Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cream Base

well it's pretty much been an eon since I've posted anything- so get ready for a nice long post with pics!
I have been diligently working on products- promoting the biz, launching into new places- like Skincatering In Chicopee, Ma (love them!) Plus still doing work as a makeup artist- being a mom w 3 kids in full time sports (yes- even summer), and managing to squeeze in a vaction to the Cape!
Well- i wanted to give a big intro to one of my newest products- my Un-colored Cream Base. It's chock full of naturally based oils and waxes- including Shea butter, vitamin e,  Fractionated Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive Squalane, Beeswax- just to name a few. So it sort of acts like abalm to your face- while at the same time allowing you to mix Any Fortunate Face Minerals powdered product into it to become a cream based makeup! Here's a pic- of how it looks, and how it will be packaged.
Yeah, pretty genius, I know!

I am really thrilled at the versatility of FFM- Mix it in water or our moisture spray and it's a liquid-or airbrush formula and also makes shadow a liquid liner! Mix w moisturizer and it's a tinted bb cream, even my serum will work to make it gel- but this cream has to be my favorite by far! So here are some pics of it mixed into foundation, Prep Step 2 (my newest darker version of Prep Step eye primer and red/purpleconcealer) the only place I didn't use a cream is on lids- I always use it in powder form- because Eyelids tend toward oily- why add more!
So here's what I used for a basic look- with just a bright cheek and lip.

basically a 1:1 ratio for mixing- but definitely customizable a little less for light coverage- a little more for extra coverage.
That's my foundation I also took a smidge of Prep Step 2 and mixed that for undereye concealing- and used in powder form all over lid to brow.
Medium Tan & Prep Step2 in cream form. 1:1 mix

Next I mixed equal parts Hot Stuff (cheek color, but lip & eye safe as well!)
Such a pretty matte Hot Pink!
 next I mixed Bare Luster into a tad of cream- the smallest smidge- I used dry on the inner corner of my eyelid- but cream on cheekbones, center of nose, chin, cupids bow of lip- it could easily be added to foundation to act as all over luminizer- Another thing I love about the powders- mix whatever you want with whatever you want!
So you can see on metal pallete are the 4 colors I mentioned and swatched- on round plastic pallete you'll see what else I used.- in center- more medium Tan- powder form- because I need extra coverage I like to set my cream makeup with itself- yeah- you heard me! It can be set with either regular powder (like my Luxury Sheer-pictured here)  or itself- for more coverage and color intensity! Which is what I did with Hot stuff (powdered in round palette)- I went over lips with it- to intensify and mattify the lip color! (it's darker in person- a true matte hot pink-prob. due to my camera's flash- or that I don't take the best pics.) I also used Bittersweet- the matte brown to lightly fill in my brows, and Embrace- lighter pink brown that is a brand new color- to dust onto my browbone. I then did a quick dusting of Luxury Sheer all over- love the way that diamond powder softens fine lines and pores! here's the final look.

And yes- it is all photo safe- whether powder, cream, airbrush- when formulating we intentionaly avoided ingredients known to cause problems in flash, or film- and we also we careful to use ingredients in proportions and percentages- that were suitable for profssional use! Want to see FFM in pro action? check here-/


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  2. Karrie, Wow. This does sound exciting. I am over the lung thing. Now that I am back to "normal" I think it is Karrie TIME.

    Not sure where to start, but your new cream product has me intrigued. I think this might be the key for me.

    We will talk.
    Blessings on all your new products, ventures, and your family.


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