Sunday, March 22, 2009

popularity contest

OK, seriously, when did the Internet become one huge popularity contest? I created a blog to hopefully find some people out there who shared my interest in makeup & would love to have some questions cleared up by a professional. I also thought it would be a great way to show off my own products so people could get an idea about color & texture & how they work and how to use them to their advantage. (I don't even sell online, so this isn't used as an ad for me)
Yes, I've been a little disappointed that I have zero followers, not even one of my friends has chosen to follow me, sigh.
I'm finding out that this Internet thing is a lot more complicated & involved than I first thought. For one thing, there is now an entire segment of the population that work online teaching YOU to work online! They call themselves coaches & I think I've been added to all their Twitter lists. Next, the people who seems to have a "following" must not have kids or any other job to speak of, cause the volume of material & amount of time invested in this medium is quite staggering. Or maybe I just type slow.
Lastly, if you're REALLY popular people will pay you for it! no kidding, if people like the way you rant (oh yeah, those seem to be the ones that do the best) then sponsors will PAY you to do just what you've spent 12 hours a day on the couch doing already, nice gig if you can get it, huh?
Ooh, does this count as a rant?
I apologize that I only spent about 20 minutes writing this in between meeting with my accountant, making lunch, helping my sick kid, oh I probably should do my job too, huh, someone ordered some makeup..... oh well, popularity isn't everything.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mineral Myth

Pro shoots using all mineral makeup

There are, unfortunately, many opinions that mineral makeup does not perform well for professional photography. Many professional makeup artists & photographers avoid using minerals, particularly foundations, because they don't feel that they are capable of achieving a natural, realistic skin appearance. I agree that, in many instances, mineral foundations may not be the best choice, but usually this has more to do with the properties inherent in many common mineral ingredients, rather than just mineral makeup itself.

Most minerals contain light reflective properties, these are what give minerals the amazing ability to reflect light away from lines, pores, & other skin imperfections. The problem arises when certain ingredients that have a surface shimmer or sheen are used. Ingredients such as Bismuth Oxychloride & Boron Nitride are two of the main culprits, but even Silk Mica, Gold Fine or Oriental Beige, which add a satin sheen to many mineral foundations, can cause this effect when photographed. Basically, a purely matte foundation is optimal for photographic use.

Another aspect to be aware of is skin tone & undertone matching, which any makeup artist will tell you is the basic starting point for any makeup application. Once again, not all mineral lines offer enough colors, or colors that are close to actual skin tones, so look for a line with multiple color options, and include true-to life- sallow & olive tones, as well as women of color lines.

The pigmentation level of these must also be high enough to disperse true tones and avoid an ashy look that comes from the base whites showing through, this is particularly important for women of color, as even more pigment to base is neccesary for realistic skin tones.

Because minerals allow the skin texutre to show through, while blurring imperfections, yet still offering coverage, it is an ideal medium for the newest HD film and digital photography.

Now, this being said, these guidelines are intended for professional photographic usage, not personal makeup. The more satin or shimmery based ingredients may truly appeal to the average makeup wearer, so you would look for a line that includes these ingredients. Because naked skin absorbs light and all makeup, including & especially minerals, reflect light away from you, be awarewhen you are being photographed to either switch to a matte foundation (like on your wedding day) or apply a light dusting of a mineral foundation or powder to any exposed skin so that your tone reflects evenly throughout any picture. Also be aware that the reflective properties can wash you out in photos as well so judicious application of bronzer or cheek color for photographs is also something to consider.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Aaaaaaand, One More!

Can't help myself, guess I'm on a roll! Check out this fancy stuff! This look was inspired by butterflies, can you tell I'm pining for the warm weather?

More makeup drama!

Ok, here's my design for Glam Gals Competition dance team. picture this hand painted, glittered & bejeweled design with cross cut dramtically flared lashes appliqued with feathers to match each costume color! Can we say Drama! I'll try & get a picture with the lashes, it's amazing!

Welcome Spring! Here's my version of a sprightly
makeup look. I evened out my complexion and
covered lips using my full coverage mineral foundation
in Medium Dark Warm.
Concealed undereye circles with Prep Step.
Next I added a bright pink cheek using Bordeaux.
I set everything using Mineral Sheer Powder.
On the eye I used Passionate, a deep brown/burgundy
over whole lid & up over brow bone and went over darker in crease. Swept Romantic, a satiny pink flesh tone, up to brow.
Lined upper and lower lashes with Passionate
& swept a strip of Meadow, my yellow/green,
under eye to highlight shape & add Flirty Fun!
I lined the waterline, both upper & lower, with Blackest.
Then curled lashes & slicked on several coats of mascara,
I also added fun & flirty inverted false lashes to create a
little pixie sass!
Like the beauty Mark? That's Blackest too!