Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tarte mini Cheek Stain

So while browsing through Sephora today, I saw a mini Tarte Cheek Stain, in true love, for only $10. It's a cute, itty bitty thing (.17 oz), but the lovely thing with these stains is that a little bit goes a looong way. I couldn't wait to try it, so put some on right when I got home over the makeup I was already wearing. I know, don't yell, over powdered makeup, big no no, but minerals are much more forgiving & workable & I did not end up with some muddy mess on my face, but rather a beautiful pinky glow on the apples of my cheeks. I do recommend, however that you apply this after your moisturizer or primer, and before any foundation, even minerals! (I was just too excited to wait) One of the things I most love about a gel or stain cheek color, is it's ability to mimic a truly natural looking flush, & showcase the skin texture, rather that just cover it up. Plus the Tarte stain is a water based, alcohol free formula, so is gentle to the skin, even sensitive types, and the color will look beautiful on pretty much everybody. The only drawback, I personally find, is that stains usually contains dyes, which are not a natural product, this contains blue 1, yellow 5 and red 40, among others. But since most people aren't bothered by dyes, and the above mentioned are food grade dyes, this is probably not a concern for most makeup enthusiasts; of course I still encourage you to read your labels! I also really love that it comes in a mini- because I'm always looking to pack as much different stuff into my kit as possible & full sizes, of all but the most essential items, are cumbersome & hard to fit in a kit. That's why I'm always on the hunt for great palettes and multi-tasking items. I know there's a 3some of Tarte stains out there, I think I'm going to have to make another trip!
I included a link to the true love mini stain page @ Sephora, become a beauty insider & earn points as well!
Naturally, you can also find this at www.tarte.com

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