Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Fortunate Face

Ever wondered HOW exactly I came up with the name Fortunate Face Minerals?
I knew how important the name of a company is, both to me, as the owner and creator, and to the success of my company.
I truly wanted to let women everywhere know just what to expect from my line of cosmetics. To express the philosophy of my company, which is, "To create outstanding makeup, from the fewest and finest ingredients possible. We believe that makeup should never be harmful, but rather work with your skin to be both beautiful, and beneficial."
 Secondly, since I don't wholesale my products, but actually create each and every one of them, my business is not just a business, but a very personal experience, one I take seriously, but am also intensely passionate about. This is more than just a way to earn a living.
I am extremely grateful to be able to do what I do. Nothing gives me more satisfaction that helping a women feel beautiful, to see in her, the beauty that even she, herself, often overlooks, and be able to show that to the world.
I also love to see a color that inspires me, and then go into my "lab" and MAKE IT!- and use non-synthetic ingredients to accomplish it.
Besides than that, I deeply love working with professional models and photographers, to collaborate, using all of our skills and creativity, to create art; while at the same time, often using the makeup that I've made- now immortalized in gorgeous photographs.
How amazingly fulfilling these thing are, and I recognize each of them as gifts that I have been given.
And that, dear readers, is where the name comes from. The compilation of these three things-
I am so Fortunate to do something that I love and am passionate about.
I am Fortunate, & I know I am blessed.
YOU and your Face are Fortunate because I pledge to you that I truly work to find, and use, only ingredients that are both purposeful and natural, but also those that perform beautifully. Never will I include an ingredient in my makeup- just to say I have it in there, it must serve a beneficial purpose.
I CARE about every aspect of this makeup brand, and you are Fortunate because I do.

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