Friday, February 11, 2011


I promised- and now I'm delivering! here are swatches of most of the new colors that I have created in the past few months- I still need to swatch highlight, contour (which isn't even named yet- so that's why) my Color Faux, and all the Tan series foundation colors. That being said- here are the newest colors- and I will try to get photos taken of each on individually and up on my webstore for purchase! Anyone who buys at one of my retail outlets- any and every color I have is available (including these pictured colors & Faux) by Special order- at NO extra cost!
For both arms- I moisturized with  Elizabeth Arden oil free matte moisture lotion, then prepped arm with Prep Step- my eye primer powder (also undereye concealer & red cover)

Heeeeeeeere we go!

From Left to Right
Golden Vanilla, Sahara, Czarina, Divinity, Ravished, & Vegas.
these are all a shimmer or a sparkle- I LOVE me my matte colors- but these were all something I was specifically looking to do.


So, again from left to right
Tropical, Satisfied, Rich Amber, Hot Stuff, Saucy, Poppy, Black Cherry, Wanton, Soft Sand
These are all matte- except for Satisfied- which has chunky gold sparkle. 

These intense colors can look intimidating, but I promise- they are very wearable- a little goes a long way- and just be sure to work color into brush- i intentionally make all my products to pro standards- but that doesn't mean they can't be used day to day- I certainly do! Black Cherry & Wanton- I created yesterday- so I'm going to wear one of those today-I wear hot Stuff, Poppy, & Saucy all the time!

Don't see something you like? I can be hired to custom design an entire makeup wardrobe specifically to you- from foundation and concealer- all the way to blush, bronzers, and eye colors!

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  1. Wow! All of these look fantastic!! Esp. the blushes!!


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