Monday, August 23, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness

Fortunate Face Minerals is proud to introduce some new products to it's line, 3 limited edition lipsticks & 2 lip balms. These 5 products will only be available until October 16th, and all proceeds from the sale  will go directly to the Rays of Hope Foundation, in Springfield, Ma.
 I am proud to sponsor this effort In honor of my mother, Mary who passed of breast cancer in October  2001, & my sister-in-law Dianne, also from breast cancer February of 1997, my mother -in-law Andree',  May 1975 at only 36 years old.
Each women was in a different stage of life- Andree' was a young mother of four- leaving my husband, her youngest, at only 5 years of age. Dianne, too was a wife & mother leaving her husband Tom, & only son, Andre (named after his grandmother) only 4.  My mother, Mary, was a mother & grandmother when she too, lost her battle with breast cancer.
Each loss changed our lives in profound, and meaningful ways. These circumstances also play a large role in determining our future actions. This brings me to my final honoree.
Last August my Brother-in-law Tom was diagnosed with breast cancer. Yes, Andree's eldest son. Dianne's widowed Husband. Father to son-Andre' and new husband to Laurie- who also lost  husband Ron, father to her 5 children, from cancer.
And yes, I said BREAST cancer.
An avid baseball player- Tom merely thought he was sore from a game, he never expected this outcome. Fortunately Tom saw a doctor immediately an caught his cancer early. Read his story here:
This prompted his brothers, Glenn, and my husband, Sean to also be tested for the BRACA genetic markers. All three siblings are positive.
This story seems depressing, so much loss and sadness, but there IS good to come from all this. Tom proves that finding out early CAN save your life. His surgery and recovery were easier because he took immediate action. My husband, all siblings, and their children, can be tested, & take measures to prevent, and find early treatment for any cancer diagnosis. They can be survivors, rather than victims.
In that context Tom agreed to be a spokesperson for The Rays Of Hope, an organization I am well familiar with.
When my mother was undergoing her 5 years of treatment, the Rays of Hope provided services and comforts to her experience. Not only do they raise money for ongoing research, the rest of the funding goes directly to the patients and families struggling with cancer. My mother received everything from a simple lunch or hand and foot massage during 6 hours of chemotherapy, to counseling services, exercise & dietary programs. There are grief counseling for families who have suffered loss, and much more. These offer more than, the often nebulous hope of,  "a cure someday" which we ALL still pray fervently for, but also practical, real world help to patients and families embroiled in the quagmire of cancer. From the first year since her diagnosis, when my mother asked my brothers, father, and I to walk with her in the Rays of Hope walk, to her last, when we all pushed her  the 2 mile distance in her wheelchair, we, as team Mother's Little Helpers found tremendous support in raising whatever funds we could.  I was both touched, and grateful to experience the love with which ALL my wonderful in-laws enthusiastically joined the walk and fundraising efforts. They even started the Andree' S. Welch Memorial golf tournament, in it's 9th year, Which will be held this year October 16th at Tekoa Country Club in Westfield, Ma. with all proceeds going to the Rays of Hope foundation.
In conclusion I will be taking orders for Custom colored Lipsticks in a cute pink Diamond case. The three colors are Dianne, a creamy neutral pink/brown that would have looked beautiful on my sister-in-law with her blond hair, and minimalist makeup look. Andree' is a richer plum/berry pink- a sheer cream that will enhance darker haired, deeper complected gals like my 100% French mother-in-law. Lastly, is Mary- a peachy pink with light shimmer- reminiscent, but modernized, of a color I watched my Irish mother wear since I was a small girl. Lipsticks are $15 each (tax will apply for Ma residents, and $1 shipping for others), with about $10 going directly to the Rays of Hope.

From top to bottom: Dianne, Andree', & Mary
Next are two Shea Butter lip balms- the first, Tom, with natural scent of oranges- perfect for any guy, and Hopeful a berry scented balm. These can be pre-ordered by contacting me here, through facebook, or email :
Pink Diamond Case with "Mary"

Lip Balms in Tom & Hopeful

Friday, August 20, 2010


Have I mentioned how much I hate computers and anything having to do with them? Have I?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010

I wish the legislation was fair to the small business owner, and actually addressed the true issues in regulating the safety of cosmetic manufacturing- rather than simply another burdensome law that not only overlooks the concerns of the boutique companies, but actually harms them. I am all for safe, fair, sensible legislation, but that never seems to be the case, but rather just a vehicle for the large companies to drive smaller companies out of business- to take back the billions+ market share that we have garnered.

I signed and you can too!
I wholeheartedly agree that safe cosmetics are a priority, but not at the expense of the small, handcrafted business community. new legislation must take into account the concerns of the small business. Sweeping legislation that treat small, individually owned personal care companies on the same plane as larger, multi billion dollar a year corporations will make little change except to drive all smaller companies out of business. Support free enterprise, the building of local communities, and the right of the individual to pursue the classic idea of the American Dream. this is my direct quote form the petition!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Featured Indie!

I belong to a group called the Indie beauty network. Among other things, it provides a place where small, independent crafters of personal care, and home items can form a community to share information, find reasonable insurance, and even band to fight unfair legislation such as the Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010- which as it reads now, will put most all small, boutique personal care formulators out of business with it's onerous, and prohibitively expensive regulations. Big companies are pushing rigorously for these legislations- as they would not impact their businesses, but would drive smaller companies out of the marketplace. More on this later- as I have an entire post dedicated to this topic that I am editing for clarity, as well as fact, and must finishing reading the legislation in it's entirety so as to provide the most accurate opinion possible.
On a positive note- I, and my company, Fortunate Face Minerals, was chosen last week (when I was on vacation) as the weekly featured Indie. Donna Maria Coles, the director of the network, as well as chief bulldog, in representing Indies' interests in this proposed legislation- was kind enough to send me facebook link- so I may share it with all of you!;"

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Makeup Adjustment

Now, I'm not advocating full on tanning! As someone who works in the beauty industry I have seen over and over the results of over exposure to the sun- everything from roughened skin texture, breakouts, burnt, peeling skin, blisters, scarring, brown age spots, freckling, dryness, patchiness, just to name a few. Unfortunately a lot of those were on my OWN Skin this past week.
I had the unfortunate experience of being on antibiotics the week of my annual vacation to Cape Cod. Despite constant applications of spf 50, spending the bulk of my first few days under an umbrella, and often covered with towels- I received MORE than my fair share of sun exposure. The lotion, even a mild on caused my face to breakout, plus my skin was sooooo sensitive even the heat from the sunny beautiful days made my skin feel like it was being slowly peeled off my body!
Thankfully I was able to end the medication early enough to enjoy the rest of my vacation- but I still bear the results right on my skin. Not only did my nose burn, and peel, but the textured roughened considerably- creating a thicker horny layer (yes, that is what it is called) that need more than just manual exfoliation- such as a face scrub. I used a mild alpha hydroxy skin peel to remove the worst of the outer surface damaged skin cells. I also manually exfoliate GENTLY the sensitive skin to remove dead cells daily. I skip the creamy wax and oil based moisturizer ecept in the under eye area, and instead use my Age Defy Serum am and pm. I am also drinking plenty of water to rehydrate my skin, but alas the damage has already been done- and only time and great care will help reduce, and hopefully mildly repair some of the damage.
Now, the one positive of the sun exposure, is that I really look natural with a tan thanks to some Italian heritage. I tend to tan, very easily, I just usually choose not to in order to protect my skin, avoid increasing my risk of skin cancer, and to reduce the appearance of age spots, lines, wrinkles and other obvious signs of aging skin. ok. public service announcement done- i know many of you DO tan- and will need to adjust your makeup accordingly- and not just your routine- but most often your entire makeup wardrobe!
With this vacation I have deepened about 4 shades of depth in color- and now adjust my makeup accordingly. I am usually  Medium Dark Warm in my line- I had moved into Dark Warm (one shade deeper)
Medium Dark Warm
Dark Warm

Light Honey

Sunday, August 1, 2010

write-up and review

My lovely friend Liz wrote a review of Fortunate Face Minerals. she didn't tell me she was writing it, so it was a bit of a surprise to me, a very pleasant one! The only clarification I wish to add- is that I do not like to ever reverse engineer another company's products- especially since I do not ever wish someone to do that to me. I do not own even one OCC product- including Lip Tars. I do however, have an understanding of what OCC puts in this product simply by nature of hearing about them and seeing them at trade shows, etc. They do contain products- such as dyes, peppermint oil, etc- that I simply don't or won't use- so again- not a reverse engineer- but rather a natural product that I created with natural & organic oils, and pigments that I approve of, as well as the addition of non-petroleum waxes- like beeswax, and plant waxes, to create a better staying power, creaminess, etc- so that the product will not bleed off the lips immediately- like Lip Tars are known to do.
Again- thanks Liz for all the wonderful things said about Fortunate Face Minerals!