Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Oooh, I just reread my last entry, wow, I think I was having a baaaaad day. Usually I'm pretty unruffled, but not that day. though I have been known to get a good rant on myself.
Anyway, I am really bad at getting in these posts, I promise to try and do better.
Let's talk makeup here, cause really, isn't that what's truly important?
Spring is here and summer is right around the corner, so let's talk skin color. I know I've posted about this before. but I think it a topic worthy of revisiting several times because it seems to be where most women make the biggest mistakes. Foundation must match your skin color exactly. There, that is all on that, seriously that is ALL foundation can do for your skin color-wise. Coverage, texture, & type (liquid,cream, powder) are all personal choices, but color is Not a choice! Your color has been predetermined by your DNA & your sun exposure!
Now if you choose to tan/burn your skin color will change & your foundation color must change as well. Many choose to forgo foundation when tanned because they prefer the overall color of tanned skin, which is fine, but if you have redness, discoloration, etc. especially down the center of your face, or broken capillaries, undereye circles, visible pores, etc. you'll still have them when tan, and for a clean look they really need to be covered and minimized. foundation, or concealer is still the best method for this.I've spoken of this before, I think my first or second post, but again if you add color to your face through tanning, you have increased the Melanin content of your skin, which translates to more yellow pigmentation which means the yellow in your foundation must increase as well. If you are a true beige/neutral skinned gal, you will probably need to switch to a light warm foundation. Olive skinned gals will still need to keep their blue undertones, but increase the yellow as well. If your face color changes more than 1/2 a shade you MUST buy a new foundation! Swipe the color down jaw line onto the neck. It may show on the neck because that area is shaded by your chin so is typically one shade lighter than the face. The chest & body are usually two shades darker than your face. If it looks like you have Nothing ON, that is your appropriate color. Many makeup artists just use a little foundation down the center of the face and skip the outside altogether. This is a great trick for those of you with tans, or minor discoloration & keeps makeup from being heavy & also keeps your morning routine quick.
Don't be alarmed if, when you've applied foundation, you appear too pale (unless you face is waaaaay lighter than your chest or neck) Now you can add blush or bronzer to that correct areas or your face that create a beautiful color or glow and a warmth to the face, and you can do so in the right areas. High on the cheekbones is great for rounder faces, on the apples & swept back & up for longer, oval, or narrow faces. for bronzer lightly across cheeks & nose, chin and forehead.
I usually teach my clients to make a 3 down both sides of their faces starting at the temples, sweeping into the cheek bones, back out again, and around down to the jaw line. This contours & adds a little depth to the face, which concentrates the eye to the lighter (center) part of the face, which is where we want people to look. If done well it can also visually subtract some weight from the face, & who doesn't love that!
I'll post again about highlighting & contouring to really sculpt the face!

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