Sunday, July 18, 2010

new post & blog link!

Well i'm sorry that i have been such a horrible poster, I have been running like the old proverbial chicken! I created a second blog- to concentrate more on my work as an actual makeup artist- I really live (professionally) in two worlds- that are related, but truly function very differently. in one I am a makeup artist, always pushing to meet new photographers, models, stylists, etc- and hustling to create new gorgeous pictures- using my creativity to create-in this world- I constantly struggle to "make a name, build a reputation" because in that industry who you know, and whether or not they know you, is paramount to getting work, especially paid work! And let me tell you, the hustle is a full time job!
the other world is the world of a cosmetics line formulator & business woman, I was able to take my passion for cosmetics and turn it into a business that not only works wonders in front of a camera- but on the average woman as well! nothing gets me more excited than to dream up a color- make it, and have it turn out exactly as I had envisioned! (after a lot of trial and error, mind you!). 
I also am so happy to teach women the "tricks of the trade" Silly model, makeup is for women! that's my motto- if a model looks awesome- A LOT went into making that happen- and good makeup, good brushes & tools, and the RIGHT skills and anyone can turn themselves out BETTER than they ever dreamed!
So i encluded a link to my new makeup artist blog, but I'll tease you with a photo from my last shoot- The lovely model Elpha- who came all the way from NY, Photographer Stephanie Pierce (awesome!) and of course, moi- doing hair & makeup, enjoy!

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  1. Wow, Her face is fawless. You are definintely talented.


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