Saturday, August 29, 2009

Color Fade

Fading Summer, means fading tan, even those of us diligent about wearing sunscreen. (you know who you are!) Skin starts to lose any golden or bronze tones that we acquired while enjoying the outdoors. Now is the time to prepare for the almost daily changes in skin tone. While mineral makeup is very forgiving over several shades, it can't, and shouldn't be used to "change" your actual skin color, whether darker or lighter. Instead you need to match your skin's actual tone as closely as possible. When color matching a client I always tell them, "the one that disappears on your skin, is the right color for you."

To help you achieve the most flawless look, Fortunate Face Minerals now offers the Triple Stack. The Triple Stack offers three foundation colors in your choice of tones; warm, neutral, cool, and Women of color, in three stack able 20 gram jars . These come in the lightest, medium, and darkest shade in the series, so you can custom blend for a perfect match every time!

To combat the skin fade we've added two new bronzer colors, Glamorous- a medium pink/peach shade with great sparkle, and Luscious - a deeper plum/red bronzer with gorgeous sheen, perfect for darker skin tones.

Look soon for our Age Rewind Duo which include our Customer beloved Prep Step- the perfect under eye cover for circles, redness, as well as eyelid Shadow primer & blemish cover. you'll find this paired with our newest Spot Shot, a perfect concealer for those pesky brown age spots!

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