Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mail & Models!

Well, my lovely contest winner Crystal S., never received her package of goodies that I sent to her, Boo! So another is already on the way, and yes I paid for delivery confirmation with this one! So hopefully she will be sporting a Fortunate Face very soon! can't wait, I loved, loved, loved, the color Bawdy, which came from her inspiration, thank you Crystal!
which brings me to my next topic models. I was fortunate enough to do hair & makeup for an adorable model this weekend, her name is Kita. She specializes in pinup styles, and burlesque, and she was a lot of fun.
She was also kind enough to take some pics for me of a lip color I made for a lippie contest, & I also used Fleet Week (navy) and Bawdy for her eyes! Anyway our pic took second place! I won a gift certificate with my supplier, which is awesome, since I can always use more supplies!

A big thank you to Kits St Cyr- model
and Stephanie Pierce-photographer
more on our very weird shoot experience later- death, nudity, & Fuzz!

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