and kept the sexy, revealing gown sophisticated. Her skin is so smooth I just touched her up with some Prep Step concealer under the eye, and a light dusting of Medium Neutral Foundation to create a perfect canvas. A little Golden Amber for her cheeks to enhance her naturally Peaches-and-cream complexion. I also contoured with Rich Amber matte bronzer to compensate for the bright lighting. Lastly her lips were slicked with my own line of lipstick in Pout (from my nude palette, not for sale yet) with Ransom lipstick for a Gold highlight in the center (also mine) and clear gloss over top for shine. For color inspiration & To see the colors used- check out

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Contest Results

O.k -so here are the results! A winner was randomly chosen-  and it is DG! Congratulations You have won a full face kit of Beauty Takeout in your choice of colors! Contact me with you full name, address, and product choices and your prize will be on it's way!

First Crush blush
DG's Favorite color choice

Now for the little surprise I promised....

A second prize will be awarded to Liz Washer- who was responsible for people Finding my blog- so congrats Liz- you get your choice of any 2 colored cosmetics from my site!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Back From Teaching in California!

I got back yesterday- 1 day later than expected- since my plane was grounded due to fog in Chicago- so an extra little adventure for me! (I am sooooo tired) I will post more later about everything, but for now here is a pic of my class. All the people were amazing & wonderful!
So top l-r Ally & Julie my Ta's Yolanda, Kaila, Regina, Sherri, & Me (looking dorky)
bottom row l-r Tanya, Shirley, Andrea, Debbie, & Nathan
The only one missing is Maria who could only attend the last 2 days.
More to come about the class, and new pics I got from shoots before I left... all I can say on those is... OH YEAH!!