Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Doing A Happy Dance!

Exciting happenings are underway- The New website has been transferred over to new hosting, and the new design is about a week or so away from being ready! Amazing people have been instrumental in helping me create something that is more functional, beautiful AND finally can include ALL of my products and COLORS!  Thank you specifically to David, my web designer for all your labor! Also to Michael & Linda- who are starting their own amazing Biz, Sugar Rush,
for all of the gorgeous new product Shots!!!!

I am also supremely thrilled that many pros- have been raving about many of our products- from our new IntensifEYE eye primer, to Our Women of Color Products, Correcting Concealers, Our ever popular Foundation- AND our Uncolored cream base! Hearing things like Love It" "Will never be without it!" and "You're stuff is magical" never gets old really.
Launching into another new store- is always another exciting event for us- and I am happy to welcome to the FFM family! Our products should be available there by the 3rd week of September 2013.

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