Saturday, January 4, 2014

Fortunate Face Minerals gets NAKED!

We all know the popularity of neautral shadows- and MANY makeup lines have palettes and versions of these, one of the MOST popular being Urban Decay. They are not the first to do this, and most likely not the last. And boy it sure is purty....But I am a makeup junkie- and it all makes me drool. 
Yes, I buy PLENTY of stuff that is not mine, it's a sickeness really. 
But-I do keep coming back to mine all the time-because i have designed them to work exactly how I want them too-so I am kind of partial to them...Add in that I love the natural ingredients- and I feel really GOOD about using them to boot.

FFM Nakeds!!!!!

So here are The Fortunate Face Minerals shades that I put together recently for some requested NAKED shades! I didn't copy any particular palette, but rather put together some of MY most loved shades that are a great, wearable choice for the largest group of gals! 
Golden Vanilla, Camel, Sahara, Duchesse Brown, Fig, Romance, Beautiful, Rose Gold, Wink, Vegas, Divinity, Mysterious, Licorice.

Which is your favorite?

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