Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pale is not acceptable!

Hey everyone, with winter hamering it's icy fist into most of North America it's about this time of the season that I personally start to feel as if I'll never be warm again, & my face takes on a lovely yellow-green cast (sans makeup, of course) now, more than ever, I need a judicious application of color to my face. My foundation must be an exact match, never try to darken your complexion by choosing darker than reality. But, that doesn't mean you can't have a beautiful rosy complexion (or fake one) Choose a cheek color that is sheer, creams work well for this, but many mineral powders have a tendency to be sheer. Just don't put cream over a powder, or you'll end up w/ a muddy mess!
the best way to choose the perfect color is to jog in place for 5 min, or just spend 2 minutes outside in this New England weather. Then check to see what color your cheeks naturally flush. better yet take a snapshot! That will give you a really good idea of what color to choose for a natural, beautiful glow!

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