Saturday, October 17, 2009


Congratulations to Crystal S. you are the winner of the Color Inspiration Contest!!!!
Crystal wanted to see a matte orange, and boy did that get my brain racing! I made 3! The final color, is called Bawdy! I will also be sending Crystal my new matte navy Fleet week, as well as Satisfied, First Crush, and Rich Amber, my newest matte bronzer, Bare Luster, and Petal lip gloss. ( and there might just be an extra surprise thrown in just 'cause!)
Of course, it doesn't surprise me that another makeup artist came up with my favorite inspiration! if you haven't found crystal's blog, you should! She is a
beauty, and talented to boot.
here's the link-
Crystal send me your mailing info and your package will be sent out Monday!
Congrats, again, and I hope you enjoy!


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