Sunday, August 1, 2010

write-up and review

My lovely friend Liz wrote a review of Fortunate Face Minerals. she didn't tell me she was writing it, so it was a bit of a surprise to me, a very pleasant one! The only clarification I wish to add- is that I do not like to ever reverse engineer another company's products- especially since I do not ever wish someone to do that to me. I do not own even one OCC product- including Lip Tars. I do however, have an understanding of what OCC puts in this product simply by nature of hearing about them and seeing them at trade shows, etc. They do contain products- such as dyes, peppermint oil, etc- that I simply don't or won't use- so again- not a reverse engineer- but rather a natural product that I created with natural & organic oils, and pigments that I approve of, as well as the addition of non-petroleum waxes- like beeswax, and plant waxes, to create a better staying power, creaminess, etc- so that the product will not bleed off the lips immediately- like Lip Tars are known to do.
Again- thanks Liz for all the wonderful things said about Fortunate Face Minerals!

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  1. Aww thanks I thought you'd already seen the review; I would have pointed it out! I didn't mean to imply reverse engineering in the literal sense, just that your product had the same effect the Tars are known for. Glad you liked it!


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