Friday, February 12, 2010

Contest Time!

O.k so here are the prizes to be won...
You excited yet?
The winner of this contest is going to receive a full face kit..
oh yeah!
This kit will include 1- 30 gram foundation in the color of your choice, 1- 30 gram Translucent Mineral Sheer, 1- 10 gram Cheek color of your choosing, as well as 1- 5 gram Prep Step Concealer, and 2- 5 gram Eye Shadows, again in your choice of color! This kit is an $107 value, Holy Cow!
Now for the rules.....
In an effort to increase exposure to Fortunate Face Minerals Brand of Cosmetics I'm asking you wonderful ladies to help out as my marketing team. So....
Tell your friends by email, Facebook, Twitter, over coffee (my personal fave) all about Fortunate Face Minerals Send them to my website to have a look around- then have them Follow me here. In the comments they have to say what color/product/etc they like best from the webstore- and.... that YOU sent them! (make sure they use the name you have as my follower so I know it's YOU!)
Now The "Friend" will be entered 1 time into the drawing & YOU will have 2 entries into the drawing! Then it snowballs- cause now they can refer new people & reap the same benefits! but wait, there's more... because you can invite as many people as you want which will earn YOU 2 entries every time someone comments on their fave product, Becomes a follower, and says YOU sent them!
Good Luck, and happy following, I look forward to meeting some of your friends!
I almost forgot- contest ends on my birthday- March 13th, YOU get the gift, Yay!


  1. I love the matte blush in FIRST CRUSH! :)

  2. I found your blog quite by accident, but I am VERY impressed. I never really thought of someone making makeup - just always figured it would come from a 'big' company somewhere.. I got your blog (and contest) info from Liz Washer's blog. and HER info came from craigslist - I'm looking for a salon (new to the area). After taking a look at the products pages, I'd say my favorite eye color is 'dirty girl' - something basic green/brown/grey (I'm don't usually wear ANY makeup).

    Thank you for the most unexpected makeup education.


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