Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I know, I know, i did things a little backwards. I blog & talk about my stuff that I make & love, yet give you nowhere to go and check it out. Good news, though, I have enlisted the services of a professional web designer, sent him ideas of what I am looking for & he is, as we speak, putting together some ideas for creating a fabulous place for you to see, not just hear, what I mean!
I try not to make this too much about advertising product for myself though & a little more about giving you all information on makeup & its uses whatever brand you decide to use. To me helping women look & feel their best is number one, sales, while important of course (I do need to make a living), are a bonus for me. If women don't know how to correctly use makeup, & cannot achieve what products say they are supposed to do, more & more of us will become frustrated & give up. ( kind of like me and creating a website, hence hiring a pro)
Then nobody will be buying makeup, from anybody.
Let me just clue you all in to the number one, basic, most important aspect of makeup ( in my humble opinion). Your foundation must match your natural skin color, tone, & shade.
Sounds simple, but every woman will tell you, it's not. Heredity, nationality, sun exposure, etc. all play a part in making that choice, but there are NO absolutes. I can't tell you that because you are Italian, with dark hair, and brown eyes (like myself) that you are automatically olive in complexion. I myself am actually more sallow(yellow undertones more commonly associated with those of Asian descent) than olive(greenish undertones mostly associated with those of Mediterranean heritage) yet I could be described as either.
Very confusing, I know. My very light skinned, green eyed, light brown haired friend swore she was a cool ( pink/red) based skin type. Because she had pale skin, with light freckles, and pink undertones. She is actually a neutral, equal parts warm & cool (Beige tones if you will). This confused her to no end because when she looked in the mirror she saw pale & pink. She needed to look beyond that to all the tones in her face. I also know that she is of 100% Jewish, Middle Eastern, descent, therefore warm tones are part of her heritage. Taking all of these factors into account I was able to correctly choose a light neutral foundation as the correct color for her skin.
Now, by having the appropriate color with the addition of more yellow tones (which is the color of Melanin, the pigmentation in each of our skins) it warmed up her face & made her look natural, not mask like, or as if she were attempting to change her skin tone using makeup. It also toned down some of the pink in her skin.
My advice to most women, is if you are confused get a professional consult. Those of you who are in my general vicinity can, of course, schedule a consult with me.(I'll include a link to my current website & I do travel) First choice is a makeup artist because this is their job. Next would be to
consult an Esthetician, or esthetics school. ou can also try higher end brand cosmetics counters, but remember not all are trained beyond selling product.
Feel free to post a comment or question here, or fill out the contact page on my website & I'll get in touch with you that way!
Have a great day!

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