Monday, January 27, 2014

Why is it so HARD?????

The most challenging aspect of doing this job, and having my own cosmetics company is not, despite what many people may think, creating the products themselves. That, actually comes quite naturally to me, as my college science background gives me the Chemistry knowledge of ingredients, and my makeup artist background gives me the expertise in color theory and HOW great makeup should function.
No, what truly Stymies me- and perhaps always will is Selling myself. Not my product, though it definitely affects that too, but myself as a brand.
I KNOW- my products are really great- enough of you have told me that it MUST be true, I use it myself both personally and professionally and to this day step back and shake my head and say- "Wow! THIS stuff really is good!"
Now, that doesn't mean it's for everybody- and that everyone is going to think it's God's gift (though I know to me it is!)
That I can accept- because makeup involves a lot of personal choice.
What I struggle with, is approaching vendors, or people to believe in my line enough to invest in it. I ask real money.
Don't get me wrong I DO it- because at the end of the day- my product is worth being made uncomfortable! And if they talk to me- and really ask me questions- they can SEE and HEAR just how passionate and knowledgeable I am about my line and makeup as a whole.
But- I can honestly say that it s hard- the most difficult- I am open, friendly, outgoing, outspoken, and even loud.  am NOT shy! So much so- that people will have a hard time believing this next sentence- but it is 100% true-
I am VERY reticent about approaching ANYONE when it involves me asking for something if it will in any way benefit myself.
I know I am not alone in this- and I know that it's not charity I am asking for. I also know my business cannot succeed, let alone thrive and grow unless I continue to move past any reticence and DO IT anyway!
So while I will always grapple with this, and probably not jump on as many opportunities as I even should.
I will NEVER give up on doing it- and pushing myself outside this zone, because truthfully nothing worth having comes easily, and if I don't- well, really, WHO WILL? Plus  I KNOW everyone deserves to have a FORTUNATE FACE!

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