Saturday, December 7, 2013

How to get Holiday Pretty

Achieving a gorgeous holiday glow is certainly within the busy girl (or guys) grasp! Even in the season of rushing, stress, lack of sleep, not to mention cold temmps, and drying indoor heat sources. All these can sap our skin of moisture and it's luminosity. Here are a few simple steps to make that skin fall in line, and Glow like those twinkly ornaments decking your halls. (or glow like your Hannakah Menorah, or Kwanza Candelabra) you get the picture. 
#1 and this will always be my number one, drink water. period, finite' this will hydrate your skin from the inside out! It is neccesary, and life giving. Your body will shunt moisture to your vital organs first, and harsh weather will suck the rest from your skin- as will many artificial heat sources. I ADORE my gas fireplace- but oh boy- can I feel it literally sucking my skin dry! I love flavored sparkling selters- and they count with zero calories- so I indulge anytime- sans guilt!
To get this look:
Cheek & Lip  color in Cheeky Mixed into our Uncolored Cream Base
Bare Luster Highlighter on cheekbone
Romance All over entire lid up to brow bone
Conquered eye shadow on lid only & undereye. 

#2 Wear sunscreen. spf 30. Glare off snow and ice are strong!

#3 Consider changing the Type of makeup you use. if you are very oily- you may rejoice in the winter as your skin appears more "normal" But those who are combo, or dry- and especially mature skin- you may really feel the lack of moisture. Considering changin from a powder, or water based liquid foundation to a cream based, or liquid silicone based foundation MAY just be the change you need to add extra emollience- and create that, oft desired, dewey skin finish. Pairing ths with cream based blushes, creamy lip products- all tapped into skin with warm fingers- a makeup routine that can feel luxurious.
#4 Use thicker creamier moisturizing products. And look for hyuralonic acid as one of the ingredients. hyuralonic acid holds 400x it's own weight in water- and packs it up against your skin cells. it temporarily plumps lines and wrinkles- and with consistent use can dramatically approve ther appearance.
#5 Exfolliate. Be gentle. Use a Clarisonic, or your favorite scrub, even sugar mixed into a creamy wax/oil based moisturizer (works great mixed with a lip balm for a lip scrub too!)

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