Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pics of some fun makeup

Well, here are a few of my casual makeup applications. my daughter and my sons. The camoflage pic. was for my daughters dance competition team, all 7 girls had that wild camo on their faces, I loved it, it really added to the dance. They even won the judges favorite performance of the day at one of their competitions. My little one is a sheep (Chritmas pageant)& a pirate Halloween), respectively I had to show 2 pirate pics, cause the costume was a hoot he's wearing the pirate ship! how stinking cute is that! My daughter is dressed as a bag of jelly beans for Halloween, I wish I had a closeup of her makeup, pink sparkle circles on the cheeks, red sparkle lips & the cutest, longest flare false lashes! (Go ahead steal that costume idea for next year, you know you want to!) the last pic of my daughter is her makeup I designed for the Nutcracker performance "Waltz of the Flowers" I wanted them cool & iridescent, w/ shimmer of snow. The alien pic. is my middle son, I know, I know, you're saying, uh, karrie, where's the makeup? I Blacked out his features under the nylon stocking, but really I added it so he wouldn't feel left out. I'll have to download this years Halloween pics, cause he was Frankenstein & I went to town, with stitches & dripping blood & everything! so keep an eye out for that one coming soon!

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