Sunday, February 28, 2010

Why,oh Why, oh Why?

As if this won't stand on it's own, or should anyway, let me clarify. The FDA has labelled A LOT of D & C colors ARE NOT SAFE FOR EYES! There are NO neon or florescent colors approved for eye use, and any color containing Ultramarines are also NOT APPROVED FOR LIPS.
These are not guidelines, these are not suggestions, these are law, mandated by the federal Food and Drug Administration- period.
They are enforceable by fines & penalties, and also dissolution of your business, and even jail time should you or your company, operating under your management, be found in violation of these LAWS.
I am getting more and more disgusted with makeup companies who skirt these laws in order to create products that have massive consumer appeal- most specifically because not many can offer a true, brilliant red without the use of these colors. I am also appalled that many of these more popular brands use cosmetic chemists- WHOSE JOB IT IS TO KNOW THESE REGULATIONS! So we have to ask ourselves, are they deliberately choosing to break the law? And Why?
I myself- know that using all natural, and fda approved pigments will get me a red that is deep, but not electric red- it will always have an earthy tonal quality to it.
WHY do I choose to adhere to these regulations? Despite the fact that I could sell the H#*L out of a bright fire red eyeshadow. 1. I'm honest- and don't break the law 2. I've educated myself so that I can be a responsible cosmetics formulator, your safety is actually of VERY REAL concern to me 3. These regulations exist FOR A REASON.
Many Red dyes are not eye approved because suspicious links to cancer- seriously.
same for several other colors.
Ultramarines- Blue, pink & violet are not lip approved- my guess (as educated as I can be in this area because I have found no specific statement of this) Ultramarines contain Sulphur- which can have significant allergic reactions if ingested- People, such as my daughter, who are allergic to Sulpha drugs- like Bactrim. There seems to be no harm with topical application, however.
I am not going to out companies that are blatantly disregarding these regulations and risking your health in the process.  A big part of me wants to believe me, And I WILL respond to private enquiries. I will also be notifying the FDA directly.
Some are even so callous as to print the unlawful ingredients on their labels!
If it's in a may contain statement- which the FDA allows to keep formulas proprietary- then the package must state if it is unsafe for use anywhere- meaning I have eyeshadows & blushes that contain Ultramarine blue- each one will state on the top label "Not lip Safe"
If it's an eyeshadow in bright red- with those dyes, well- They're not labeling it "Unsafe for use on the eyes"- it's an EYEshadow for goodness sake!
My suggestion to you is print this link & use it!


  1. that's terrible!

    by pink do you mean any pink lip color? shoot :(


  2. No, only those lip products that contain ultramarine blue, pink, or violet.
    and RED eyeshadows that contain any but Red dye #40 The approved eye & lip dyes are Blue #1, Red #40, and Yellow #5, green #5 is also approved for both. Check the link it spells out what each is approved for.

  3. wow... i had no idea about the ultramarine for the lips.

    i'm curious as to who these companies are. I'm surprised makeup is being made for them if it's blatantly disregarding laws. That's terrible.

  4. Wow! Thanks for your post on the unapproved colours! The big companies really should be the last ones getting away with it, they are the ones whose products reach the most consumers! It's great to know we still have honest sellers of makeup who don't break the law!


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