Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Thank Goodness it's over!

Whew, o.k thank goodness the dance showcase for the year is over! What a lot of work & energy. Four of my family members, myself included, performed in at least 2 out of 3 shows this weekend. I don't think I've quite recovered yet. The one thing I can rave about though is how well my makeup lasted! I sweated through 2 hip hop performances, 2 excruciating hours supervising the boys dressing area/demolition zone, and the second show running around backstage helping in quick changes, hair/makeup/costuming etc. I put my mineral stage makeup & included long and luscious false lashes at about 11 am. My minerals were still there (No eye creases in sight) at 1 am when I finally got to wash my face and collapse into bed! talk about long wear! I love love love how my skin breathes, doesn't feel cakey, & yet the makeup stays put! All without artificial ingredients, dyes, or nasty unwanted ingredients. all it took was a little blotting with m oils blotting papers & voila! beautiful makeup, perfect for stage with no touch ups needed!
this is the beauty of minerals ladies, gorgeous makeup, no nasty ingredients, and long wear, all while being good and healthy for your skin! If you haven't tried minerals yet I highly encourage you to do so. My advice is instead of one of the commercial lines found in your local drug or department store, instead Look for anyone of the great smaller boutique lines out there online. many of my closest friends have some great online stores , or if you wish to test drive my line of Fortunate Face Mineral makeup just leave a comment and I'll contact you!
Happy makeup-ing!

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