Friday, October 22, 2010

The Making of a Lippie!

So i thought it would be interesting to show everyone what generally goes into the making of a lipstick. I have lots of pictures to post of the step by step actual forming of the lippie.
 here is the colored/mixed waxes & oils (I had already made & colored the base Andree'), along with the pigments combined- and somewhat cooled into a homogeneous mixture. you can see my 4 well metal lipstick mold, & my Pink Diamond lipstick cases.
 This is the mixture melted to a smooth consistency. A lot of pouring lipsticks is doing so at the correct temperature- neither too hot, not too cold. Also cooling them at a consistent temp- again not too fast, nor too slow. On to the next picture...
here is the mixture poured into the mold. You can see the center settles a bit, and the channel catches overflow- making pouring in a steady, consistent stream possible. (another key to well molded lippies).
Me- with no makeup, wearing my mask, gloves, and apron- so, looking pretty stylish (I didn't even comb my hair) waiting for the lippies to cool.

scrape off the extra...
prepared lipstick containers. Even though the cup size of my mold, and the cup size of the lipstick cases are the same 12.1- they still don't fit tightly- therefore I have to "butter" the inside of the case w/ some of the lipstick to get them to adhere. ( frankly the extra step kind of annoys me, but oh well...)
anyway- on with the show!
 the molded lipsticks w/ top portion removed.
 the lipstick case fitting guide in place.

case inserted onto lippie.
There it is- isn't it pretty!

Finished lipsticks in the color Andree'
now get yours at and support breast cancer research, as well as, men & women from my local community with all kinds of services provided free of charge when undergoing chemotherapy, radiation, and other cancer treatments, through the Rays of Hope foundation. 
I'm doing my part- 100% of every lipstick sold goes directly to this charity- I am donating the cost of ALL materials/supplies, and, of course, the labor involved; but it can't be a success without YOU!

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  1. So cool to see the behind-the-scenes! I love this color; I've been wearing it myself for weeks.


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