Monday, March 3, 2014

Savoring Simple: A Clean Beauty Story

Clean Beauty, for those not in the industry, is the effect of putting makeup on a face, so strategically that the person, model, client, bride...looks flawless and as if they are wearing NO makeup. At All.

That being said, it is the hardest makeup job to do, and do well.
It takes a lot of practice, the right product choices, and the right placement of said products.
It also takes a good bit of restraint- and a very trained eye.
After all, there is nothing to hide behind in clean beauty- no distracting bit of color- or a "Hey, Look at Me!" smokey eye.
It is also the foundation, literally- of every other look!
if you cannot do a Clean beauty look- you can not reasonably book yourself as a makeup artist.
And if you are looking to book a makeup artist- you should certainly see examples of this in their portfolio and website.
Many times the look comes down to a great, perfectly matching foundation, a concealer, or corrector, and a color product to enhance and create warmth to the skin, that looks like it is coming from within.
 I also truly enjoy the strategic, and subtle use of a highlighter.
These 4 items should be a staple in every woman's makeup bag- and every artist's kit!
we started with this look
built to this

and finally to this!
and yes, all Fortunate Face Minerals were used!

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