Thursday, December 16, 2010


Finally- I have worked on lippie products for what seems like FOREVER! and they are good- prob better than a lot of stuff out there- but I wasn't completely, 100%, absolutely satisfied. well, no more! i am thrilled to say that my current, and hopefully, LAST all natural lip balm recipe- is AWESOME! (I was singing that by the way) Finally- a balm that is super emollient, non-greasy, NOT shiny (so men will like it too) stays on the lips forever- without having to re-apply 100 times a day, not too hard, but not too soft, enough wax content so it won't melt in your car (though if you leave it there in 90+ degree weather- i make no promises)....pretty much everything I wanted before I felt it was good enough to sell. And I'm soooo digging the Pink Lemonade flavor one I just made-so good!
I'm so happy I'm giving 5 away for free- to my blogger friends, and my facebook friends- 1st 5 people to chime in get one! (2 have already been claimed!) comment here or at Fortunate Face- facebook page.

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