Thursday, September 16, 2010

Preservative of Choice!

This is the preservative of choice for all my products requiring a preservation system. (Green Tea & Aloe Hydrating & setting Mist, as well as my newest Fortunate Face Age Defy Serum- on site soon! I combine this with Potassium Sorbate (a food grade preservative) for a broad spectrum protection. I have had wonderful success with these products and do like that they are more natural. Yes, they are processed for purity- as are any and every mineral & plant based ingredient I use- otherwise all of us would would be expiring of heavy metal toxicity like the ladies of the 17th century french court- who's arsenic & lead laden face powder cause them to drop like flies! So thank you FDA- you got one right!
What I like about this preservation system, as opposed to others- is that is is not a formaldehyde former like some- (yes I said Formaldehyde- like your biology dissection in 10th grade), it is also not a paraben- which has been linked (but not yet proven- though there is a doctor currently devoted to this study) to be present in a very large quantities in breast cancer tumors. Another- phenoxynethanol- the most commonly used preservative in natural products, has also had some questionable links to central Nervous System disorders- There are several well-known natural based product companies that have stopped using this in their products. (my philosophy is why chance it- when there are seemingly better alternatives)
When all is said and done- all a company can do is choose, with careful research, the best of all possible options available to them, and one which fits the philosophy of their company & needs of their products. The one main thing I will say- is if you use a product with water, liquid extracts, listed anywhere on the label,  &, if said label, also doesn't list a preservative anywhere- run- don't walk away from that product!

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