Tuesday, January 13, 2009


When the weather changes, so should your skincare and makeup routine! Everyday should be a new evaluation of how your skin looks acts & feels. It should be cared for accordingly. I have some of the oiliest skin known to man, in spring, fall, & summer I take special care to prepare my skin to combat the greasies, I never moisturize my face except for the under eye area, & I am especially careful not to strip my skin with harsh cleansers, scrubs, or any alcohol based products so as not t0o send my oil glands into over-production. In the winter, though, in New England where the weatherman just announced daytime highs of 10 degrees ( you can imagine what night feels like), I re-evaluate my skin. This is where a light, non-oily moisturizer will protect and calm my skin, keep it from getting chapped or dry, or, God Forbid, cracked. My makeup routine stays similar, but I increase slightly the coverage of my foundation, I add a bronzer to my routine to achieve a healthy glow, and warm all my colors up just a little to brighten my face. I also make my eyes the focal point of my face. In other months even with the use of sunscreen, my medium dark skin takes on a golden glow & improves the overall appearance of my skin's quality & texture. In winter, however because I don't actively tan, I am pale as pale can be, & because I tend toward sallow, My skin carries a greenish-yellow cast. My pores are more visible, & any blemishes are more vibrantly colored than the skin around it. For this reason I downplay my skin with good coverage and excellent concealing, and play up my deep brown, almond shaped eyes with warm or smokey colors. I make a point to curl lashes & add lots of mascara, & I never go without a lip gloss or stick 1. for a punch of color (though less vibrant than the eyes) 2. to protect my lips with a waxy barrier from the same bitter weather.
If you don't usually change your routine based upon weather, this is a great time to start. Spend some time evaluating how the seasons affect your skin & adjust accordingly. Of course if anyone have specific questions, just leave a comment & I'll be happy to give more personalized advice.
Happy make-uping!

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