Friday, November 15, 2013

Clean Skin Makeup

One of my favorite things that happens, and I am lucky enough that it happens a lot, is when in talking to someone, and they find out I am a makeup artist, and cosmetics company owner; and they immediately say "I need you, I love how- you are obviously wearing makeup (I ususally do my eyes pretty smokey), but your skin looks amazing, and like you dont have heavy makeup on!" I love this for two reasons.
One, naturally being I am a makeup artist- and this speaks to my skill. My personal face is one of my primary canvases. If I cannot do my own makeup well, and in a flattering manner, how could anyone think I could do thers well! I may even wear more makeup than someone else would like- i.e. that aforementioned smokey eye, BUT if it is executed flawlessly, and enhances my features rather than overwhelm them- people can SEE a great makeup job- and not necessarily just focus on the makeup itself, but rather the overall effect achieved BY the makeup. Which is the point of makeup on the everyday woman.
But reason two is even more gratifying, and this is the secret that I know- good makeup- particularly a high quality foundation is going to give you coverage, and smoother appearing skin without looking heavy or cakey- it will just look like skin!
We all have been introduced to the idea of HD cameras the buzz has been around for many years now- well guess what? Life is an HD camera! Our eyes are HD cameras! We can all see when someone's makeup is heavy and sitting on top of the skin, when it is very thick, pasty, the wrong color or texture, and when it is uneven, streaky, or unblended. It is why your foundation choice is so important, and where I tell women to not skimp on foundation- after all it's called FOUNDATION- and is the foundaton of the rest of your makeup look.
If you have perfect skin, or very minimal discoloration- you cna get away with very little on the skin- perhaps a tinted moisturizer, or een just a dab or two of a concealer here and there- blend out gently powder and voila" perfection! for those of you with this skin-Kudos (and I hate you a little)
But for those of us with much more to cover (and I am right there with you ladies and  gents) we need a full coverage foundation- period. You need to find one with a high level of pigmentation which will give the coverage with less product- and that in a nutshell is what will keep you from needing to slather on a thick coating. Typically the well pigmented products are ones you will find in a pro makeup artist kit, and have names you have probably never heard of. I carry many of those in my kit as well- because they are amazing, and I love makeup and I WANT IT ALL *BWAH HAHA *insert manical laughter here.
But, truthfully, I use my Fortunate Face Minerals in Medium Dark Warm, day after day- this is always what I am wearing when I get those compliments. It is what I was wearing on my on-air tv segment when, after it aired, a gentelman hunted me down and hired to me to teach his fiance how to do her makeup because "I love her with no makeup but I'd seen you on Mass Appeal and you looked great and it didnt look like you had a mask on your face. Sorry but most women look like its Halloween 24/7." 
High praise- I did indeed teach his beautiful fiance how to achieve this, and she was happy, and also purchased the products that I had used on her. 
It happened again last night at a grand opening event for one of my FFM vendors where I heard "your skin just looks like skin, so perfect" 
I will let you in on a secret- I have discoloration, a lot of sun/age spots (from zero sunscreen until about age 25-if I only knew!), broken capillaries next to my nose, large pores, and I still get blemishes here and there. But I know to use the right foundation, and the magic that it can bring-the right color, the right type and texture, and the right level of pigmentation for my needs. Get up close to a mirror- do it! and see can you see skin? some pores? Yes. Those few fine lines? Yup. It's not meant to erase them. Blur them? diminish them? Absolutely! but if you are seeing nothing but a thick layer of makeup? You need a serious do-over.
My most significant suggestion? Try it- before you buy it! samples are great way to see if youa re getting exactly what you need. Most counters, and websites will offer samples- sometimes free, or usually at a deep discount. Then try them, as many as you need to to get exactly what suits your needs best! With so many great lightweight formulas out there now- you CAN find one to help you achieve amazing clean skin makeup!
FFM Medium Dark Warm

Some of my personal faves:
Fortunate Face Minerals (obviously)
Face Atelier
Cover FX
I hear good things about Maybelline Fit Me line- but cannot speak from personal experience
Chanel Vitalumiere
Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation