Monday, November 23, 2009

Web Launch!!!!!

O.k the long wait, (for me anyway) is almost over! we are just about ready to launch the Fortunate Face Mineral line on the web!
For those who don't know me well, I can assure you this is a huge feat, especially since computers & I rarely get along. It was, and still is, a huge undertaking that would not be happening if it weren't for the computer genius, of my web guy Phil! Yay Phil! So if there are problems just blame him! (kidding, sort of) He's also the one who finally convinced me to go Mac, & I ain't going back! For computer dum dum's like me this makes life soooooo much better!
Anyway, keep an eye out on wednesday- this is our "soft" launch. If you attempt to order & there are problems- there will be a contact option- & I promise I will make it right!
here's the link- not fully functioning yet, but you can get the idea-

OOOH and the triple stack lets you custom blend your foundation, or use the lightest color for a highlight, & the darkest as a contour under your foundation & it all works with your skin tone! Love it!

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  1. oo that triple stack looks awesome!! so much easier to have all my face essentials in one place instead of looking for them scattered through my drawers!


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