Wednesday, December 2, 2009

USPS What?!

O.k so anyone who's been following me, and actually reads any of the random stuff I post, will remember that Crystal S won the color inspiration contest in October. I announced her as the winner Friday October 17th, and mailed out her package of goodies on Monday, October 20.
well, I expected it to take several days, as we are literally across the country from one another. By the beginning of the following week I email Crystal just to check if the package has arrived. nothing yet, ok I'm disappointed, but not concerned. Next week-same, now I'm a little concerned, next week "Still no package?" Ok, very not happy. So I decide that it's time to send a new one, this one was obviously lost or stolen. So I package up a whole new box & send it, and pay extra for tracking this time. This is november 16th at this point- a ridiculous amount of time to wait for one little package, but there you go. So the package goes out, along with another that I'm sending to Boston. Anyway, I track both, both arrive on the 18th of November, Boston package-delivered & confirmed. Ca, package- "status not updated" o.k probably out for delivery, wait a day- "status not updated" Why did I pay extra for tracking again? Shouldn't it at least read "out for delivery", "attempting to deliver" something? anyway that Saturday, I get the first package returned and marked undeliverable. Uh oh, I think, this does not bode well for my second package. So I contact Crystal to re-confirm her address, and make sure I have it correctly, yup, right address, nope not a p.o. box, and uh, yeah, she gets mail delivered every day, so huh? She has been more than kind & patient, and frankly, as baffled as myself. She gets me the phone number of the post office there & I speak to a fairly clueless woman, who confirms the address as legitimate, which I KNEW, since I give Crystal credit for having a brain, and knowing both where she lives, and where she gets her mail delivered, can't say the same for this particuar employee, however.
So, I tell her when the package comes back on the truck today (Monday about 3pm Ca time) take it off the truck, hold it, I will call Crystal, and she will come pick it up, cause she's nice like that.
no call, nada, nothing, after keeping me on hold for 1/2 hour...
long distance...
on a cell phone.
Guess what I got in the mail Saturday?
So I go yesterday to MY post office & speak to a supervisor with both packages, receipts, and tracking invoice, he calls- gets the same Mensa candidate as myself, who doesn't want to refund any of my money, or actually help deliver this package. The supervisor insists that she contact me today to reach a solution.
Think I' m holding my breath waiting for the call?
I don't look good blue.
So, tomorrow I have every intention of trekking back to MY post office & having the very helpful supervisor force this woman to delver this *&#$% package!
Crystal, you're an angel. I hope you love the stuff, cause frankly I wouldn't even want it at this point if I were in your shoes!
( but I promise, it is really good, and the colors are Fab!)
Anyway, I'll keep you all "posted" on my post office saga (pun intended)
It reads like a serial.
I feel like Charles Dickens.

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