Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Friday Webguy-(Phil) is going to come and give me a crash course in imovie! Yay! (I still don't think it's me, but rather the computer, but whatever!)
So hopefully a tutorial cannot be far behind. Don't forget to comment or send me a message letting me know anything and everything that you would like to learn about makeup application- some of you already have, but there is soooo much more out there! Otherwise you'll just have to put up with whatever I decide to do, like the little despot that I am HAHA (maniacal laughter).
Seriously, I'd really love to hear your makeup questions, mistakes, or just plain what confuses you...
Lastly, I finally saw some proffs from the photo shoot in Concord, Ma and I couldn't be happier! This photographer, david, is amazing, hence why I've wanted to work with him for about a year now. And lauren the model- super talented. I am always amazed at how the models ( the good ones) are just pretty girls, but once behind the camera- a change comes over them Literally, and they just become someone else- depending upon the look, the mood, etc. Truly an art form, and MUCH harder than it looks! Lauren worked her patootie off! we did fresh, & natural, loose hair- makeup less (looking), then slicked back hair, clean beauty, then messy up do, and a light eye, then a severe 40's wave a-la Veronica Lake/Great Garbo (without the Garbo brows) with intense makeup- deep eye, burgundy lip, to lastly a messy halo of waves- black  rimmed eyes, full lashes, and a intensely contoured and colored lip! She rocked them all! can't wait for the proofs to show you!

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