Monday, December 29, 2008

5 Minute Face

With the new year right around the corner, most of us will find ourselves busier than ever. However, A busy morning doesn't mean you have to forgo makeup. If you pare down your routine to the bare minimum, & perfect your application techniques, you can still walk out the door with a pulled together look to face the world!
Concealer is a woman's best friend! A yellow tinted concealer covers a multitude of discolorations from dark undereye circles, to age spots, to blemishes to redness on the eyelid. Go lightly to avoid texture. Plan to spend about 1 minute to get good coverage. I love my Prep Step Eye which works as a dark circle cover, blemish hider, & eye primer/pick me-up, all in one! Look for products that do double, or even triple duty. You'll save both time & money!
Next a light foundation that applies & gives the coverage level you need quickly. I use my full cover, matte mineral foundation in Medium Dark Warm. I swirl on two coats over my prep step. Spending no more than one minute.
Next I sweep a beautiful warming color, I love my rich color called Adobe. 30 seconds. I comb & fill in brows w/ Blackest. 30 seconds.
Curl lashes to open my eye & make me seem more awake, even if I'm not!. 1 minute.
Slick on lip gloss, my current favorite is my Berry shade. 30 seconds.
Next I love to use my Green Tea & Aloe Facial Misting Spray to set makeup & give a gorgeous glow to my complexion. 10 seconds.
Lastly, where I have large pores on my cheeks I use Fortunate Face Minerals Mineral Sheer to Diminish pores & keep the oily shine away. 20 seconds.
Now I'm ready to face the day looking fresh and natural in minutes!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Years Smokin' Eyes

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful & blessed Christmas.
With New Years right around the corner, most gals are thinking of a night out and, naturally that means your makeup needs to be smokin'
If you're up for that deep, dramatic smokey eye try changing things up with a smokey purple, or deep brown shades, or even a dark olive green. These shades will still give you that depth, but can add a warmth that you don't find with an all black & silver eye.
Purple will look fabulous with those dark brown eyes & warmer skintones. Blondes with blue eyes & redheads, give those olive shades a try, you'll fall in love! Of course everyone can try out the browns, just choose a tone that works for your skin & eye color. If in doubt, pick a neutral! Then have fun, you'll look fabulous & NOT like everyone else at the party!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

I won't be blogging tomorrw, so I wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone out there a very Merry Christmas! Peace, joy, & love to all.

Scenery I painted last year for our Church's annual Christmas Pageant.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Beauty Takeout

My Mineral Makeup Kit.
I call it Beauty Takeout!

Pics of some fun makeup

Well, here are a few of my casual makeup applications. my daughter and my sons. The camoflage pic. was for my daughters dance competition team, all 7 girls had that wild camo on their faces, I loved it, it really added to the dance. They even won the judges favorite performance of the day at one of their competitions. My little one is a sheep (Chritmas pageant)& a pirate Halloween), respectively I had to show 2 pirate pics, cause the costume was a hoot he's wearing the pirate ship! how stinking cute is that! My daughter is dressed as a bag of jelly beans for Halloween, I wish I had a closeup of her makeup, pink sparkle circles on the cheeks, red sparkle lips & the cutest, longest flare false lashes! (Go ahead steal that costume idea for next year, you know you want to!) the last pic of my daughter is her makeup I designed for the Nutcracker performance "Waltz of the Flowers" I wanted them cool & iridescent, w/ shimmer of snow. The alien pic. is my middle son, I know, I know, you're saying, uh, karrie, where's the makeup? I Blacked out his features under the nylon stocking, but really I added it so he wouldn't feel left out. I'll have to download this years Halloween pics, cause he was Frankenstein & I went to town, with stitches & dripping blood & everything! so keep an eye out for that one coming soon!

Makeup the Pros use

Boy, I am on a roll today, so much to share! I love, love, love my minerals! I have been using them with huge success on photo shoots, but there are times when only the old fashioned stuff will do. So i fall back on the old reliables RCMA, Ben Nye, Cinema Secrets, and LaFemme. If you're not familiar, and you're probably not unless you're in the biz, these lines have been used in Hollywood 7 the fashion industry for years, some for as many as 50+ years, so they have stood the test of time. Vincent Kehoe a well renowned makeup artist & creator of the RCMA line, has his own schools in Ca & Fla, and has authored or co-authored several professional makeup technique texts.
Anyway I am going to periodically give you some products outside my own line (though my stuff is killer!) that you may want to try, just because they're fabulous & most of them are under $10! I posted a link to makeup mania at the top of the blog, but you can just Google them. Eva, who runs it is fabulous & also a pro makeup artist. She's chosen some really great items to carry & everything is so affordable. my recommendation of the day is La Femme Cake mascara. This is the best mascara you will ever own! I love maybelline great Lash & Max Factor 2000 Calorie, there is no denying their greatness, however This cake mascara is dry, you add water or a special sealer you can buy separately for waterproofing, add 1-2 drops swirl mascara spoolie , let set 20seconds, & apply. You can easily do 2 coats to each eye! NO CLUMPS! but here's the key Do NOT RE DIP AFTER APPLYING! If you always dip & swirl w/ a pristinely clean spoolie, you can keep this cake for about 1 year!!!!!!! If you contaminate it, sorry regular mascara rules apply, & toss after 2 months. for this price either is a great option. I love this stuff so much, that I am formulating a mineral cake version w no parabens, but production of this will be awhile.
P.S. the sealer waterproofs my minerals too! you did know that you can use minerals as liner too right! Even on your waterline, these things are versatile!!

Crafty Synergy: Infusion

Crafty Synergy: Infusion
Check out this talented woman's stuff!
I would love to package some minerals in her gorgeous bags! Hmmmmm, got me thinking!

So I Thought I'd post a few pics. These are my entry last Valentines for a container contest. it represents the ultimate fantasy Valentines present! I molded Fimo & attached around some 5 gram sifter jar lids & painted them to look like cherry cordials. The color you see spilling out is one of my shadows called Fig (one of my Faves, o.k they're all my faves, I fall in love w/ each new color I create, can't help it I'm makeup junkie) look at that diamond! It's filled w/ my most shimmery color named Bling! (my 6 year old son named it, how funny is that!) The bottom left shows the whole entry complete w/ flowers, candy, & ring! I had such fun creating this and, oh, yeah, I won second Place-cool!

I'm Baaaaaack!

Hey everyone ! I'm sorry I've been MIA for so long, but it's been for good reason. I successfully completed the launch of my mineral makeup line at Balance Salon in Southwick, Mass. Sue & the girls there are fabulous & the line is selling beautifully! I have been so fortunate to be able to work w/ many of the clients there & really show them just how beautiful they are! I feel happy & blessed to share my gift of makeup artistry with women.
I want to give a big Thank you to Donna Maria from Indie Beauty Network who is so ready & willing to share advice & her business expertise with her indies.
Come the new year look for Fortunate Face Minerals to have a bigger & better web presence! I will be blogging more, updating & adding pics to my website, and I'm really hoping to get some videos onto Youtube, because teaching real women how to use makeup to their personal advantage gives me a thrill!
I promise to work hard to really figure out how to use the computer to bring you all the info at my disposal!
Have a Merry Christmas! God Bless!