Tuesday, May 11, 2010

O.K. here it is! After several months of research I made my choice. The Vado HD 3rd Generation is my new video camera for making Youtube videos! Yay! It is MAC compatible, has fairly simple to use functions, gets good reviews for color saturation which is important in makeup tutorials, and downloads the videos directly to iphoto or imovie for editing from a usb port right in the camera. basically for computer dummies like myself! It's due to arrive may 17th and I'll definitely need to figure this sucker out, but expect videos to be up & running soon! I will, of course embed them here as well for all my blog followers! and on Facebook as well! (as soon as I figure out how exactly to do this, that is) The only thing missing is a macro function so I can get really up close to show you detail, but I'm hoping the 2x digital zoom will assist with closer detail. 
Anyway- if you have suggestions for some tutorials that you've been really dying to see- now's the time to add those comments!

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