Tuesday, June 23, 2009

K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simply Sexy)

Hey all! Summer is just around the corner, (though you wouldn't know it by the weather here), and most women start opting for lighter texture foundation, more natural skin toned bronzers & blushes, glosses over lipsticks, and pretty pops of color for the eye. Keep the makeup routine simple. Cover redness, usually down the center of the face, next to nose, in the crease of the chin, get rid of those under eye circles with a yellow toned concealer or salmon/peach for women of color. Most makeup companies recommend tinted moisturizers, but I feel there is not enough coverage in a tinted moisturizer, plus if you tend toward oily skin, the LAST thing you want is to put a moisturizer on! Instead greasy gals, use a little plain milk of magnesia as a toner, moisturize under eye area only.

Keep makeup texture light by using a matte mineral foundation, concentrating only on areas that need coverage. Make sure foundation matches your skin tone exactly, especially if you tan!

Most mineral setting powders (mine are called mineral sheers) contain some oil absorbing ingredients, like kaolin clay, silica, & cornstarch. Some use talc, calcium carbonate, or rice powder. most also contain ingredients that blur imperfections, such as silica and different micas. Mineral powders can be used before & after foundation for extra oil absorption, or to refine the skin's surface.

Bronzers should be used sparingly and in a natural skin color. (see my post on bronzing) Blush looks most natural when it mimics your own natural skin's flush, usually in a pinky/red shade. Look at skin just after vigorous movement for a few minutes, that's your natural blush! For Glowing skin use an illuminizer or light colored blush/bronzer with a hint of shimmer. Sweep from temple down next to eye onto top of cheekbone, stopping just before the apple of the cheek in a downward C motion. This creates a lovely glowing skin!

Eye color that pops! Brown eyed girls are the luckiest because we can wear pretty much any color, depending upon the shade. For Summer pick a bright color like turquoise, hot pink, or emerald green. Blue or grey eyes look amazing in shades of copper, bronze, or rust. I love to intensify green eyes with purples, but pinky coppers & bronzes look fabulous on green eyed vixens.

For brights, concentrate color in the center of the lid on the top only. Use a neutral liner, brown being my favorite for all eye colors, and line right next to the lash line. For a simple, clean face line only the top lid. Curl those lashes ladies! It will truly open up your eyes and intensify your eye shape & color. Heat your eyelash curler for just a few seconds under hot running water, or under a blow dryer (test on cheek or lip, Be careful if too hot, wait a few seconds & test again) Using this method, or a self heating eyelash curler, like the one from Japonesque, will keep your lashes curled until you wash your face at night. (you do wash your face every night, right!?) Use two coats of a brown mascara for a soft daytime look.

Slick on a peachy pink gloss for a sweet neutral, or look for a color that matches your lips for sheer shine.

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