Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Into the Cosmos

Color of the month! I want to start highlighting some of our colors- and truly introducing them to you- letting you get a feel for them- and, of course, you can ask me any questions you may have!
Because I am a small independent mineral makeup company, where everything is handmade by me, and to my specifications, I get a lot of creative freedom. The idea that I can dream up a color, and then make it- is one of the most alluring aspects to this job! I also love when YOU dream up a color and ask me to make it!

And I especially love when real women inspire a new color. This one is for a wonderful, beautiful woman who is a diva in looks and style, but not attitude!

The color is a rich satin black with multi layers of sparkle to add dimension & depth (hence the name Cosmos). This color will really twinkle!

Cosmos on lid

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