Sunday, February 21, 2010

Shoot to Kill

 had the most amazing day yesterday! I participated in a group shoot with about 6 models & 6-7 photographers, 2 MUA's , me and my uber talented friend Liz Washer, & a hair genius, David. I got to do sooooo many looks, it was a dream come true, and so intensely fun! I cannot wait to see the pictures.
But wait, it gets better..
I stuck around to do a final look on this beautiful model Emily- just finished- so she could do a lingerie shoot w/ her photographer boyfriend, when I turn around to a guy holding the most amazing Bias draped, Cream Chiffon, strapless, couture gown- - Fits Emily's like a glove! Guess who got to do the makeup!!!!!  Had already done a chocolate cherry smokey eye- but intensified it with thicker black liner on top lid, added dramatic- long lashes, and a scarlet lip...
And did Emily WORK that gown!
So then he takes that gown & comes back w/ an original- made for Faye Dunaway in the movie Towering Inferno- can we say YAY! This gorgeous light cocoa Color in pic below (The picture does not do this gown justice). I kept the chocolate smokey eye, but switched out the lip to a deep cocoa w/ a golden center and LOTS of slick, shiny Gloss! Emily was AMAZING, & Leslie (also quite amazing herself) - photographer got some shots that are going to make me cry!  Under my links- find a link to a Youtube vid of Faye in this dress!
Have I mentioned that I LOVE my job?!


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  1. I wanna see the dress - the photo didn't post! :(

    Yesterday was awesomesauce, so much fun. And I'm glad there were two of us so everyone could get glammed! You did amazing work.


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