Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Well- it seems I took a vacation!

it has been some time since I wrote anything at all here- or posted recent pics in my professional MUA blog- I am more than overdue! I do have a good excuse- really!
e sold out house in June-, but the one we were buying fell through (on seller's end) the day before we were to move in! With no place to go- my family and I spent 48 days living in a hotel- until we could find, purchase, close on, and move into another house! i'm happy to say were are all moved in- and LOVE our new home- but that was an experience like no other- and one I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy, frankly.
So anyway- the cosmetics line- Fortunate Face Minerals is doing well- and continuing to gain recognition- which is fabulous! I have also been lucky enough to appear several times as the resident beauty expert on a local television program- which also increases my brand recognition. I am still working to develop my lipsticks- which are great so packaging is the newest hurdle- got new labels- so I'm almost completed with them. I also am still tweaking my newest lipgloss base- which i think will be perfected soon- as well as cream based mineral makeup- (customizable to boot!)  and i am pretty happy with my airbrush formula- which I will just need to offer for sale- so much to do and so little time! Stay tuned for the announcement of these products!

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