Thursday, August 12, 2010

Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010

I wish the legislation was fair to the small business owner, and actually addressed the true issues in regulating the safety of cosmetic manufacturing- rather than simply another burdensome law that not only overlooks the concerns of the boutique companies, but actually harms them. I am all for safe, fair, sensible legislation, but that never seems to be the case, but rather just a vehicle for the large companies to drive smaller companies out of business- to take back the billions+ market share that we have garnered.

I signed and you can too!
I wholeheartedly agree that safe cosmetics are a priority, but not at the expense of the small, handcrafted business community. new legislation must take into account the concerns of the small business. Sweeping legislation that treat small, individually owned personal care companies on the same plane as larger, multi billion dollar a year corporations will make little change except to drive all smaller companies out of business. Support free enterprise, the building of local communities, and the right of the individual to pursue the classic idea of the American Dream. this is my direct quote form the petition!

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