Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thanks Christy!

Recently I sent samples of some of my product line to fellow makeup artist Christy Lavalee. I worked with Christy at The Emerging Designers Fashion Show for Boston's Fashion Week. i've also been fortunate to work with her for weddings, and she was just voted Boston's #1 Bridal makeup Artist (No small feat!)
Anyway i sent her products currently for sale ( foundation, cheek, & eye colors)- and others that are still in the testing phase ( a contour, a highlighter, and an eye product called IntensifEYE for really popping shadow colors). I always appreciate good, and honest feedback- specifically from professionals- because we demand products that perform- and our standards tend to be higher. Here are the comments she was kind enough to send to me:

"I'm not done yet, but so far I've put on the concealer, foundation and am now working on the contour. AND I THINK YOU ARE A FREAKIN' GENIUS! That's it for now. Back to my regime"..............

First Crush

"I used Prep Step as a concealer - LOVE IT Put the salmon concealer in the corner of my eyes where it's darkest - PERFECT You were absolutely right on the foundation - Dark Warm - LOVE IT Used Contour on my cheeks, temples & sides of my nose - AMAZING (it actually gave me cheekbones!) Used Embarrassed on the outer half of my cheeks - FANTASTIC Applied First Crush to the apples for a natural flush - EVEN BETTER 

Then I applied the highlighter. It didn't do anything for me. I think it needs more shimmer to it. I can see it's the start of something good, it's just not there yet.

On my eyes, I used the IntensifEYE - LOVE IT Applied Blackest along ther lash line - LOVE IT Applied Stunning over it and all over the lid - AMAZING!!! Totally looks like a shimmery brown to green shade! The Lip Balm is amazing. I LOVE IT The lipstick feels nice & I really like the natural color.

 So, needless to say, I am SOLD! On everything but the highlighter. :)"

Well, her sentiments made me very happy, needless to say- and it's great because her response to the highlighter- was exactly the same as mine- it needs something else- and it must be tweaked before it can become a permanent part of the line- though it is a really pretty color for an eyeshadow- which i was thinking of making it..... hmmm. Sent some to fellow mua Liz Washer- just waiting for her feedback too!

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