Friday, September 11, 2009

My new Airbrush!

I am soooo stinking excited about my new airbrush! I've already been practicing applying makeup with it, using my minerals as airbrush makeup, (yes, they can be made into airbrush makeup, I just need to tweak the medium that I created to mix them with, but it's almost there!) I'm also hopefully going to use this to do some blue body painting in Oct. How fun! There is always so much I want to mix & create & fix & tinker with, it's amazing I ever get anything done at all! If I didn't reign myself in I'd have about 400 colors about now, as it is I have over 50 shadow colors, 15 blush/bronzers, 22 foundations, 2 color correcting concealers, 4 mineral sheers, 4 luster powders...... And there is always more floating around in my brain.
Anyway- I can't wait to keep experimenting with this- I need to get more tech savvy & then I can get some videos going for you guys- that way I'm not the only one having fun!
In the meantime though you can checkout this great makeup artist, Kandee Johnson, her videos are a lot of fun (she is beautiful, & very sweet, which makes her fun to watch) she also has a blog here at blogspot , so I'll try to post a link

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