Monday, July 14, 2008

Best Face Forward

With summer in full swing, I wanted to take a moment and address the issues of caring for your skin in order to get the best out of your makeup. Since I am a mineral makeup creator, I will address several areas exclusive to mineral based cosmetics.
Clean, moisturized skin, especially if you are dry, is essential to great makeup application, and mineral foundation is no exception. With powdered cosmetics of any kind, if skin is still moist the powder will "Grab" & concentrate leading to streaks or uneven coloration so allow a few minutes for moisturizer to absorb into skin.
Once moisturizer is absorbed swirl on minerals in very light, even coats. The beauty of minerals is that they are build -able to achieve coverage so many skin types can often use the same foundation. Another great feature in mineral makeup is that many of the products are actually good for your skin. Almost all contain Titanium Dioxide, which has SPF properties, as well as Zinc, which also has SPF properties, as well as being known for it's skin soothing & healing properties. Most companies will not make a specific numerical SPF claim, as it requires independent (read expensive) laboratory testing to legally claim an SPF value. However, most mineral foundations contain a rough estimate of 10 Spf.
You can also search out mineral products that contain silk or pearl powder (or sometimes both ( my Luxury Sheer contains both of these). Both boast 18 amino acids that feed your skin, and help build new skin cells.
Allantoin, derived from comfrey root, is another fabulous ingredient with well established healing ability. This product is great for those suffering from Rosacea.
Calcium Carbonate & Kaolin Clay are superior for oil absorption. They are usually found in face Powders (also called Veils, I call mine Sheers). For those with very oily skin, these may be used under foundation as an oil control primer.
Silica, made from sand, is another great oil absorber, improves the feel (slip), & flow of mineral makeup. It also has the wonderful ability to blur fine lines & wrinkles. The only drawback to silica, is the possibility of sensitivity for some people. If you skin is extremely sensitive do a patch test first.
Because Minerals are Hydrophobic, sweat & water resistant, they must be thoroughly cleansed from your face every evening. A splash of water will not remove your makeup! A complete cleansing for optimal skin health is ideal. The minerals, while healthy for your skin, are not all that is present on your face at the end of the day. Pollutants, pollen, debris, sebum, dead skin cells, & even bacteria from the atmosphere have deposited themselves on your face during the course of the day. As unappealing as this is, how much more so is the idea of going to bed with this stuff on your face! Please , please, please, take a moment to gently cleanse your face before bed. I prefer warm, not hot water, and a castille soap based cleanser, with Tea Tree oil for blemish control. I then use a light moisturizer for face & another for under eye. (creamier & thicker for under eye as there are no oil gland in that area)
Lastly I reapply a coating of my Luxury Sheer, which is colorless, to feed my skin with amino acids through the night for optimal skin repair.
Many mineral makeup crafters are smaller, boutique businesses, & many offer the ability to customize your makeup products (usually for a nominal charge) This means color, but also often ingredients choices. If you suffer from Rosacea, contact your favorite mineral site, email if often available, & ask for Allantoin to be incorporated into your next foundation. Often these individuals (several of whom are my friends) are happy to try and fulfill reasonable requests. Understand that these services usually cost about $25 per hour of custom formulation, but can be well worth the money & you may be able to order in larger quantities, such as a 30 gram jar plus enough for one to two additional refills, to save you money & the crafter time.
O.k. so now here's the dire warning, take it or not. Excess exposure to the sun or tanning beds will age you, period. I know, I know, I look better with a tan too! Plus with my naturally olive skin it's so easy, but believe me, when 30 approaches & fine lines start to appear, or Oh Crap! Age spots!!!!!! You will kick yourself every time you look in the mirror & have to preconceal that hideous one on the side of your nose, I wish I had the cash to laser that sucker into oblivion......... O.k ranting off track here, but you see what I mean.
Take it easy on your skin, maybe instead of the St Tropez deep dark tan, you can opt for a lighter glow, & supplement with strategic bronzer (well applied, see previous post) & some great body bronzers. A dark tan lasts one summer, your skin has to last the rest of your life, love it & wear it gently.
Keep your Face Fortunate, with the best skin care & makeup you can afford!
Stay beautiful!

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